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Let’s talk serious about board games. We like to play them. We like to write about them. You like to play and read about them. But what is something that neither of us has ever done? Create one! Sure, maybe we’ve made custom house rules or pieces for a game we already own, but I’m talking about a made-from-scratch game that has never been done. New box, new rules, new components, new board…everything! Thanks to a brand new Kickstarter project I just learned about, you now have that chance!

There are 100’s of game projects on Kickstarter every year, some successful and many failures. Some even enjoy wild success and end up on retail shelves a year or two later, usually after being picked up by a larger publisher. So how do you pick which one(s) to spend your hard-earned money on? Just like buying a book by your favorite author, the game world has designers that are known for consistent quality products. Once you find a title that you enjoy, odds are you’ll also appreciate the other issues by that same designer.

Be a part of board game history by participating in Calliope Games' latest endeavor - The Titan Series! 9+ games from 9+ designers that you help design! -

I’ll try to temper my excitement about this particular project by Calliope Games. Already known for great game titles like Tsuro, Tsuro of the Seas and Roll for It!, they are the geniuses behind a very unique Kickstarter offering.

Here’s how this works. When you pledge to the project, you become part of the design team! You’ll be an integral part of the creation process: honing rules sets, choosing art and art styles, identifying themes, and voting on game titles and character names. As a backer, you’ll get the opportunity to help shape different parts of the series all along the way.

And you’ll be in good hands! Calliope Games has contracted with game design veterans who are already hard at work on the basic game concepts. They’ve assembled what can only be referred to as a “Dream Team“, all but assuring the success of each and every title in the series.

Be a part of board game history by participating in Calliope Games' latest endeavor - The Titan Series! 9+ games from 9+ designers that you help design! -

Even better, each year for the next 3 years you’ll receive three of the finished games for your own collection. While most of today’s game will run you from $25-$60/each, with this special Kickstarter program you’ll receive them all for only $16 each! And if they meet certain funding goals (they’re already well over 1/2 way there just days into the project), there will be additional designers/games on board and you’ll receive those as well – all for the same $16 price each!

If you have anyone in your household that is a board game fan, this is the PERFECT solution for birthdays or Christmas for the next 1000 days. How excited will they be to not only receive new games each year, but also know they had a vote in the direction of the design and play of each one. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you don’t want to pass on.

Be a part of board game history by participating in Calliope Games' latest endeavor - The Titan Series! 9+ games from 9+ designers that you help design! -

Don’t wait until the last few days, pledge now to be sure you’re in on the games. You’ll also receive updates on each game’s progress and as previously mentioned, the opportunity to voice your opinion about many aspects of the title.

Be sure to also follow Calliope Games on their social media channels (Facebook, TwitterPinterest, Tumblr). With so many successful titles already in their library, I have no doubt these 9+ games will exceed everyone’s expectations. The only bad thing? The wait!

Running With the Bulls by Paul Peterson
Menu Masters by Jordan Weisman and Zach Weisman
Hive Mind by Richard Garfield
Ancestree by Eric Lang
Capital City by James Ernest
ShutterBug by Mike Elliott
SpyMaster by Seth Johnson
ShipShape by Rob Daviau
Everyone Loves a Parade by Mike Mulvihill

Who would this be perfect for in your family?

48 thoughts on “Calliope Games Titan Series Overview

  1. That is so cool! My husband and I love watching Table Top on YouTube and we can’t wait until our boys are older to introduce them to board games.

    1. Very nice! We played a game with a three-year-old recently called Eye Found It (typically 5+). HABA also makes great games for younger kids in case you get bored with Candyland. 🙂

  2. We aren’t into board games, but loved planning when I was a kid. This looks like kickstarter campaign for a great board game.

  3. Well, they have kickstarters for everything else, why not board games? It looks like a credible group of creators, and for people really into board games a way to participate. I wish the Dream Team success.

  4. Two of my three kids are old enough to play most games now. I think my 8 year old would love a unique game since she actually understands most.

  5. I think it’s a terrific idea for all those gamers out there. I like to play board games once in a blue moon, so a Titan is not in my future… but hey, you never know. 🙂

  6. You always find the neatest games and related topics! I know board games were definitely a favorite past time when I was growing up – and then when I was raising my own family.

  7. I definitely grew up playing board games. We play them still when we visit my parents. It’s a family-fun time.

  8. My son would be all over this. You get to help make the games! He wants to make video games as a grown up! 🙂 We might have to look into investing in this.

  9. This is something that my husband would really enjoy. Our family loves board games and all of my kids would have a great time doing this. Thanks for the info!

  10. This could be nice, though I do not mind playing with lesser components and trying to work out kinks. Though it would be cool to see an idea of mine get published.

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