Getting Ready for Cooler Temps

Getting Ready for Cooler Temps


If there such a thing as nature being bipolar and Mother Nature has it nailed. Just over a week ago we were able to wear shorts and enjoy 70 and 80° weather. This past week however has been much different including frost warnings. There were even some snow flurries this weekend but I muted all my Facebook friends that dared to speak those words. While I used to thoroughly enjoy the cold weather when I was younger, after living in Los Angeles for so long winters have become very difficult.

I love when it gets just a little bit cool. I sleep better at night and I’m able to wear boots (I love boots). Other than that I don’t like the cold. It got even worse when I started losing weight and didn’t have the extra built-in layers to keep me warm. Needless to say it was time to head to the stores for some cool weather clothes.

Columbia products are on our must-have list of clothes that keep us warm. From head-to-toe, our whole family wears it! - #FindYourYes

Generally I’m not a big fan of shopping for clothes but I do enjoy checking out all the fun stuff at Kohl’s. Whether it’s something dressy or something casual or even necessities like underwear and socks we know we can find it there. One of the reasons I like it shopping at Kohl’s is because the prices are always affordable.

Classy and stylish, Kohl's fall collection offers a variety of choices for different tastes. - #FindYourYes

This weekend we decided to stop by to take advantage of some of Kohl’s “door buster” sales. Their new fall collections are available and we figured we would see what they had for the girls. Miss M, who isn’t a fan of shopping, is in need of a new dress code shirt for the symphony. Her sister is the polar opposite when it comes to shopping – she just can’t get enough of it. Their attitudes about shopping are as diverse as their taste in clothes. One thing is the same – they both manage to find something at Kohl’s that appeals to each of them. While we didn’t find the exact style of white shirt that fit the dress code and appealed to Miss M, she did find an outfit she liked.

Sporty and casual fashions are part of the Kohl's Fall Collection. - #FindYourYes  Mudd jeans at an affordable price! - #FindYourYes
Chic and Stylist from the young to the young at heart are available in Kohl's Fall collection. - #FindYourYes

Miss K found a lot of things she wanted to take home. She’s our future model, remember. Unfortunately, because of her size we can’t buy two piece outfits for her. She has the waste size of a toddler but the height of 5th grader. She’s an active child so we’re not too worried but we do monitor her BMI to make sure. As silly as it sounds, she did find a pair of footed pajamas that will be perfect. They’re the base of her upcoming Halloween costume. Last year she was a cheerleader, this year a baby. Who am I to argue… she’ll always be my baby.

Found the exercise apparel I was looking for at Kohl's! - #FindYourYes

I’m not one for shopping but I desperately need new gym clothes. I’m one of those people who is modest and wears multiple layers. Sports bra, fitted tank and exercise shirt. Fitted shorts and regular shorts. Whether I’m doing army crawls or crunches, I never have to worry about anything being seen that I don’t want seen. Except, of course, when something has a hole in it. A quick trip through the sports apparel and I was able to rectify that problem.

Of course, I stocked up on Keurig products at an awesome price! Well, I stocked up on what I could find on the shelf… they were such a hot item that the shelves were pretty bare. Mother Nature may be sending us crazy weather but my Keurig will keep me warm inside.

Have you signed up for Yes2You, Kohl's new rewards program? Earn points for your shopping and it doesn't cost anything to join! -

As a bonus, when I went to check out, they told me about the new rewards program. For every dollar I spend, I earn points that will convert to gift cards. That’s like free cash since I’m shopping with them anyhow. Best part is that it didn’t cost anything to join and I was able to do it right at the register.

We found a lot of great items in the fall collection – and a lot of great prices, too. If you haven’t checked the latest styles, grab the add in your Sunday paper and see what you’re missing. You can also see what they are up to by catching up with them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

Do you enjoy shopping when the seasons change?

