Blogger Bash 2015 offered a sweet itinerary. - #BBNYC

I’ve been to my share of conferences and conventions including one-day educational activities or large-scale industry specific events. Multi-day conferences specific to the blogging industry that incorporate expo aspects, private gatherings, educational seminars and close the evening with parties. One thing is consistent with each that I’ve attended. While they can be entertaining, they aren’t designed for fun and they are far from free. Attending these events is an aspect of work and the person paying the bills is me. I’m frugal with my decisions and factor in the value I receive versus the amount I need to expend.

Blogger Bash in New York City was no exception. 2014 was the inaugural year of a full-blown conference after the team had spent several years hosting the Sweet Suite event to showcases upcoming toys. Scott said he had researched and a VIP (which costs more than a standard pass) was the way to go. These kinds of opportunities are what give us the connections needed to present you with quality content. I agreed, purchased my VIP ticket, booked a hotel room and flights, scheduled events such as Getting Gorgeous and planned for a family trip to New York City.

The two-day event offered a multitude of events with a little bit of something for everyone. There was a VIP event on Wednesday evening with Delta Children that I wasn’t able to participate in due to a conflict in my schedule. It was a shame to miss because I heard it was a fantastic evening.

VIP seating at the Care Bears breakfast during Blogger Bash. - #BBNYC

The official Blogger Bash schedule kicked off at the Care Bears breakfast, with representatives telling us about their Share Your Care initiative. We listened as Share Your Care ambassador Zach Kaplan spoke about his goals to make a difference. While that might not sound like anything abnormal, Zach is only ten years old. The Care Bears presentation featured details about the upcoming products, “Care Bears and Cousins” coming to Netflix November 6th, a line of Care Bears products for pets as well as a variety of new games and apps.

This head piece from Amrita Singh stopped me in my tracks at Blogger Bash. - #BBNYC

From there, VIPs were invited to a special jewelry event being put on by Amrita Singh Jewelry. She offers some beautiful statement pieces. I’m conservative with my jewelry selections but found several that I would love to own. In particular, the Shelter Island Head Pendant that I wore across my hair struck my fancy. After that, we went our separate ways for small group activities. I attended a luncheon with HomeAdvisor and learned about how their program works. I’m hoping to partner with them to bring you a variety of DIY and home improvement tips. Other VIP participants met with Evite and Kids Headquarters while the remainder attended a special performance by Blue Man Group.

Olaf and Doc McStuffin are sure to be hits at Christmas this year. - #BBNYCAlex Toys had a range of crafty products on display at Blogger Bash. - #BBNYC Leap Frog was showcasing off their LeapTV gaming system. - #BBNYC
Cabbage Patch is always a recognizable product. Here are samples on diplay at Blogger Bash. - #BBNYC

We finished off the evening with the pinnacle event: Sweet Suite. Toys and games from many, many brands were on display. As a VIP ticket holder, I was able to enter at 3:00, an hour prior to general ticket holders. Even with the hour head-start, I was still unable to connect with all the exhibitors before the event closed the doors at 9pm.

Make your own Minion at Build-a-Bear Workshop! - #BBNYCEducational and fun. Put your mind to work with these games. - #BBNYC No need to wait for someone to knock at your door. Make Girl Scouts Cookies at home! - #BBNYC
I met with some existing clients such as Spin Master and R&R Games to check out some of their upcoming games and toys. Checked out new products from familiar brands like Skylanders, Lego, PlaySmart, HexBug, Smart Games, Build-a-Bear, Leap Frog, Razor, Hasbro and Tomy – to name just a few.

Did you know Schleich toys are hand painted? - #BBNYC Folkmanis Puppets have a long history of quality work. The details are fantastic! - #BBNYC
Lockers don't need to be boring. - #BBNYC

I also was excited to discover a multitude of new products that I wasn’t familiar with such as SchleichFolmanis Puppets, Kolibree, LockerLookz and even scales for the Perfect Drink and perfect baking. It was truly an entertaining evening filled with toys and all kinds of goodness!

