Holiday Giveaways 2023 – Applejack by Stronghold Games

Did you happen to see Applejack included on our list of games for teens and adults? While the title may initially lend you to believe it’s a kids’ game, it isn’t. It’s by prolific designer, Uwe Rosenberg, creator of Agricola, as well as others like Patchwork, Patchwork Doodle, Cottage Garden and Second Chance that we’ve covered here on SAHM Reviews. His games are often award-winners so any opportunity to add one to your collection is good. Here’s your chance thanks to Stronghold Games!

Holiday Giveaway 2023 – Applejack Game

17 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2023 – Applejack by Stronghold Games

  1. I love the Uwe Rosenberg games that I have played. Oddly enough though, I haven’t played any (yet) from this designer that has been produced by Stronghold. Sure, I would love the chance, but never had the opportunity.

  2. From uwe rosenberg I love patchwork and a feast for odin! And from Stronghold games of course Terraforming Mars, but Not Alone is a good one also!

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