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I’m always researching movies since we like to create upcoming movie slates for the various studios as well as participate in red carpet events and exclusive interviews whenever possible. But this time I find myself seeking details on a 2021 movie release for Jurassic World 3. Not for the reasons you may think, but because I have a game in hand: Jurassic Park Danger! from Ravensburger!

We featured this game in our guide to all kinds of pop culture gifts and now we have a copy waiting to be unearthed by one of our readers. We don’t expect to see this game go extinct any time soon, but if you REALLY want a copy then we recommend you dig one up on Amazon or at Of course, we always have fun giving a copy… so enter away!

Mega Giveaway 2018 – Jurassic Park Danger! Game

37 thoughts on “Jurassic Park Danger! Game Giveaway

  1. I agree with the other two individuals.
    The first movie was the best! It opened up our imaginations to the whole idea that dinosaurs may have existed. Plus it opened the door for the sequels.

  2. None of the Jurassic Park movies are my favorite, I did see the first one, but I’m sure my son has seen them all.

  3. I guess the first was the best (also my first real date!) – but I think the newest one is my current favorite.

  4. Jurassic World – Because Chris Pratt is a raptor trainer and it has one of the most unnecessarily brutal death scenes of a minor character in any movie I’ve seen.

  5. Um… I wouldn’t understand how you could say anything but the first one. This is one of those franchises, that I think has one great movie (the first) and the rest all are much lower quality and dont need to have existed

  6. I loved the first Jurassic Park…it was quite an experience seeing the T-Rex attack the children’s car and only a piece of plexiglass as a barrier between them and those huge, hungry teeth!

  7. The original Jarassic Park is my favorite. I was 13 when it came out, and I remember being in awe at how real the dinasaurs looked.

  8. The first. The original will always be my favorite. I remember watching it over and over again as a family when my stepson was young. It started it all – the sequels just can’t compare.

  9. The first Jurassic Park is definitely my favorite. The original movie kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the film. The sequels never quite lived up to the first one. Thank you for the chance to win.

  10. I would have to agree with the majority that the first Jurassic movie was the best! I was super excited for the new Jurassic movies and they did not disappoint, having Chris Pratt did not hurt one bit.

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