On the Inside Out Premiere Red Carpet

On the Inside Out Premiere Red Carpet


My work in social media takes me to pretty interesting places. I’ve met some cool celebrities over the years, but last week I was sitting in El Capitan in Hollywood with a house full of A-list celebrities and their families at Pixar’s Inside Out premiere. That was right after I spent a few hours mingling among them at the pre-party!

Nicole from SahmReviews.com takes you behind the scenes at the Inside Out Premiere. #InsideOutEvent

When I’m excited about a story that I want to share, I’m never quite sure where to start. Today is no exception. As I sit to type this and tell you about the amazing experience on the red carpet, my brain is experiencing serious focus issues. The food, the people, the carpet, the entertainment, the Paparazzi, the… the… the EVERYTHING was just so surreal!

So I thought I would share with you some things I learned, noticed, experienced while walking the red carpet, joining in the pre-party festivities then watching the film!

Nicole from SahmReviews.com takes you behind the scenes at the Inside Out Premiere. #InsideOutEvent

First and foremost, the red carpet wasn’t red. It was purple. As silly as it sounds, that totally tickled me. At one point, I used the hashtag #TheRedCarpetIsPurple. Why did it tickle me so much? Because purple is the color representing Fear in Inside Out. Fear was the absolute last emotion I was experiencing there.

Nicole from SahmReviews.com takes you behind the scenes at the Inside Out Premiere. #InsideOutEvent  Nicole from SahmReviews.com takes you behind the scenes at the Inside Out Premiere. #InsideOutEventMinnie Driver at the Inside Out Premiere in Hollywood. - SahmReviews.com #InsideOutEvent
Now don’t get me wrong. I was definitely not in my comfort zone. It was my first trip and I didn’t want to miss anything. There were tons of activities to participate in and food to consume. There was a station to create a spin-art Frisbee. Play with the Inside Out characters at a demo of the new Disney Infinity 3.0. I went into the Disney Infinity tent, but Minnie Driver was there so I didn’t stay. I felt like I was intruding on her space. There was a station to decorate snack water bottles, but I felt that was an activity better suited to families and kids. If my girls had been with me, I totally would have done that one! There were even a few different carnival-style games too.

Nicole from SahmReviews.com takes you behind the scenes at the Inside Out Premiere. #InsideOutEvent

Each activity was decorated with themes related to the movie. “Imagination Land”, “Hockey Island” and even a place to create core memories. Yet I only did two activities that didn’t take a lot of time. I simply wanted to spend my time people watching.

I saw one person with a bright pink suit that was pretty much the color of my dress. I walked toward them to get a closer look at the color, motioned toward the outfit, then said to Susan, the veteran blogger showing me around, “Oh my goodness. We match!” I smiled. I guess I’m easily amused.

I know they are supposed to represent Anger but these Inside Out Premiere cupcakes were cute. (And delicious!) - SahmReviews.com #InsideOutEvent

Oh, and I ate an Anger cupcake. They were so cute and had hardly been touched. Someone needed to show that they weren’t just decoration. There was other food – like broccoli pizza – that I did help myself to. Of course, the broccoli pizza came AFTER I ate the cupcake. That was Joy at work creating a memory in my headquarters.

Johnny Knoxville at the Inside Out premiere in Hollywood. - SahmReviews.com #InsideOutEvent  Phyllis Smith was anything but Sad on the carpet at the Inside Out premiere in Hollywood. - SahmReviews.com #InsideOutEvent

Let’s be realistic though. Red (or in this case purple) carpets are all about the talent, right? Of course. And the simple truth is the people watching that I wanted to do was all about the who’s who on the guest list. The people I might get to see up close and personal. Like with Minnie Driver, I didn’t want to be intrusive.

Kyle MacLachlan at the Inside Out premiere in Hollywood. - SahmReviews.com #InsideOutEvent

Earlier in the day I had the opportunity to sit down with Kyle MacLachlan, so I was excited to see him on the carpet. Of course, I heard Pixar’s Jonas Rivera speak at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration (DSMMC) and I was extremely hopeful that I would run into him. When I spotted him, I had no qualms about introducing myself and telling him how much I enjoyed listening to him at DSMMC. He’s so kind and genuinely appreciated hearing how I felt about his presentation. That was pretty cool.

