Beaches Resort in Turks & Caicos is all-inclusive. We show you what that really means. - #BeachesMoms

For several years, we’ve been told how amazing “All-inclusive” resorts are. Friends have gone. Neighbors have gone. Even family has booked multiple times. Us? Nah. We don’t drink much and figure that the bulk of the “all-inclusive” lure is the unlimited supply of spirited beverages.

After our recent visit to Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa for the Social Media on the Sand Conference, we realized that “All Inclusive” means a whole lot more than sitting poolside with an endless supply of umbrella drinks. Although to be fair, the drinks are pretty amazing. But let me take you through some of the highlights of what it’s really like to visit Beaches which lives up to the name and expectation to not pay extra.


Let’s start with this because I honestly feel it’s one of the biggest unwritten benefits of visiting a Beaches resort. From the time you step off the plane and head to catch your shuttle to the resort until the time you step into the airport for your return visit, you won’t need cash. Tipping is positively not allowed. It’s an odd feeling not to offer a server a tip but I assure you that you will get used to it.

Many delicious food options at Beaches all-inclusive resort. - #BeachesMoms

Dining and Snacks

There’s no shortage of food. Ever. At any time of day or night. Some restaurants are only open at certain times of the day, but with multiple restaurants to choose from offering everything from buffets to snacks, you won’t go hungry. We had breakfast buffets on most days because it was easy and fit into my conference schedule. There were a few days that I popped into the cafe for a blended mocha. Lunches and dinner offered options like jerk chicken, steak, sushi, burgers and pizza. The steak and snapper I had at sit-down restaurants were positively divine. Have a late-night sweet tooth? Stop into a restaurant for just dessert, swing by the ice cream bar or have a pastry at the cafe.

There are so many great beverage choices at this all-inclusive resort that you'll have trouble picking a favorite! -


Whether you are seeking an adult beverage or something for your child, the choices are difficult. When I say that, I mean there are so many options you may find yourself ordering two at once. As I said before, the cafe offers coffee beverages that you might normally find at your local Starbucks. Soda pop is available at restaurants as well as from beverage stations and bars. We found a few walk-up locations where we could fill up a pop and walk away but seldom used it. Our preference was for smoothies! Whether you find yourself at a swim-up poolside bar, one of the beverage huts or a restaurant, they’ll provide your choice of drinks. Some bars don’t carry the same ingredients as others, giving you reason to see what the specialty is from different parts of the property. My friend Shelby from OC Mom Blog attended the Social Media on the Sand conference last year and assured me I would love a drink called the Hummingbird. She was right. Scott wanted something with melon one day, literally ordered “a drink with melon” and was served up what became one of my favorites, a Melon Colada. Sometimes we ordered drinks as normal, other times virgin versions. All told, I only found one drink I didn’t love and that’s because it had tequila in it… and no shortage of the spirit, either.

Shows don't cost extra at Beaches all-inclusive resort. - #BeachesMomsKick back, have a drink, dance and SMILE at Beaches all-inclusive resort. - #BeachesMoms


Whether you like to dance, sing karaoke or attend a show, there isn’t a charge to join in. I let the kids talk me into doing limbo on the stage then joined a dance contest for moms. It was pathetic but I had so much fun. Isn’t that what vacationing is all about?

There isn't an age limit on shuffleboard! - #BeachesMomsFloat in the lazy river, ride a wave or fly down a water slide at Beaches all-inclusive resort. - #BeachesMoms


From what I understand, this is one of the areas that sets one all-inclusive resort apart from another. Water sports are included at Beaches! Feel like snorkeling? No problem and no charge! Kayaking? Sure thing. Water trike? Yup, that too. They even offer scuba as well as scuba lessons. No, there isn’t a charge for any of it. Water a little rough and want something calmer? Beaches all-inclusive resort in Turks & Caicos has a waterpark several water slides, a lazy river and even a wave rider. How much, you ask? It’s included! When you are ready to get out of the water for a bit, play a giant game of chess, enjoy shuffleboard, play pool or check out a board game.

