Not All Embroidery is Created the Same


We see a lot of products pitched to us here at SahmReviews, and I mean a LOT. We accept less than 2% of the pitches we receive because if it isn’t a good fit for our audience or an item we can easily talk about, then we really aren’t offering much in the way of testimonial. Some times we are able to utilize one of our great authors who might have kids of an appropriate age/sex or life experiences that this product would have been a better solution for. But when we came across CustomOnIt, a Las Vegas based provider of custom swag items, we knew this one was for me.

For well over a decade I was in the printing & manufacturing industry, owning a part of a company that manufactured all types of plastic cards. ATM cards, VIP cards, library cards, gift cards…you get the point. All of those little plastic rectangles in your wallet or purse came from somewhere, and there’s a good chance you had at least one from my plant in Los Angeles. After moving back to Iowa, I utilized my Photoshop and CorelDraw abilities and began drawing designs for the embroidery industry. If you are familiar with embroidery, you know that you cannot just use any graphics file – it must be designed and converted correctly specifically for reproduction with thread. With over 40 known embroidery file formats, I saw this as an opportunity to provide services to those without the technical expertise to create and convert their own embroidery files.

That’s when was born. A .pes file is one of the most common embroidery file types out there, and one used by both commercial and home embroiderers. I began making my own custom designs to sell online and specialized in hipper and edgy content rather than the traditional flowers and birds. I also offered a service where I would customize a current design on file with their name/city/etc. Mind you, I was not offering embroidery services directly, but supplying digital files to people with their own machines at home or small embroidery businesses. - Preview SamplesOne of my most popular designs (and still is today) is a set of letters done in a camouflage style. There was only one other on the market at the time, and was poorly done (in my opinion). I drew each letter individually, and then also digitized them one at a time. I offered them in various sizes from 1″ to 6″ tall and even sold complete packages for those that had to have everything. Not only was this a HUGE hit, people began sending me photos of their completed work! - Camo Samples - Camo SampleSo what does this all have to do with a company in Las Vegas? I tell you this story to show you that I do know what I’m talking about when I recommend their work to you. I’m still creating embroidery designs, but now only on a contract basis, Over the past 7 years I have designed for almost any material, from cotton to leather, low and high piles. I know good quality embroidery when I see it. And by the way, CustomOnIt did not know this about me before they sent samples!

CustomOnIt has also been around for over 7 years and offers a wide variety of products that you can personalize. And even though I could probably use an ice scraper right now (Iowa, remember?), what I have checked out is a couple samples of their embroidered headbands and sweatbands. Normally when you go to your local embroidery franchise what you get is a company that sources out their garments and then simply apply your logo to it. Not so with these headbands and sweatbands. Not only is CustomOnIt embroidering your design, they are actually manufacturing the entire band there at their location. This allows them to embroider and then seal up the band so the back of the embroidery will not touch your skin. There’s nothing worse than the rough side of a logo scratching against your chest with a custom shirt, it has to be much worse when worn on your wrist or head.

We took a look at samples provided by CustomOnIt, a Las Vegas based promotional products company. To say we were impressed would be an understatement.  -

One of the hardest things to embroider on is anything thick or with a high pile. Towels are notoriously difficult, and thia band material is quite similar with the added issue of elasticity. CustomOnIt has obviously invested in high-quality embroidery equipment as the finished samples look perfect. The first layer (meant to tame the pile) is sized correctly and the additional layers of embroidery show no gaps, stray threads or pulling issues. I would expect this level of quality on a dress shirt, but I know from experience it is quite difficult to achieve on material like this.

We took a look at samples provided by CustomOnIt, a Las Vegas based promotional products company. To say we were impressed would be an understatement.  -

With quality like this it is no wonder that they can count McDonald’s, Dos Equis and even the NCAA among their customers. Not only do they offer great embroidery, they also have woven label and print options as well. The next time I need a promotional item for a trade show or product launch, I will definitely be giving them a call – you should too.

Check out CustomOnIt on Facebook and Twitter after you have looked over the 100’s of offerings on their website. Call them directly at 877-287-9287 and tell them Scott at SahmReviews recommended them.

16 thoughts on “Not All Embroidery is Created the Same

  1. My kids love embroidery on there backpacks for school. One of my favorites is the camouflage too. Cute designs here. I want to do some T-shirts for my nieces soccer team.

  2. This does look like high quality embroidery. I had no idea embroidery was so complicated, or that you couldn’t just use standard graphics files, that is interesting.

  3. I like personalized items. I will have to tell my nephew about this site because he wants some things personalized! It is not that easy to embroider on some fabrics, I did not know that.

  4. From what you say your background is I am definitely going to take your word as gospel on this. If I happen to need promo items or even a sweatshirt or three that I want for myself I woll certainly keep this company in mind.

  5. WOW! That is some quality embroidery work right there. If I had a company that needed custom work like this I would hire them to do it. Those sweat bands are really cute, and I see what you mean by being hard to embroider because they are made of a thicker material. They look really good, very professional and high quality.

  6. These embroidered patterns are really sharp! I learned a lot about embroidery from this article. Thanks for the information. Now I know that it’s not just a bunch of old ladies with needles.

  7. I love personalized gifts! Especially for my young kids who lose everything ALL THE TIME! I have their names on their backpacks and lunchboxes!

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