Holiday Giveaways 2023 – The Last Spike by Columbia Games

If you’ve checked out our gift guides over the years, you know we like to revisit the same topics, genres and ideas. We always feature games for older kids and adults, lists of party games, ideas for STEM gifts and so much more. Each year we add new items, but we also sprinkle in “evergreen” products and even encourage readers to check out guides from prior years to find items that might be easier to find or discounted. While we enjoy playing the latest game releases, we regularly revisit older ones. Some of our favorite games have been around for years! We featured an overview of The Last Spike game several years ago and here it is again in our 2023 guide to family games. There’s now a downloadable parent/teacher guide too! Read more about this title from Columbia Games then enter to win a copy for yourself or to gift to your favorite educator!

Holiday Giveaway 2023 – The Last Spike Game

13 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2023 – The Last Spike by Columbia Games

  1. I know someone who teaches, so of course, I had to share the link with her. I remember teachers that would use out-of-the-box teaching tools. Kids would for sure like this method.

  2. It’s a nice idea to use this game as a way of teaching history, so I’m glad they included this guide. It’s definitely something that’s included in high school US history- I remember learning about the building of the railroad , how we used German, Irish & Chinese migrants to build the railroads for cheap and then turned around and passed laws like the Chinese exclusion act. The economic & moral lessons of the building of the railroads can still be taught & (sadly) apply today.

  3. My kids are still too young to suggest this to their teachers. The preschool would think I was crazy! But I’m sure it’s a great way to add an enrichment activity to older classrooms.

  4. All of the curriculums that go with the game look really great – I love that it has this specifically made for the game, which can still be a lot of fun. My mom is a teacher and she would definitely use this!

  5. This looks like a great game and resources to teach about building the railroads. I will be sure to share it with teachers of this material

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