Disney Infinity 3.0 will have characters from Inside Out, Star Wars, Marvel and Tron to name a few. - #BBNYC

The following day started with a bang. John Vignocchi from Disney Infinity showcased their upcoming 3.0 system, including the Disney Pixar Inside Out Infinity figures, Star Wars, Tron and even some Marvel characters like Hulk Buster. One of the more interesting and exciting announcements involved the conversion of the Power Discs from blind packaging to fully visible blister packs.

After that, I had some time to explore the expo hall which included a variety of companies such as Rite Aid, HomeAdvsisor, Teleflora and Boiron along with several philanthropic booths. It was inspiring to hear stories about ArtWare for Good, Unicef, Understood, Alex’s Lemonade Stand and Bloganthropy.

The voices behind The Peanuts Movie characters shared the stage at Blogger Bash. - #BBNYC The Peanuts Movie was the focus of one of the Blogger Bash events. - #BBNYC
Lunch included a presentation for the upcoming The Peanuts Movie with a special presentation by the young actors who voice the characters. 2015 marks the 65th anniversary of the comic strip! Upon completion, I attended a Speed Dating event to develop relationships with additional brands and agencies.

Gotta Get a Gund. A bear-y cuddly Blogger Bash exhibitor. - #BBNYC

Throughout the entire conference, there were a variety of activities running simultaneously With so many activities, it was impossible to attend it all! There were seminars and keynote presentations about blogging, SEO, creating videos and social good. There was an awards presentation, a fashion show and even a baby expo with brands such as Gund and a feature presentation by Anne Geddes, There was truly a LOT happening in a very short time frame. We wrapped up the final night enjoying a carnival presented by Canadian Lentils.

The cost of attending the event was higher than I would like to spend, but I feel that Blogger Bash offered a little of everything and a lot of opportunity to make some quality connections. I look forward to sharing some of those exciting new products with you in coming months!

What are you most excited about hearing more about?

27 thoughts on “When Bloggers Converge, They Bash

  1. What I’d really like to hear more about is the Share Your Care initiative, begun by 10 year old Zach! I would also like to hear about the other charities that participated. That does sound like it was a whirl wind of activity! Of course I can’t wait to hear about all the new toys as well.

  2. I have never attended a convention ( and don’t really have a burning desire to do so) but I do enjoy reading about them. It sounds like a busy but fun few days. It sounds like the networking that goes on is well worth the expense of the trip.

  3. I am visiting from the Ultimate Blog challenge. It looks like an amazing conference. I am just beginning to become serious about blogging and exploring where I can take my site. But I have to say, your post definitely motivates me to explore the possibilities and opportunities that a blogging conference may one day provide. I look forward to reading more.

  4. Ha ha, by your title, I thought this was going to be about how bloggers bash each other during these expos. Was glad to find out that wasn’t the case! I hardly know where to begin. I guess I would be most interested in finding out how these corporations used social media to engage readers to sell books.
    Sounds like it was an amazing event! Glad to hear you took a lot away from it even though you missed some of the good presentations due to your schedule!

  5. Great recap! We had a writer go for us this year since she lives in NYC, and it was a blast following along with her posts! The Care Bear breakfast looked like the cutest thing ever.

  6. This looks amazing! I’ve never gotten to go to a blogger event. Too often they are not local and they are on normal workdays. What a great opportunity.

  7. That sounds like a really fun event! Your description makes me feel like I was there. So many opportunities!

  8. I would love to have attended this! Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to hearing about some of these products. What a cool preview of what is to come!

  9. I have thought about going to this event multiple times – I am about 5 hours from NYC (a drive) and 45 minutes if I fly (not bad), but just have not attended. I love your recap, it is well written and makes me wish I can attend another year.

  10. Sounds like you had a great time and it was a great event! I have been to some but not for blogging. Maybe one day I will go, just to meet everyone would be wonderful.

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