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Remember on Monday when I shared about the invitation to attend the Captain America: Civil War press junket? The first thing I said in that post is that we’re passionate about games. All kinds of games. So much that we already have three gaming conventions scheduled for the family to attend. It’s what we do for fun and a great crossover between what we do for fun and what we do for the website. Mixed up among all that, I attend events specifically for the website: A specialty invitation-only event for Disney or Beaches, a movie release with Disney or a conference like Blogger Bash.

Last year it took me a while to decide whether I wanted to attend Blogger Bash because the location seemed like it was going to be difficult: New York. I guess difficult is probably just a cover for “I’m afraid to travel to New York by myself.” We decided to make it a family trip. Scott would take the girls sightseeing on their first trip to New York while I attended conference activities, sessions and parties. With all that settled and my anxiety relieved, I purchased a VIP ticket. I’m so glad I did!

The voices behind The Peanuts Movie characters shared the stage at Blogger Bash. - #BBNYC Lockers don't need to be boring. - #BBNYC Blogger Bash New York - Snoopy #BBNYC

A lot was crammed into a short period of time, but not in a way that was overwhelming. It forced me to choose between different options, allowing me to focus on what I felt was most important. I got a lot of great information, had a ton of fun and hung out with some amazing people in the blogging and social media communities. My VIP pass allowed me to enter Sweet Suite early and I used every single minute as I stayed until the suite closed down. So much to see, so many vendors to connect with. Contrary to popular belief, Sweet Suite isn’t JUST toys and games. There were household products and decor among other items and as the event continues to grow, who knows what else they will have. There were meals and showcases with sponsors such as Disney Infinity, Care Bears and The Peanuts Movie (including a panel of the kids who were the voices behind the movie!). There were opportunities to meet with agencies who work in the industry as well as companies who work with bloggers in different capacities. There was also a small expo with a variety of vendors including travel, household, gifts, toys and philanthropy.

We're proud to announce that we've been invited to be a 2016 Blogger Bash Ambassador. Learn more about the event. - #BBNYC

Each day I walked from our hotel to the pier where Blogger Bash was held. By myself. In New York. By myself. (Did I say that yet?) What I discovered is that I’m strong and capable of traveling to New York by myself. I knew I would be able to attend this year alone if I wanted to. That’s basically what I decided to do. Except this year, I am proud to announce that I will be attending as a Blogger Bash Ambassador. As someone very in touch with the game and toy industry, I am honored by this opportunity and welcome being a liaison for any blogger, vlogger or social media influencer who is interested in inquiring about the event. Here’s a synopsis:

“The third annual Blogger Bash will take place July 13-14, 2016 in New York City aboard the Majesty yacht, docked at Pier 81 in Manhattan. Blogger Bash will feature multiple themed parties that will serve as networking opportunities between digital influencers and big-name brands from baby, fashion, toys, food, travel, and more. The Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite event, an annual affair that allows digital influencers to get hands-on with the hottest new toys on the market while feasting on sweet treats, will be the lead party at Blogger Bash. Plus, bloggers will learn from the experts at Blogging Concentrated, enjoy an expanded expo area thrown by the incredible women at New Product Events, and learn about the hottest new baby products at Maletzky Media’s Babypalooza. Additional parties, events, and sponsors will soon be announced, so stay tuned!

Blogger Bash welcomes just 500 attendees to meet with more than 150 brands, giving digital influencers a more intimate experience. Designed to take bloggers and vloggers to the next level, this event is more than just a conference—it’s a chance to make an impression.”

You may be asking yourself why you should attend. The price is extremely affordable for a conference of this caliber. People attend conferences for a number of reasons such as education, networking, socializing (no, that’s not the same as networking), and unique experiences. If you’re looking for education to improve your business, Blogger Bash has you covered. As part of this year’s conference, they’ve included a Blogging Concentrated workshop. It doesn’t cost anything extra either! It’s included in the price of the Blogger Bash Ticket! Want to network? Between the different sponsored luncheons and events coupled with the massively successful (and loaded with different popular brands) Sweet Suite, there is no lack of opportunity to connect with a brand or two (or 50!). Socializing comes naturally as you mingle between activities, sit next to new people at sessions and relax at the parties. Even shy bloggers find themselves greeted by outgoing bloggers like myself. (I hate seeing people sitting alone!) As for unique experiences… it’s a conference on a yacht! How many times can you say you’ve done THAT?!

Here’s the really important thing that I want to stress. If you are even considering attending, firm up your decision before April 1st. The Blogger Bash Flash Ticket price of $199 is available until March 31, 2016 then it increases to $279!

Although the price has increased and the spring promoted ended, you can still get $30 off the price of your ticket using code “BBA2016“. (See note below for a one-week 50% promotion code!)

Let me break that down for you.Thinking of attending Blogger Bash? Use our discount code to save! - #BBNYC

  • Purchase on or before Easter Sunday, get the Flash ticket price less 25% discount with code “SPRING” and your ticket for the 2016 Blogger Bash is $149.25! (That’s an unbelievable price!)
  • Between Easter Sunday (3/27/2016) and March 31 the price of your 2016 Blogger Bash ticket with code “BBA2016” is $184.
  • Order after April 1 and get your Blogger Bash ticket (Flash sale will be over, sorry) after code “BBA2016” is $249. BIG NEWS! For ONE WEEK ONLY (4/26 10am ET through 5/3 10am ET), Code “BBA2016” will calculate at 50% off the ticket price! Book now using this link. Enter BBA2016 where it asks for a promo code bringing the price for a Blogger Bash 2016 ticket to $139.50!!

Blogger Bash is an opportunity for bloggers to improve their skills, make connections and meet other people. It’s also great for industry professionals (agencies, toy/game companies, etc) to connect with bloggers in a smaller, more intimate setting. If you have questions about what to expect at Blogger Bash, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to respond.

Will I be seeing you at Blogger Bash this July?

17 thoughts on “Blogger Bash: The Conference on a Yacht!

  1. Awe, unfortunately I wont be able to make it to Blogger Bash this year due to another engagement. This conference seems like it’s going to be one to write home about though, I look forward to your updates!

  2. Blogger Bash sounds so fun this year! I absolutely love that it’s in NYC too. I have to consider this one. I think it would be a great fit for me.

  3. How fun that they had the panel of kids from the Peanuts movie. I’d have stayed ’til the last moment too, with so much great stuff going on too!!

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