Beaches all-inclusive resort offers activities specifically for teens and tweens. - #BeachesMoms

Children, Teens and Tweens

Your kids won’t be bored at Beaches Resort, either. And it won’t set you back a fortune to entertain them. Not only is childcare included in your resort fee, but  they have a lot of fun activities including beach time, Sesame Street and more. They also have a wide variety of things to keep your tweens and teens interested as well. Teens/tweens can attend “no parents allowed” parties, go dancing, hang out in the XBox lounge or play pool or ping pong in the club.

We had an amazing time at the resort and wish we had extended our stay beyond the length of the conference. No doubt about it that we will be returning next year. And now that we know what it means to visit an all-inclusive resort, it is going to be difficult to go anywhere else!

Have you ever visited an all-inclusive resort?

32 thoughts on “What All-Inclusive Means At Beaches

  1. Good to know. All-Inclusive sounds like it could be nice, we have never really looked into it. My wife would love a beach this time of year.

  2. I have never been to an all inclusive resort but after reading what you have written–I want to go! It has been years since I attempted to get under that limbo stick to the tune of Limbo Rock–wonder if I could still do it–well maybe not–but I would sure enjoy all the water sports!

  3. This looks AMAZING! I actually would love to take a trip like this and I know my kids would love it. I like that the initial cost is going to be high, but that the initial cost is ALL the cost you’ll need and I know many people who have ranted and raved about these holidays that one day i’ll have to jump! 🙂

  4. All-in resorts are amazing. It’s so easy cause you don’t have to think about anything. You may pay a bit more, but hey for quality dinner and drink and everything else…why the hell not?!!

  5. That would be odd not to leave a tip. I have been in countries where it’s not practiced and we still left a tip (old habits are hard to break?).

  6. When my family and i vacation we too look for all inclusive stays. We want the meals, and activities built into the package as well!

  7. I have heard such great things about all-inclusive places yet never stayed at one. I love the idea that tipping is not allowed though. That is a huge money saver.

  8. Wow , this place looks amazing! Thanks for sharing exactly what it means, This may have moved up to the top of the list in my dream destinations!

  9. We went to Beaches Negril a few years ago and loved it. We also weren’t sure about the point of all-inclusive before we went, but we soon saw why they are so amazing – for the reasons you’ve said. They seem to take away a lot of stresses, don’t they? And the kids love it!

  10. Totally agree! At the all inclusives where I’ve stayed, the drinks are pretty weak (thank goodness because alcohol and sunshine don’t mix well) and drinks aren’t the true perk! It’s just like you describe – being able to stay cash free and having tons of food at your fingertips. The last all inclusive I stayed at had beautiful fresh juices every morning – spinach and cucumber, beets, mango, watermelon, pineapple, and tons of other yummies that you could mix yourself.

  11. So Nicole, I had a debate about all inclusive resorts & cruises with my mom this past weekend! Now I understand the type of vacation it is…pampering, fun, activity filled, “pleasure island” type of vacation or travel. I guess if that is what you are looking for, then do it for sure. But our debate focused around if it matters where you go. I told her it doesn’t matter where you go since that resort could be anywhere in the world and you wouldn’t know it. I mean we went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and had a blast but can I officially say I have been to the Dom Rep? That resort could have been on any island cause we never saw or experienced much of that country cept the workers…what do you think? Does it count as a country visit or not?

    1. Nicole and I have had the same discussion after our cruise a couple years ago. We stopped in Honduras, but it was technically a cruise ship island. I understand it is safer that way, but did we get to experience any of the culture/etc.? No, I guess not. But we did get our passport stamped, so technically we were there.

      If someone from another country visits the U.S. and only goes to Disneyland and never off-property, have they truly visited the U.S.?

  12. This is not the sort of vacay I go for, but this was very good to know about. I was especially interested in the information about children as we are considering a trip with the grandchildren.

  13. Awesome vacations! All inclusive is definitely the way to go. The initial outlay is higher but then you don’t have to worry about what you are spending on meals, etc.

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