Last Minutes Gift Ideas: More Incredible Family Games!

2023 Holiday Gift Guide filled with suggestions for more incredible family games that make awesome gifts

Over the past few weeks, we’ve provided an assortment of gift ideas including family games, 2-player games, STEM gifts and activities, classic games, party games, card games, toys, and gifts for young kids as well as games for older kids and adults. We hope somewhere along the line you’ve been able to mark some items off your shopping list. But maybe you haven’t found just the right item for just the right person. Or perhaps you discovered someone had been missed and you need some last-minute ideas. If so, here you go!

As with other guides, these include affiliate links where we might receive a small commission. If you found our suggestions valuable, then awesome! Hopefully, something on this final gift guide of the year will help you finish off your shopping.

What the Cup!?

The Op Games

What The Cup!? is a game of luck and lies where you must do whatever it takes to end up with highest or lowest valued die. Sabotage your opponents by changing the winning target, or follow card directives to spy, swap, re-roll, or reveal dice. Bet your chips to raise the stakes and bluff your way to victory. Does your cup hold the winner? The die don’t lie… but YOU can try!

You put a coin in the machine and crank the handle, but you can’t predict which Gasha you will get! These Gashas will be used to collect set rewards for points, and, sometimes, bonus tokens. You win by obtaining the most points!

Sports Dice – Hockey

FoxMind Toys & Games

Shoot the puck and score with Sports Dice Hockey! Sports Dice Hockey is a fast paced, easy to learn and quick to play dice game that gives players all the action of a real Hockey game. Roll your dice and shoot the puck in the opponent’s net to score! The player with the most points after 3 periods wins the game.

Kapow: Volume 2

Wise Wizard Games

Superhero — or supervillain? You decide in this buildable dice game. Your customizable dice pool is used to execute a variety of superpowers. Gain special abilities and new play experiences by taking on the role of six different heroes or villains.

Turbo Kidz

Scorpion Masque

In Turbo Kidz, whether you’re cooperating or competing, be the first to win in uproarious races! This mix between dexterity & racing offers a new experience in the family game genre that is fun for kids & parents. Choose your favorite racing rig that has its own accessories, like nitro boosts, & even ice cream! Features characters & locations from the hit family games Zombie Kidz Evolution & Zombie Teenz Evolution. Depending on your favorite way to play, change the rules to work together or raise the stakes to cross the finish lines!

Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea

University Games

Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea is Dav Pilkey’s 11th book in the Dog Man series. It is currently the #1 selling children’s book of 2023. University Games has a board game to go with it. This game follows the Supa Buddies on their latest adventure to save the world!

Miller Zoo


Miller Zoo is the cooperative family game where you play as the team in charge of running one of Canada’s greatest zoos!

Work together to take care of your zoo’s animals & introduce new ones to their new home. As a team, everyone plays together at the same time to overcome challenges, unexpected situations, & time-sensitive crises. Discover envelopes included in the box, which contain new animals & new challenges that change the game in exciting ways! Watch out though, unexpected situations & crises are sure to throw a wrench in your plans!

The Last Spike

Columbia Games

In The Last Spike, players cooperate to build a railway from St. Louis to Sacramento, while competing to accumulate the most money from land speculation before the “last spike” is played. This fast-paced game is great fun for both kids and adults.
Download a free 5-day curriculum designed for Middle / High school.

Inside Job

Thames & Kosmos

The Mostly Cooperative Trick-Taking Game! You are a group of secret agents and must work together to complete your missions. But beware! An insider is hiding amongst you, sabotaging you at every turn and collecting secret information along the way. In this (mostly) cooperative trick-taking card game, you slip into undercover roles. Who is acting suspiciously? Who can you trust? Complete a mission with each trick and find out who is the insider.

Kingdomino with a puzzle twist! Moon River is a standalone tile placement game taking place in the ruthless Wild West. Beware of bandits, thieves and drought that could keep you from developing the most fruitful land! Players build a personal landscape of tiles to score points, but instead of dominoes, the game uses half-dominoes with jigsaw puzzle-style connections. Players combine two of these half puzzle pieces to craft their own dominoes.



Take on the role of a fashion model as you hit the runways in New York, Paris, and Tokyo to build your career.

In Couture, players seek to win cards through auctions in New York, Paris, and Tokyo. New cards are available to draft in each city, allowing the winning player first pick of Iconic Poses, Signature Walks, a personal Glam Squad, and much more.

Freehand is a creative party game where anyone can make a masterpiece!

Each round, image cards will be set up in the middle of the table, and each player will secretly choose one to be their inspiration. The goal is to paint something close enough to your inspiration that everyone can guess what image you picked.

The twist? You’re painting with cubes!

That’s Pretty Clever Kids

Stronghold Games

You want to get your hands on everything you can at the birthday party: balloons, gifts, candles, and mountains of sweets! Will you be able to grab more than all the other partygoers?

In Kites, everyone works together to keep all their kites – represented by colorful sand timers – in the air. Take turns playing cards, flipping the sand timers, and coordinating with other players to ensure none of the timers run out. If it does, a kite has crashed!

Play all of the kite cards in the deck and everybody wins!

While this is our final list of gift suggestions, you’ll continue to see us sharing giveaways. Be sure to come back regularly to see what else is up for grabs. And as you close out things in preparation for the holidays, remember to take time to relax. Maybe a game will be just the escape you need.

Which of these games will help you finish off your shopping list?


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