For What Your Garden Doesn’t Give You

For What Your Garden Doesn’t Give You

Vitafusion Disclosure

It was a warm summer day. I was a tween (although it wasn’t called a tween back then) and we had family in from out of town. Everyone was outside – the adults sitting and visiting, the kids frolicking. I snuck inside to indulge a guilty pleasure until my uncle walked in and busted me. Chastised me. Told me I should be ashamed of myself. I remember the day quite vividly. It was one of those embarrassing moments that sticks with you for a lifetime. I’ve never shared it before but I’m going to now. I’m sure you’re wondering what happened. Get your mind out of the gutter… I was scooping sugar out of the bag and eating it by the spoonful.

Obviously, I had a problem with a sweet tooth. It’s funny how some things from our childhood carry so heavily into adulthood. I like my coffee sweet, I like cookies and cakes and chocolate, and I prefer Moscato to other wines. I have talked a lot about eating healthy and exercising. We weigh our food and make healthy choices most of the time. I try to be good but sometimes, I’m not as good as I should be.

For years I’ve had to take a thyroid medicine; thankfully it’s been a very small pill. Despite eating a well balanced meal, fresh produce and dairy, I know there’s still a need for a multivitamin. When it comes to those, I’m not the best role model. Since I can’t take multivitamins or iron or anything like that too close to when I take my thyroid pill, I need to take it sometime later in the day. Unfortunately I usually forget. Actually, I prefer to forget… not that I want to forget but I certainly don’t want to take it. They’re like horse pills normally and I positively hate that.

You don't have to choke one of these horse pills down every day. There are alternatives. -

Fortunately I have some options with the new Vitafusion gummy vitamins. They come in a variety of types that cover pretty much all the vitamins I normally would take: Fiber, Omega-3 and Calcium just to name a few. I received Vitafusion MultiVites PLUS Hair, Skin & Nails Support in addition to MultiVites PLUS Digestive Support to try out. Maybe if they aren’t miserable to take, I won’t be so quick to ‘forget’ to take them. I already mentioned that I have a sweet tooth; I discovered that applies to vitamins as well. In the short time I’ve had these can you guess what has happened? I’ve been better about remembering to get my daily dose in. Honestly, it’s been kind of like my late afternoon snack. I know, it isn’t a snack but when I open the cabinet to grab something to snack on, the vitamins (which happen to share the same cabinet as the crackers) are right there calling my name. I look at them and say “Thank you for the sweet reminder to be healthy.”

Vitafusion MultiVites PLUS are a great alternative to traditional multivitamins. They're GUMMY! -

While the vitamins are sweet, they aren’t like candy. What makes them appealing is the ability to chew them without leaving a chalky substance behind. The taste isn’t overwhelming, just very subtle and leaves no aftertaste (for me at least). The texture is that of a soft gummy – as opposed to a sticky gummy. If you have trouble swallowing typical multivitamins, these are absolutely worth trying out.

Vitafusion MultiVites PLUS are a great alternative to traditional multivitamins. They're GUMMY! -

For more information on Vitafusion products and to find one that is right for you, visit their website. You can also keep up with their latest promotions and announcements on Facebook.


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13 comments on «For What Your Garden Doesn’t Give You»

  1. Nate says:

    Actually, this is not the first time I’ve heard of vitafusion. Some of my friends started to take this and I know a lot of them do like it as a better alternative then traditional vitamins. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is great for an alternative on veggies. Great review!

  3. I would be totally into the gummies I have a hard time with big ole pills!

  4. I hadn’t heard of this before!

  5. Anne says:

    I know I need to take vitamins. Somehow, I just can’t make myself. I wonder if something like this is the answer. Might be worth a try… Thanks for the idea and the review.

  6. Good for you on regularly taking vitamins! It is so important to make sure our diets are balanced and we are getting enough of everything we need!

  7. I agree that we cannot get all we need from our food. I love taking adult gummies! It makes me feel like a kid.

  8. My husband loves these – I swear he is like a child when it come to vitamins

  9. Tammy S says:

    These sound perfect for me. I can’t even stand the smell of some vitamins. If they smell to strong I can’t swallow them for sure. I will have to check these out. Thanks!

  10. MomStart says:

    Gummy vitamins are so awesome! Why gag on nasty pills if you don’t have to?

  11. This is the first I have started hearing about these. I love that they are gummy vitamins.

  12. We love our gummie vitamins. We’ll never switch back to the hard ones. Vitafusion is our brand.

  13. Mel says:

    We are a big Vitamin taking family! We love these!!

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