We’ve been very fortunate in 2014 to be able to bring you a wide variety of “offline games” to consider for your holiday and birthday purchases. We firmly believe that a good board game is essential in the development of all children, both from an intelligence aspect, to learning social cues and just pure entertainment. This list is the culmination of 100’s of hours of game play and contains games that our family continues to pull out whenever time allows, usually at the kids’ request.

Some of them were originally provided by the publisher, others we have been fortunate to find at our local thrift stores. Either way, this is a list that no one can pay to be on – it is truly our favorite games that were new (to us) in 2014. Leading off the pack at #10 is:

#10 – Korner’D

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This game is a proud partner of Autism Speaks and a great challenge for everyone, including those with special needs. Korner’D is a puzzle that’s also a game! The rules are simple, just match the colors on the tile to the pattern on the board. Play all of your tiles, and you win! Korner’D is so basic-yet so compelling. It’s the mind-bending, abstract strategy game of perception that brings excitement with each new discovery.



#9 – Alpha Bandits

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In this exciting and cutthroat word game, players race to score the most points by spelling words. But watch out for the ALPHA BANDITS! They let players grab, swap and banish letters to win the game!





#8 – Qwirkle

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Qwirkle is as simple as matching colors and shapes, but this game also requires tactical maneuvers and well-planned strategy. Earn points by building rows and columns of blocks that share a common shape or color. Look for opportunities to score big by placing a tile that touches multiple pieces with matching attributes. The player with the most points wins!



#7 – Gravity Maze

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This gravity powered logic maze is sure to put your visual perception and reasoning skills to the test. The colorful, translucent towers can be arranged in a plethora of visually stimulating structures. For each challenge you’ll have to think carefully to build a path that will successfully carry your marble to its target. 60 challenges, ranging in difficulty, will give you plenty of creative building time while you maneuver the maze in your mind!



#6 – Squashed

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Squashed changes the paradigm of board games by forcing players to think in three dimensions. The very nature of the Squashed results in the cube being flipped multiple times, causing dramatic shifts in power in the omnipresent race to the top of the cube. Would you risk squashing one of your own pawns to take out many others? And should you align with players to take out a major threat? It all comes down to you. Play the game, think in three dimensions, and squash your competition out of the game.


#5 – Sharp Shooters

Milton Bradley

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A fistful of dice to roll. Challenging cards to build them on. Fast-moving play and shifting strategies. It’s a good bet Sharp Shooters will be your favorite dice game ever.

Players roll dice to build rows on a common card. Win chips by placing the last die in a row. Score for straights, full houses, 4 of a kind, and more.



#4 – Tapple

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Tapple is the award-winning, fast-paced word game that gives families & friends a rush of excitement as they compete to beat the timer! No need to spell just say your word, tap the timer, and pass the Tapple Wheel. The last person standing wins the round!





#3 – Doodle Dice

Jax Games

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Create a ‘doodle’ with a few rolls of the Doodle Dice. There’s a different doodle pictured on each card in the deck. When you build a doodle that matches one of the cards , you take that card. Block an opponent’s turn or take one of their cards away. Collect one card of each color and you win! It’s the fun challenging way for everyone in your family to a be a ‘doodle artist’!



#2 – Boxcars

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Build your own rail empire by acquiring existing railroad companies. Fund your acquisitions by delivering freight across the country. The player who builds the most effective empire and accumulates the most wealth will win the game.





#1 – Rivet Wars

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This is it – the game that still continues to entertain us today. And just wait until you see all their expansions on the way!

Rivet Wars: Eastern Front is a fast-paced tactical miniatures board game that brings Real Time Strategy-inspired game play to your tabletop. As commander of your forces you spend resources each turn to deploy fresh troops to the front.



We hope you found many great games to add to your personal collection in 2014, and knowing what we have lined up for 2015, you’d better start saving your pennies now!

We played 100's of hours of new board games this year. This is the culmination of all that work - our favorites that we keep playing! - SahmReviews.com

34 thoughts on “Top 10 Board Games of 2014

  1. Alpha Bandits would probably be number one on my list. I agree that games off line are very important if for nothing else then socialization skills! Thank you so much for showcasing all the great games still around. I look forward to seeing what you have uncovered for 2015.

  2. That is a whole lot of fun in one post. Most of these I was unaware of but I will have to keep this info marked so that when I purchase gifts this year I can refresh my memories. I do have nephews and nieces that love board games.

  3. My kids are not at the age where they can responsibly play board games. I am hoping someday they will actually sit still through Candy Land.

    1. I can sympathize! Our boys recently got really into games through games at family game night at our local library. I’d suggest Feed the Kitty. Very simple dice game for ages 3+ good place to start and the pieces are perfect for their little hands

  4. I only have one of the games from your top 10 list – Tapple. It’s an awesome game and we love it! I am going to have to try some of the others like the Doodle Dice and Sharp Shooters. I’m sure that my family would have a blast.

  5. Hi Scott…never heard of any of this game…I am not much of a game player. My grandsons and nephews will love them…of course my sons too. They enjoy playing. Thanks

  6. Well now…I just got an education on board games. Don’t play them much now, but used to love it. Thanks for the top 10.

  7. My family loves to play board games! I have never heard of any of these. I will definitely have to try some of these out. I’m sure my kids would love all of these, especially squashed.

  8. Wow is right – but I don’t play as many games (except to tease my hubby) as I used to – I do like the challenge and the tactics that might be involved with the #1 and the #6 and 7 games – thank you for these fun ideas to think about adding to my routines!

  9. You guys play a lot of games, so I like seeing this list!! Some of these I definitely want to buy, and now you’ve got me curious about Rivet Wars!

  10. I have not played any of these games, but thank you for the recommendations. I am going to be needing something to keep my kiddos entertained over the summer.

  11. My kids LOVE board games and I’ve never heard of most of these. It’s supposed to be super cold this weekend so I’ll have to go pick up a few and see what they like best. Thanks for the suggestions!

  12. I totally agree that a good board game is essential in the development of all children, both from an intelligence aspect, to learning social cues and just pure entertainment. Also, it is a great bonding experience between kids and parents….and are fun to play as an adult. thanks.

  13. Such a random list but yet you got a few really fun games on there! It is 2016 and I have yet to play them all!

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