A Knife That Makes the Cut

A Knife That Makes the Cut


Back in my college years I had a part time job at a local fast food chain. Part of our menu was a salad bar that required regular restocking of all its fruits and vegetables. As part of our training we were shown the proper way of handling, preparing and filling the various tubs on the bar. Almost everything was hand cut, and I noticed we weren’t using metal knives, but large plastic ones. Our lettuce was also cut with a special machine that sliced the whole head into little squares all at once. It too had plastic blades instead of metal.

I inquired about the use of plastic, which I assumed would break easily and couldn’t be sharpened, and was told that while that part was true, the trade-off was produce that lasted longer on the bar because the acids in them didn’t react with plastic and would have if we used metal. The costs associated with blade replacement was negligible when compared to spoilage of food.

I hadn’t really thought much about this lesson until recently when I began seeing ceramic knives at our local retailers. Usually offered in bright colors, these were the solution to those cheap, flimsy plastic knives of the 80’s I used to cut your carrots and celery. But the colors weren’t appealing to me, so I continued using our metal knives at home for all of our cooking and meal preparation.

The new ceramic knives from Savvy Livings will help you keep your prepared vegetables fresher after cutting them. - SahmReviews.com

The other day we shared one of our favorite recipes for snacking, which happens to be both low-calorie and good for you – our 7-Ingredient Vegetable Salad. This time we were using a monk fruit sugar substitute to further reduce the caloric intake and we honestly couldn’t taste the difference! But if you were looking closely you might have caught us using something different – a new knife! We were taking the new NanoRazor 6″ Ceramic Knife from Savvy Livings through the paces by cutting onions, celery, carrots & bell peppers – a good test of vegetables with varying surfaces and thicknesses.

The new ceramic knives from Savvy Livings will help you keep your prepared vegetables fresher after cutting them. - SahmReviews.com  The new ceramic knives from Savvy Livings will help you keep your prepared vegetables fresher after cutting them. - SahmReviews.com

Ceramic knives are lighter than their metal counterparts, and it does take a bit of getting used to if you’ve never used one before. The sharp blade made easy work of all four vegetables, even the celery. Because the ceramic material is much harder than metal, it should retain its edge for a much longer period of time. This is good, because most ceramic knives are not designed to be sharpened at home, but by the manufacturer.

The overall design of this particular knife is good, but to me has one glaring flaw. At the point where the blade meets the handle there is a extension that prevents you from fully rocking the blade against the cutting board. If this were a sword or fighting knife, I would call it a guard or cross, but since I won’t be slaying any dragons with this knife, for me its an inconvenience.

The new ceramic knives from Savvy Livings will help you keep your prepared vegetables fresher after cutting them. - SahmReviews.com
The new ceramic knives from Savvy Livings will help you keep your prepared vegetables fresher after cutting them. - SahmReviews.com  The new ceramic knives from Savvy Livings will help you keep your prepared vegetables fresher after cutting them. - SahmReviews.com

But don’t let this minor issue cloud your opinion of ceramic knives as it appears they have already corrected this design flaw in their current model on Amazon. Ceramic knives are sharper, lighter and much easier to clean than steel ones. They are also rust and corrosion free, and don’t react chemically with acids, oils, salts, or juices and change the flavor of your food like steel knives do.

You may know someone that has used a ceramic knife in the past and claimed that they were too fragile, with chipping or shattering at the slightest bump. Fortunately these issues have been addressed by Savvy Livings and theirs is made using a special 4-step process which makes their blades sharper, denser, and more durable than those on regular ceramic knives. Here’s what the company has to say about their manufacturing process:

The NanoRazor Advantage
1. The blades are moulded from high-tech zirconium oxide in a 100 ton+ forging machine.
2. The blade is pressed using a special cold isostatic pressing process which makes it denser and more resistant to wear.
3. We use a high-temperature sintering process where the blade is placed in a 1500(°C) kiln for over 96 hours to make it denser and less porous (fewer pores means food and bacteria don’t stick to it).
4. The blade is triple-polished with a diamond wheel for a smooth finish and razor sharp edge, and fit with an ergonomic, easy-to-grip handle for comfortable slicing, dicing, and chopping without wrist fatigue.

