PLAYMOBIL Rainbow Castle Set, Our Best From Christmas 2023

Playmobil Rainbow Castle building set encourages creative play -

I think everyone can agree how fun the holidays can be, but it’s nice to get back to normal life. We are having fun with the new toys and games everyone received from Christmas. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to gift others. But don’t worry, every year we publish Holiday Gift Guides here at SAHM Reviews to help with ideas, because we know giving a great gift can be difficult. Also, you might know but we are on the tail end of the Holiday Giveaway 2023 with even more toys and games that you might be the lucky recipient of. I remember before being an author, when I was a fan and follower of SAHM Reviews, I won an electric massager that we still use to this day. If you are a board gamer, even better, as each year there are many different games you could possibly win from multiple great publishers. 

Playmobil Rainbow Castle was a winner with the family -

Many of the games and toys recommended by us are tried and played with in order to give you the best recommendation. Sometimes the 4th quarter items don’t quite get to the gift guides or excitement that some of the others do. But we know there are opportunities throughout the year to shop for gifts so we continue to share ideas all year round. In our case, we received another wonderful Playmobil set, The Rainbow Castle. This set belongs to a bundle of multiple rainbow castle units that can be used together to make any kid excited. When we got this set, it was two weeks till Christmas, so we decided to open it after, due to the other toys. When it did get opened, it was the most exciting toy that was received from the week before. Playmobil is great for Christmas gifting when you have kids in the 5-8 year old range.

Playmobil Rainbow Castle instructions provide an opportunity for kids to learn how to assemble toys -

This time we decided to see if the kids could figure out how to put everything together without adult help. Both Em and Ev worked well together trying to figure out where everything goes. The red facets were difficult at times, and some adult help was needed, but they did very well checking the instruction book and following directions. 

Young girl follows instructions to assemble Playmobil Rainbow Castle -

The set comes with multiple bags of plastic pieces to put together. The instruction book needs to be followed because once some of the pieces snap on, it’s very difficult to disconnect them. The pieces use plastic facets to attach all the pieces together to form a solid toy. The set comes with a tool to help you place these facets as you put the pieces together, and it makes this process easier.

Boy and girl assemble and play with Playmobil Rainbow Castle -

With some time, you will soon see the rainbow castle taking shape. The best surprise for us (spoiler!) was when we discovered it comes with a flower light that spins on the top of the mountain. The light changes colors when it is turned on. Even better, you can spin it. This was especially more exciting for the kids when they discovered playing with the castle in a dark room. 

The set comes with a swing, a ladder, two girl figures, a Pegasus with wings, a telescope, and a food cart. These also can be combined with other sets and used for creative play. This particular set comes with a lot of big pieces to make the castle, but also some smaller pieces for detail and accessories.

Playmobil Rainbow Castle playset encourages imaginative play -

The rainbow castle is not only a set of pieces to construct to make something, but also is used as a way for imagination to continue with creative play. The kids have enjoyed using this set with their other sets combined, and have mostly enjoyed the spinning flower light which has been pressed on and off over and over again several times with no problems.

They have also decided that the Rainbow Castle Playmobil set is their favorite toy compared to all the others they received for Christmas, and they were happy to give two thumbs up for this set. Em especially liked that the toy came with girl figurines and made it feel magical. It’s a great set to have in your Playmobil collection. The only thing that might make it better, is getting the other sets in the bundle to grow the world. If you are looking for quality building sets, check out the different Playmobil themes on their website or on Amazon. Visit them on social media to learn about their other great products!

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