I think we mentioned before about how we got our kids to enjoy eating fish (well, salmon) very early in life by calling it “orange chicken”.  Since they love Chinese food it was an easy sell.  Fortunately now that they’re a bit older, they are more willing to try new foods as long as we don’t force them to continue eating something they really don’t like.  In fact, I can’t remember the last time we made mac-n-cheese or nuggets.  More often than not the special request is some type of oil & vinegar salad or grilled chicken!

Sushi probably isn’t something that most kids will try.  Fish is a four-letter word to many kids, much less raw fish. One of our daughters has taken to the ‘mild’ sushi at our local buffet (meaning the cooked versions), but the other isn’t much of a fan.  She tolerates it, but doesn’t ask for it.  But, what if I could ‘train’ her to like it in the same manner that we got her to like salmon?!   That’s where my world-first idea came from – Corn Dog Sushi!

Corn Dog Sushi - SahmReviews.com

What kid doesn’t enjoy a thick, corn bread covered hot dog on a stick?!  If only we could tweak it a little bit to acclimate her to the look of a sushi roll, maybe she wouldn’t be so hesitant about trying them.  Off to Sam’s Club to pick up a box of frozen corn dogs to experiment with!

I have to admit, I spent way too much time figuring this out in my head to make them perfect.  I’ll take you through the steps (and recipe) for the first one, and then post a couple more recipes I created.  You’ll be amazed with the results, and your guests will be amazed by the taste!

First, I chose to use the baking method for cooking the corn dogs.  I wanted the exterior to be firm and I’m sure microwaving would not have given me that result.  Deep-frying would probably have worked, but in the interest of keeping calories down, baking was best.
Baking Country Ribbon Corn Dogs #GetCorny #ad #cbiasWith the corn dogs in the oven, it was time to gather all the ingredients we’d need for the project.  I know this looks like a lot, but remember, this is for three different recipes, so don’t panic (yet).

Ingredients #GetCorny #ad #cbiasOur next step is to remove the hot dog part of the corn dog from the outer breading.  This is accomplished by cutting both ends, removing the stick and pushing the hot dog out of the middle, creating a hollow tube.

Corn Dog Tubes  #GetCorny #ad #cbiasI’m sure you see where I’m going with this.  I’ve never been a proponent of too many toppings on my hot dogs; I’ve always been a ketchup and onions guy.  But for this project we’re going all out. I picked out a couple famous regional recipes for hot dogs and have created a ‘sushi’ version in their likeness.  First up, Chicago Style! This requires onions, relish, dill pickles, a short pepper, tomatoes and celery or poppy seeds.  We’ll only be using half of a hot dog per tube, so I quarter them lengthwise and save the rest.  Stuff the hot dog, pickle slice, onion slice, tomato slice and pepper slice into the tube.

Stuffing the corn dogs #GetCorny #ad #cbiasEach corn dog casing will yield three sushi, so trim the ends neatly and then cut into 3 even slices.

Slicing #GetCorny #ad #cbiasSpray the outside of the roll with some oil, then roll the edges in celery seed or poppy seed.

Roll in seeds #GetCorny #ad #cbiasPlate and put a dollop of relish on the top of each roll and drizzle with thinned yellow mustard.

Dollop of relish #GetCorny #ad #cbias

Chicago-Style Corn Dog Sushi (makes 12 rolls)
4 Country Ribbon Corn Dogs
Dill Pickle
Sweet Relish
Yellow Mustard
Short Pepper (Jalapeno used here)
Celery/Poppy seed
Spray Oil

And there you have it.  Three perfect Chicago-Style Corn Dog Sushi Rolls!  Of course, we can’t let the other famous type of hot dog feel left out.  So next are some famous New York style dogs! These are much simpler, requiring only sauerkraut, onions, tomatoes and mustard.  The hard part is getting the sauerkraut into the tube. Good thing I kept some of the corn dog sticks lying around!

Sauerkraut stuffing #GetCorny #ad #cbias

Viola!  A little tomato garnish and the thinned mustard and we’re done with those!

New York Corn Dog Sushi #GetCorny #ad #cbias

New York-Style Corn Dog Sushi (makes 12 rolls)
4 Country Ribbon Corn Dogs
Yellow Mustard

Last, but definitely not the least, we need a ‘Midwest Style’.  What better than bacon and cheddar?! Turns out the best way to get bacon bits into the tube is to pour them in, place your hands over each end and shake to even it out.  Then pack it down with the aforementioned corn dog stick!

Stuffing the bacon #GetCorny #ad #cbias

Midwest-Style Corn Dog Sushi (makes 12 rolls)
4 Country Ribbon Corn Dogs
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Slice Bacon or Bacon Bits

But no, we’re not done yet!  You see, we have the ends of the corn dog we cut off and I really don’t want them to go to waste.  DING!  Idea time! Throw them into a blender, add a tablespoon of milk to moisten (water would probably work too) and before you know it…

Blender #GetCorny #ad #cbias

you have the perfect ‘rice’ base for sashimi!

Sashimi #GetCorny #ad #cbias

So was all the effort worth it?  The kids LOVED it!

Kids Eating Sushi #GetCorny #ad #cbiasAnd to keep in the holiday spirit, my wife even showed up in her corny winter sweater to celebrate our concoction (get it? corny? corn dogs? I slay myself…)

Corny Sweater #GetCorny #ad #cbiasThis turned out so well that we took tons of photos.  Here’s a couple more of the better ones!

Chopsticks #GetCorny #ad #cbias

Plated #GetCorny #ad #cbias

We found Country Ribbon Corn Dogs at our local Sam’s Club and they worked perfectly for this project. Check the frozen section at your local grocery or warehouse store for availability.

In-Store #GetCorny #ad #cbiasPick some up at the store so you can try them out for yourself. Be sure to wear your own ‘corny’ holiday shirt or sweater to get yourself in the mood (yeah, I know…old joke). Feel free to share your photos and opinions on their Facebook and Twitter pages; we love to see you enjoying their products.

Update (11/2022): Thanks to creatively introducing our daughters to different foods, they’ve grown to love all kinds of things a lot of kids don’t. One of their favorite foods is real sushi!

What tricks do you use to get kids to try different foods?

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    1. Thanks! I really don’t know how I came up with it, it just popped into my head when I saw the shoppertunity post. Once I committed to it, then I had to figure out how to make it work as promised! 😉 I think I went a little overboard…

  1. one word…Brilliant! I just love this idea. Something so fun gone super fancy. This would be a great hit at a birthday party make your own sushi style. Something for the kids and adults:)

  2. What a creative way to get your children to try something different! My son has a very discerning palate, I wonder if I could convince him to give this a try?!

  3. Now that is really cute and an ingenious way to teach kids about foods from different countries….too bad my kids are much too old for this … grandkids one day??have to remember this.

  4. Well that’s a fun way to eat corn dogs. My Hubs loves sushi and he also loves corndogs. I am sure he would like sushi corndogs.

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