Get Rich Quick Board Game Overview

Get Rich Quick Board Game Overview


We try to feature a variety of different types of games in an effort to show how many options for not only for theme but also for game style. We find it interesting how very different games can be even when they have similar themes. As an example, Rum & Bones, Piratoons, World of Yo-ho, Walk the Plank and Plunder are all pirate-themed games but each have different target markets, types of components and boards as well as pathways to victory.

Likewise, some publishers have a diverse range of style of games. So far, everything that we have featured from FoxMind games has fallen into the abstract game category including Six and Kulami, Abalone and Octi. But you may be surprised (or not) to know that they have quite a bit more in the gaming arsenal. We recently learned how to play Get Rich Quick and let me tell you… it isn’t an abstract game. It’s a hope. A dream. A goal.

Work to be the first to live the life of luxury with Get Rich Quick from FoxMind. -

How does Get Rich Quick work? Like real life! 3-5 players utilize a variety of tactics to earn their fortunes. Some may find it through investments in penny stocks or real estate, others may find their fortune in the lottery while others grind their way through had work. Of course, also as in real life, other things, luck and people will get in the way.

Invest, play the lotto, work. Do what is needed to be the first to Get Rich Quick! -

At the beginning of the game, players receive seven action cards denoting their possible methods to make money along with some starting cash and 12 Meeples. The goal is to be the first to attain 25 fortune points through a series of actions then retire to your yacht or wherever you choose to go to boast your victory.

Work to be the first to live the life of luxury with Get Rich Quick from FoxMind. -

The seven action cards are numbered 1-7 with each offering a different benefit. At the beginning of each round, players select 3 of their seven actions to take and place them face down in front of them in the same manner we explained in Bring Out Yer Dead. All players reveal their cards at the same time then the cards are resolved from lowest to highest. Each card offers a different risk and reward. Card 1 is simply to head to work and get paid a nominal amount whereas cards 2, 3 and 4 have you investing or launching a start-up in hope nobody else does.

Invest, play the lotto, work. Do what is needed to be the first to Get Rich Quick! -

Card 5 is all about luck as you roll 5 dice in the lottery and 6 has you spending your current funds to gain benefits in future rounds. Card 7 nets the player one fortune point for taking a break from the rat race to allow their riches to grow.

Invest, play the lotto, work. Do what is needed to be the first to Get Rich Quick! -

Work, investments and the lottery are great ways to earn a buck or two but in Get Rich Quick, shopping can also help players get to their final goal. I know, it’s goofy. Shopping helps you get rich? That’s like a dream world! Unfortunately, stock is limited so it’s a case of first come, first served.

Invest, play the lotto, work. Do what is needed to be the first to Get Rich Quick! -

These spaces allow players to earn additional fortune points, take a promotion at work to earn more money each time they play card 1 or even hire a sidekick. The catch is that when you shop, you spend your hard-earned investment and leave a Meeple behind to show you’ve claimed that space. Players may also shop for an additional action card and once they are claimed, no additional will be available. These bonus plays and extra cards are crucial to winning.

Invest, play the lotto, work. Do what is needed to be the first to Get Rich Quick! -

As with many games, the trick to winning is to create combos that earn the most money and allow for bonuses of victory points. There isn’t a lot to learn with Get Rich Quick so it is easy for even younger players (8+) to pick up on. Although they may understand how to play the game, I’m pretty sure they cannot grasp the desire to want to Get Rich Quick as well as someone more seasoned in life than they are. No doubt they’ll have fun trying to get there though.

You can Get Rich Quick for a small investment of under $24 or direct from FoxMind. Learn what else they are working on by visiting them on Twitter and Facebook.

What would be the first thing you spend money on if you managed to strike it rich?


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  1. Andrew says:

    This sounds like a fun game, certainly something I would be able to get into! If I were to strike it rich, I’d buy 1000 acres in the middle of nowhere and go live off the land…only to come out of the woods for extravagant luxury vacations 🙂

    1. Nicole says:

      That sounds like a great plan, Andrew! I’m leaning toward perpetual extravagant vacation with the occasional trip to the middle of nowhere to decompress. 🙂

  2. Connie says:

    I love games that make you think a little. This looks like fun. Might need to check it out.

  3. Alicia says:

    You guys find the coolest games! My boys like any money related games so I’m sure they would love this one, too!

  4. Becky says:

    This game sound like fun. The whole family is going to love it! The first thing I would do if I got rich quick is TRAVEL! LOL!

  5. Crystal says:

    I loved the game of Life growing up, planning my future with a spin of the wheel. Can’t wait to plan for my future wealth with this game.

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