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This past weekend was our annual trip to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair. On Friday night at the Tagie Awards, I had the opportunity to sit with Leslie Scott, inventor of Jenga and her family.They are so charming and I had a wonderful time chatting with them. She has quite the story to tell about her life and her game!

Leslie Scott from Oxford Games is the inventor of Jenga. - SahmReviews.com

ChiTAGFair is always a fun experience for our entire family but last year we took a different spin and let the kids interview inventors and company representatives. Because they enjoyed it so much (and everyone else thought it was cool), we decided to do the same again this year!

So Saturday morning at the blogger breakfast which kicks off the fair, we decided to interview one of the event sponsors, Leslie Scott. In the interview with correspondent, Kennedy, this remarkable woman shared details regarding her book, about JENGA. (I can’t wait to read the book!)

Do you usually win when you play Jenga?

15 thoughts on “Highlights: ChiTAG 2014 (Leslie Scott)

  1. I rarely win the games I play with my kids but I love playing them anyways. Very cool. I wish I had gone to this now after all. Darn it!! I love Jenga. It’s a real classic game here. Plus we have stolen the word to describe so many games we play in our house. Like are you playing garbage jenga in the kitchen again?? That’s dangerous. And oh it’s kid field trip jenga again (where they all stack up on the same day or same week and you can’t possibly get out from under the field trip madness.

  2. I can’t lie – meeting the inventor of Jenga is super-cool! I had high hopes for attending ChiTAG this year, but my parents were able to come to visit for the first time in a few years, so we did that instead (I’m okay with the trade-off!). But crossing my fingers for next year!

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