COVID-themed Halloween Costumes

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Trick-or-treating. I’m not here to debate whether you should go or not. I simply want to offer some costume ideas in case you ARE planning to partake in the annual festivities of asking neighbors for candy! (Or in our case, asking everyone who lives within a six block radius.)

In 2018, we shared several TV, video game and movie costumes. Last year we embraced geeky costumes and even provided a dog costume tutorial. But when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When 2020 gives you a pandemic, wear a COVID-themed Halloween costume! It seems only fitting, doesn’t it? Here’s a list of ones we feel are tastefully representative of the chaos that 2020 has dealt us.

Edited for 2022: Are we able to laugh about this yet? Can we enjoy Trick-or-Treating again? These Virus-themed Halloween costumes are still great ideas!

Full-Body Protective Suit

Protective suit fabric boasts a unique combination of breathable microporous film and soft non-woven polyolefin to create an effective barrier while still allowing for comfort.

Biohazard Quarantine Costume

Looks like one of the Zombies got out of their quarantine with this costume. Even with all the Caution tape and gas Mask, we couldn’t stop the spread of the Virus this Halloween. Whatever the occasion, you’re covered in this costume.

2020 Corona Virus Halloween Mask

2020 Corona Virus Halloween Mask. Perfect for hallwoeen or anytime of the year. This mask is sure to be a hit given the current state of COVID-19.

Children’s Doctor Scrubs

These scrubs are essential, traditional pieces that are made up of a double-stitch construction to last wear after wear. This kids scrub set is in pink color & has a V-neck, half-sleeve top with chest pocket & matching elastic waist pant with back patch pocket. Your Little Doctor will love wearing these.

Glowy Zoey Inflatable Hazmat Costume

If 2020 had an official costume, this would be it. Isolate yourself from the horrors of the world with this inflatable hazmat suit. 2020 has sucked so far but this suit blows…air from a little fan on the backside to keep things inflated. Bring smiles or confused looks to those around you as they wonder if you are going a little too far protecting yourself.

Ice Cold Beer Bottle

Don’t let the coronavirus get all the attention. Dress up as this similarly-named beverage!

Kardon Inflatable Virus Suit

The red virus costume could bring surprises and gladness to your neighbors and friends.

High quality polyester fabric, Soft, light, more stable and durable.

It has a built-in fan and it will be fully inflated in only seconds. And easy to wear.

Scary Coronavirus Mask

This masquerade masks fits for most adult heads,both men and women.

Rubie’s Costume Men’s Doctor Scrubs

Time to play doctor. Suit up and begin the exams in this classic Doctor Scrubs adult mens costume. The comfortable costume is fun and easy to wear, so prescribe a good time to one in all when you wear these light green scrubs.

Toilet Paper Roll

When you just gotta go—to the party. You’ll have them rolling with laughter when you show up wearing this hilarious costume. Just don’t be lured into restrooms or woods.

If you decide to stay home and dole out candy instead of heading out, that’s okay too. But if you are looking to have the coolest costume in the neighborhood, make a decision sooner than later before they sell out. In addition to all these pandemic-inspired costumes, you can find plenty of other options on Amazon and! Whatever you do, don’t forget to include the pets!.

How will you participate in Trick-or-Treating this year?

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