Gifting Tip: This Guide is Filled with Card Games That Can Be Wrapped or Stuffed in Stockings

Many years, we try to put together a list of card games as gift suggestions. Aside from being compact and great for travel, they’re usually more approachable by people who are used to games that utilize a standard playing card deck. As a bonus, they’re affordable compared to many other games due to the less expensive components. Of all the times we’ve featured card games, I don’t think I’ve highlighted the fact that they make great stocking stuffers! So if you’re looking for something compact, affordable or approachable to gift this holiday season, then this gift guide is a great starting place!

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Everyone has a green thumb when playing Herbaceous. Relax while enjoying this beautiful and elegant game of picking and potting herbs. Pot the best collection of herbs in your different containers, but don’t wait too long or your friend might grab them first!

Splito is a fun and fast card game for 3 to 8 players! Based on a draft principle, at each turn put a card between you and your neighbor on the left… or on the right! Help each other to complete the objectives but be the smartest to be the only one to win.

The bigger the gap between your collected cards, the more points you’ll score! Quick to learn and play, GAP is just as perfect for a quick game on the go as it is for a great game night at home.

Bug Off

R&R Games

In this clever card game, players use a mix of strategy and a push your luck element to collect the most cards.

Cake Auf! is a fast-paced card game all about making desserts. In Cake Auf, you are a chef tasked with making delicious desserts from around the world. You’re given 3 Recipe cards, which you complete by collecting relevant Ingredient cards. However, beware the Action cards! Other players may want to swap recipes, or even force you to discard your finished recipes. First chef to finish their recipes wins! Cake Auf is a simple, easy-to-learn baking card game for all audiences, big or small.

Pirate Tails

Skybound Tabletop

Pirate Tails is a set collection game in which players draw nut cards and choose which ones to score, which ones to reveal, and which ones to hide. At the end of each round, players will have the chance to raid nuts that have been hidden and hopefully add to their booty.

At the end of three rounds, players score based on both the value and quantity of each type of nut that they were able to collect.

The card game Velonimo allows you to depict the merciless struggle in the animal world for the distinctive and highly prized “peas and carrots” jersey rewarded to the best climbing cyclist. This trick taking game features ultra simple rules for an absolutely addictive play experience.

Holiday Hijinks #1: The Kringle Caper

Grand Gamers Guild

Shenanigans are afoot at the North Pole, and it’s up to you to figure out what happened! Help Santa search the North Pole and unravel the mystery: Who ate his cookies? The Kringle Caper, title #1 in the Holiday Hijinks line, is an escape room style game in just 18 cards!

In Scram!, 3 to 6 players compete in teams to rid their once peaceful campsite of pesky woodland critters. Use clever card play and well-timed teamwork to clear your cluttered campsite of troublesome critters before your neighbors and win!


Hot, Hotter, Hottest! Spicy is a wild and wacky bluffing game for 2-6 players, where cards are played facedown and you can cheat when you announce the card you’ve played. Will others let it stand, or will they call your bluff? Getting rid of your cards quickly and catching other sneaky players in a fib is the key to a spicy victory.

Romi Rami


Dive into the captivating world of Romi Rami, a unique twist on classic ‘Rummy’ games! With a dual marketplace, you’ll navigate both number cards and intricate contracts. Your objective? Achieve the highest score by strategically crafting the combinations needed to fulfill these contracts. But there’s more! Keep a close watch on the dynamic trophies, each game offering fresh challenges, and strive to claim your spot on the winner’s podium. Romi Rami is the perfect blend of skill, strategy, and family fun.

Yokai Sketch

Devir Games

Children who go into the forest may come across some yokai, that is, supernatural creatures and phenomena. Moved by boundless curiosity, the little ones draw these spirits in their notebooks to understand their nature and learn from them.


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