From warm PJs to fashionable dresses to kitchen essential, Kohl's Fall lineup has something for everything. - #FindYourYes


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29 comments on «Getting Ready for Cooler Temps»

  1. Melanie R. says:

    OMG..I love Kohl’s and their Winter Selection is just awesome… the PJ’s are the cutest and I had to take a double take for a second your daughter’s picture almost looked like me when I was her age with a similar PJ set..OMG I love it.. been dying to get new winter outfits and Kohl’s is always affordable. Thanks for sharing, I know what I will do during my lunch hour

    1. Nicole says:

      Okay, Melanie. Now you need to share a picture of yourself when you were that age!

  2. Chrysa says:

    Oh, wow. I can’t believe they are bringing back those tie-dyed style of jeans again! No thanks! That sweater dress does look really cute on her.

    1. Nicole says:

      Chrysa – When I was done taking pictures of them, I walked into her room and held them up to me. I said “Aren’t these cute on my?” She said to me “They’re too 80’s for you, mom.” I about fell over laughing. #CantMakeThatStuffUp

  3. I am so ready for cozy and comfy

  4. oh goodness, that white top outfit looks awesome! I would love to see that on my daughter! So Cute!

  5. Kohls is one of my favorite places to shop. They have a great reward system and good deals on quality clothing. Thank you for sharing, I am ready for fall.

  6. Mellisa says:

    I could use a pair of those PJ’s for myself. I just hate the colder weather.

  7. Crystal says:

    I’m so ready for fall! Unfortunately, we haven’t experienced any relief from the heat. I actually had to go hunt for shorts for my oldest child this weekend. All of the stores are offering fall clothing, but it was 100 degrees. C’mon, Fall!

  8. I love Kohls! They have such great deals. I just bought a Calphalon pot there and used a coupon and got it for a steal of a deal!

    1. Nicole says:

      Did you sign up for their rewards program, Sarah? We shop there often and wish there had been a reward program all along!

  9. I love those jammies your daughter is wearing! I wish they made them in my size! Maybe they do, lol. I’ll have to check!!

  10. Awww….so cute! Miss K and Miss M look adorable in the clothes they picked out at Kohl’s. I love Kohl’s! The outfits would be cute for my little niece. Now I know where to go for her birthday next month! 🙂

  11. Robin Wilson says:

    Holy Crap! It was in the low 40s here this morning! I want me some of those footed PJs like your daughter has on. I despise being cold and it’s time to put away summer and get out the cold weather clothing. I need to get to Kohl’s to get a few things for sure. I love them!

  12. The sweater dress looks amazing on your daughter! The baby Halloween costume is one of my favorites because it’s so easy to put together and it can be a new outfit every year! Who doesn’t love going to school in pajamas with an excuse.

  13. I love Kohl’s1 I love fall, partially because it isn’t as hot ans partially because I love sweaters and cozy pajamas.

  14. CouponGal says:

    i like shopping a little bit – but not as much these days cos’ i’m gaining weight

  15. Definitely going to check out Kohls now, my daughter is all set but I am not 🙂

  16. Kim says:

    I definitely need to do my fall shopping. I am not read to let summer go but the weather is telling me I need to. I have been doing some online browsing but nothings caught my attention yet. Time to go to the mall and get inspired.


  17. Salma says:

    Yes, I love shopping when seasons change, any excuse I can get 🙂 Cute outfits.

  18. kristen mcclary says:

    i love those shorts they are so cute

  19. Ulysses Conner says:

    Coffee plz

  20. Amy Lovell says:

    I could def use some more warm wolly clothes

  21. Sarah L says:

    Beautiful white dress she has on. Love the PJs.

  22. Cathy Thompson says:

    Love the pink and teal colors! But I must say I love the footie pajamas best of all, my grandchildren love wearing them if we are not leaving ot go out anywhere we leave them on most of the day in the colder months, so comfy and cozy!

  23. James says:

    Yes Khols is great!

  24. Sarah L says:

    Cute PJs. Need to look for some next time I’m at Kohl’s.

  25. Sarah L says:

    I got some nice Fall things at Kohl’s this year.

  26. Ryan D Baker says:

    I wish these were recyclable…

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