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ChiTAGFair is always a fun experience for our entire family but last year we took a different spin and let our young correspondents interview inventors and company representatives. Because they enjoyed it so much (and everyone else thought it was cool), we decided to do the same again this year!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Dane Christianson of Moving Parts, LLC. His product, X-Cube, is a shape-shifting 3D logic puzzle that can take on 125 decillion different permutations. Another example of a successful Kickstarter campaign, it first became available at retail in December of last year.

Moving Parts also has another product for those of you that need an easier cube to solve, the Boob Cube! Hopefully it will see the light of day like the X-Cube did!

Want to learn more? Let them know you’d like to see a full demonstration here on SahmReviews! Meanwhile, see what they’re up to by checking them out on Facebook and Twitter.

20 thoughts on “Highlights: ChiTAG 2014 (X-Cube)

  1. I think it’s SO cool to let young kids get involved in this type of stuff! Not only do they feel “cool” and kind of empowered by being in charge… But it teaches them some awesome skills that will help in the future!

  2. Your daughters are the cutest little interview girls ever. I am going to be working on getting my daughter to get on camera more, she has the personality for it, its just a matter of her putting aside fear and doing it.

    There’s no way I could hand the X Cube, I can’t even do the Rubix cube. LOL My husband and I both saw this and said “yea right!” LOL My brother on the other hand can solve these things in about half hour.

  3. Wow, Scott – Amazing fun – that you actually did a video interview and I could see this cube – not interested in it now! But there was a time and the regular cube kept my son busy – Great work you’ve got here with your reviews!

  4. We’ve never been to a toy fair, but I would love to go. Your video makes me ready to want to visit one with my son!

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