Okay. Maybe that’s all it took for me to realize these celebrities are real people and as long as I wasn’t being a burden then they wouldn’t mind a photo. Some people like Amy Poehler, John Ratzenberger, Mindy Kaling and Phyllis Smith were getting a lot of attention posing for Paparazzi and talking to reporters in the beaming SoCal sun. I took their photos without bothering them. I later found out that l am in the background of one of the photos on the Inside Out Facebook page!

Tony Hawk at the Inside Out premiere in Hollywood. - SahmReviews.com #InsideOutEvent  Think Paula Poundstone and I coordinated outfits for the Inside Out premiere in Hollywood? - SahmReviews.com #InsideOutEvent Bobby Moynihan was friendly as could be at the Inside Out premiere in Hollywood. - SahmReviews.com #InsideOutEvent
Remember the person with the pink suit that I mentioned? I recognized her as Paula Poundstone, but she was in the middle of a conversation when I spotted the suit. When I found her mingling later, I asked if she minded a photo since our outfits matched. As we posed for a photo, I said “We totally planned this.” Like she expected it, she commented that she called me. After that, I did manage to get a few celebrity photos but once again, I didn’t want to overstep my welcome while they were enjoying the Inside Out premiere festivities with their families. After all, I would like to be invited back again some day. Manners and etiquette mean a lot – both on the red/purple carpet and off.

Nicole from SahmReviews.com takes you behind the scenes at the Inside Out Premiere. #InsideOutEvent

Eventually, the pre-party wrapped up and we all filtered into the El Capitan theatre. I had seen Pixar’s short, LAVA, while at DSMMC, so I smiled and sang along quietly to myself during the short. It’s touching so I also had tissues readily available.

Nicole from SahmReviews.com takes you behind the scenes at the Inside Out Premiere. #InsideOutEvent

When the movie started, it was so much different than seeing it at a regular theater. I was watching it not only with the stars who brought it to life, but also with the people who work behind the scenes to make it all happen. I was seated in the front row and was able to look backwards over my shoulder and see Kyle MacLachlan, Phyllis Smith and a few others. Seeing their reactions was priceless. I’ll share my thoughts on the movie in a different post, but I can tell you this… it’s worth setting aside some time to go see when it releases in theaters this weekend.


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    My youngest son is super excited to see this. They keep talking about it 🙂

    1. Nicole says:

      Do you look forward to movies too, Robin? I always get excited about Pixar movies… and the Pixar shorts that are before their films.

  2. Wow looks like Nicole had a blast! I cannot wait to take my kids to see this movie, looks super cute!

  3. Jen A says:

    It was such a JOY to meet you, what a fun experience we all had!

  4. Debra says:

    It was such an amazing “red” carpet Nicole – perfect for your first!! 🙂

  5. This was such a fun event to attend. I love all the vivid colors and the smiles on everyone’s faces.

  6. Michele says:

    I’m so glad you had a good time and was able to get over that those were celebrities–they really are just people and generally very nice ones (as you found out). Not sure if I am going to get top see this movie–although it sure sounds like a really good one.

  7. Oh wow! I am totally jealous. What a great gig you had there. Thanks for sharing your fun time.

  8. This movie looks like it’s going to be so awesome! I might actually consider taking my son to it, and that’s saying something!

  9. Chrissy says:

    How cool!!! Totally jealous! I bet it was an amazing experience!

  10. Shelley says:

    I love that you can actually say “well, Minnie Driver was there…” Haha. So awesome! Great post!

  11. Ronda says:

    Cool, looks like you had a great time!

  12. I can’t wait to see the movie. Looks so good.!!

  13. That looks like it was a lot of fun! That is what I call a red carpet event! Thank you for saring your experience with us!

  14. I am not sure if this is going to be a good movie or not. The previews really haven’t caught my attention all that much but neither did Big Hero 6 and it was really good!! <3 Christine, The Choosy Mommy, http://www.choosykids.blogspot.com

  15. How fun and looks like you got to meet a bunch of amazing people! We can’t wait to see Inside Out. 🙂

  16. I can’t wait to see Inside Out! How awesome is it that you got to go to the premiere?! Super cool!

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