If you regularly prepare you own vegetables and fruits at home, you really need to be using something other than that metal kitchen knife. And unless you have a drawer full of those plastic knives from the 80’s, it is time to invest in a well-built ceramic knife. Find this one on Amazon for around $25 and be sure to check out their other great products on their website (plus they sometimes offer coupons!). Who knows, maybe there’s someone in your life you’d like to give a knife to!  😉


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23 comments on «A Knife That Makes the Cut»

  1. Rosey says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever used a ceramic knife, but I’m certainly not adverse to it. We have a ceramic box cutter that hangs on the ‘fridge and that’s worked great for years!

  2. I love a knife that not only does the job but looks great as well. I love the sleek design of this knife.

  3. l like the overall design of this knife. I’ve never used a ceramic knife before but from the sound of it, it seems very nice.

  4. Debi says:

    I need new knives. Mine never seem to stay sharp but I think it is because I buy cheap ones.

  5. That looks like a sharp knife! It’s probably one of my most used kitchen utensils.

  6. Kungphoo says:

    Who knew about this… thanks for the heads up! We have been on the lookout for new knives..

  7. Siphosith says:

    Thanks for sharing about this new type of knife. I think I like it especially that it stays sharp for long and that it doesn’t react to a lot of things and will not change the taste of my food.

  8. Jodene says:

    Thanks for the info. I never really even thought about ceramic knives. Actually, I never even thought about an alternative to the regular kitchen knife. Even with the metal knives, I have had many that i just couldn’t get into using – they were cheap, or dulled quick. I have had the set I use for about 2 years now, and love them….but I am definitely open to something new! I ‘ll have to check out ceramic knives. Thank you.

  9. I love knives that cut well. We just recently purchased a new cutlery set exactly for that reason.

  10. Theresa says:

    I have never tried a ceramic knife, but am totally intrigued! My stainless steel tend to rust in the dishwasher and constantly need sharpening, so this may be the way to go!

  11. Erika says:

    That salad really does sound good 🙂 The value of a really good knife really cannot be overestimated. It makes life so much easier in the kitchen!

  12. Never ever underestimate the true value of a really great knife! I’m in the market for a new one so now I’ll have to check this one out. Like that its ceramic too!

  13. A great knife is really necessary, in the fact that my mother purchased some knives and they turned out horrible in a few weeks. Great review!

  14. Jenn Alex Brockman says:

    I’ve been looking for a new set of kitchen knives for a while now. I’ll certainly go look at this one and see if it’s something I can add. I’m sure it would be since we cut lots of fruits and veggies here.

  15. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) says:

    I’ve been curious to the functionality of ceramic knives. I like the way they look however, I’ve been skeptical of their ability to actually cut and chop. I think I might be trying one in the near future.

  16. Nicole Dz says:

    This knife looks incredible, I could really use a nice knife, I have a drawer full of knives that are not that great. I always find myself digging throw them just to find one that’s okay to use. This one looks like it would last a while, and not need so many.

  17. Richard Hicks says:

    What a great knife. Would like to have a couple of them!

  18. Rosie says:

    I’d gladly spend $25 for a knife that is this good and all the benefits. In fact, I think I’d like to get these as gifts for my foodie pals, too!

  19. Julian Reyes says:

    I should definately try this, especially for the price!

  20. Amy Lovell says:

    Ive never used a ceramic knife before. but i like my knives kinda dull ish so there ius less risk of a slip and a cut. I need my hands for work and that would be not very good!

  21. This looks like a really sharp and nice knife. Thank you for the very nice review.

  22. These are nice looking. I just got a few from Pampered Chef. I should get a few more though.

  23. Melody B says:

    I believe a good set of knives is important in the kitchen. I don’t believe I have ever tried a ceramic one though.

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