Five Quick Striped and Marbled Cookies


Exactly a year ago, I featured a really simple holiday recipe appropriately titled “Baked Goods for a Beginner” that is easy to make but presents very nicely. We occasionally feature fun recipes here, like Corn Dog Sushi and Plantation Salad Dressing but the sweet tooth is never too far away. So this year we’re doing it again and providing you with some tricks on how to make really fun and festive looking cookies specifically designed for people who don’t think they have the time to make them!

One of our neighbors dropped by the other day with a tin of candy for us. I hadn’t planned on giving any neighborhood gifts but wanted to return the graciousness. Knowing that they have food allergies, I opted to pick up something I was sure was safe – a gift package of popcorn for their family. Then I realized I should be proactive and it might be a good idea to make some cookies to give out. With time in high demand, I had to do some serious planning.

No time to make cookies? Wrong! Just take a shortcut! -

Think of your favorite holiday treat. Would you be more willing to tackle a gingerbread house or sugar cookies if you could jump right to the step where the dough is already rolled out in front of you and ready for the next step? It would save so much time that you would be able to focus on the finishing details. Since I’ve been so concerned with getting everything done on a tight schedule, Nestle Toll House Rolled and Ready Holiday Cookie Dough Sheets offered the flexibility to skip a few steps in the baking process without sacrificing appearance. Not only are you saving time by eliminating several steps in the process of creating your baked goods but you’re also reducing the cleanup time as well.

I didn’t have any plans for gingerbread cookies or houses but I did want some fun cookies. I grabbed two of each of the Sugar and Chocolate cookie packages of Nestle Toll House Rolled and Ready Cookie Dough. Originally we thought about making ordinary cookie cutter creations but then decided to make something a little fancier. When I say “we” I mean Scott. He’s the cook in the family, you know. The following are the result of the brainstorming process: Five Unique Quick Striped Cookies.

Nestle Toll House cookie dough sheets take some of the stress out of making cookies! - Create fun cookies using Nestle Toll House cookie dough sheets. Even when time is tight! -
Create fun cookies using Nestle Toll House cookie dough sheets. Even when time is tight! -

We started by taking the dough out of the package. Each package contains two layers of cookie dough sheets but we kept them stacked to save time in the cutting process.

Layer cookie slices to create a striped look. - Create fun cookies using Nestle Toll House cookie dough sheets. Even when time is tight! -
Create fun cookies using Nestle Toll House cookie dough sheets. Even when time is tight! -

The next step involved layering the individual slices, alternating flavors, to create a striped look. The first cookie design involved the simple process of using a cookie cutter. We had thin cookie cutters so we opted to roll out the layered sheets we created following this one.These would have been awesome if we had put them on a cookie sheet that worked better. The didn’t keep their shape as well as we had hoped but they still looked tree-ish and were pretty cool with the stripes! Carefully slicing the unused edges around the trees allowed us to create some striped cookie sticks.

Waste not, want not. Use extra pieces from the Nestle Toll House Holiday Cookie Dough Sheets to make marbled cookies. -

We used the miscellaneous pieces from between the cut trees to create some cookies with a marbled look. Waste not, want not.

Create fun cookies using Nestle Toll House cookie dough sheets. Even when time is tight! -

Continuing the process of using the cut pieces, we created pinwheels. A little cinnamon and icing and these would have been Cinnamon Roll Cookies! Alas, that’s a cookie for a different day. We loved the look of these but they were a bit more time intensive than we had hoped for. After all, the goal is something quick!

Use Nestle Cookie Dough Sheets to shortcut the process of making fancy cookies. - SahmReviews.comCreate fun cookies using Nestle Toll House cookie dough sheets. Even when time is tight! -

So we tested the pliability of the cookie dough sheets and used the layered concept and rolled them together. The cutting process was simple but they did lose their shape a bit. I wasn’t too concerned because they still looked pretty cool! And easy. Easy is always good.

Sshhh. Don't tell anyone I took a shortcut! -

Ultimately, we used the Nestle Toll House Rolled and Ready Holiday Cookie Dough Sheets to create some easy cookies that looked worthy of gifting! Now use the extra time to sit down and eat a few with a nice cup of coffee.

You'll never guess how EASY these are to make! -

84 thoughts on “Five Quick Striped and Marbled Cookies

  1. Your instructions make this look so easy! My cookies never turn out right; I’m probably skipping one of these important steps along the way.

  2. Those look really easy to make! I actually just picked up sugar cookie mix, so maybe we’ll take some of it and use food coloring and see what kind of swirly fun we can have!

  3. What a cool idea! I love how quick and easy these are too make, but they look so pretty. These would be perfect for holiday parties.

  4. I saw this dough the other day and was wondering what I could use it for – just plain cookies are not fun! I love these ideas. I was planning something a bit different with the ones I pick up today.

  5. Hum–how come I have never spotted this dough in the stores? It is right up my alley. Quick and simple! Next trip and I will be purposely looking for it.

  6. These look yummy and I love the way the striped/rolled ones look! I am apprehensive about holiday baking too every year…but I think I could definitely handle this recipe, and I know the kids would love making these with me! I’m pinning for later!! Thank you for sharing!! ~ Carrie Demas

  7. How fantastically creative (and tasty). Maybe we can make them into hearts for V-Day? Thanks for posting this. I can’t wait to try it.

  8. Very clever way to make them unique and make them your own. Something like that would never have occurred to me, but I’m glad you thought of it, so I can borrow it 🙂

  9. ive made these before..i just flatten the dough dark and white,and roll the dough up refrigerate then slice…this looks fun though

  10. These look nice and easy – and so delicious. I love the roll-up “jello roll” type of cookies – and might be the best. Gonna bake them! (And probably eat them all !) = )

  11. WE used to call these pinwheels. What a clever idea to use the toll house dough! I wish it was available around here. I’ve pinned this one.

  12. This is a fun time with the kids no matter what season. You could make Christmas trees, Easter eggs, Halloween pumpkins, etc.

  13. I like this recipe so easy it seems plus not a big mess too clean up from it thanks for sharing it

  14. Easy and quick…and yummy….my kind of recipe! This would be great for holiday season….actually anytime! 🙂

  15. Wow, what an awesome way to make some delicious cookies “quick”. I am going to have to try and make these with my granddaughter. Thank you for the great ideas.

  16. What a great idea! And the cookies look sooooo gooooood!
    I can’t eat wheat but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about how good they must taste!!
    And i guess it could be translated to rice flour cookies but rice flour cookies are nowhere near as good as regular wheat cookies.
    still, I can dream. 🙂

  17. I will have to give this another go. I made something similar the other week but got the pastry wrong. It wouldn’t roll and kept on breaking up. I ended up buying some from the shop and passed them off as my own.

  18. Have you looked into Dutch speculaas cookies at all? Those are my favorite, they are like super gingerbread cookies, and you can turn leftovers into cookie butter!

  19. (Five Quick Striped and Marbled Cookies) My Mother use to make these great cookies every year for Christmas when I was a young girl. They were so good too.

  20. What a great idea! I want to try them with my Granddaughter. She is really getting into baking and this would be something different. For Valentines day, you could put some red dye in the sugar cookies and then merge with chocolate. They look so good.

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