When we started our fitness quest a few years ago, we purchased heart rate monitors and over time expanded our wearable technology to include 3 of the newly introduced units. Each offers something different than the other such as a watch, step and activity monitoring, sleep tracking and sedentary notifications, Today, I finally upgraded to something that puts the others to shame – a Samsung Gear Fit.

The new Samsung Gear Fit is available today at Walmart! SahmReviews.com shares some details on this new wearable tech. #CollectiveBias

It’s not very often that I get envious. I’ve been blessed with a life filled with so many positive things, opportunities and most important, people. But today I’m totally jealous of this technology. Not only is it high tech but it is lightweight, has a touch responsive color display, is extremely functional and completely, totally awesome. I’m sure you are asking yourself why I’m jealous since I just got done saying I bought it. It is way more than I thought it would be and therein lies the problem.

Wearable technology keeps getting better and better! SahmReviews.com shares scoop on the latest gadget, the Samsung Gear Fit. #CollectiveBias

We charged the device then set off to see what all it could do. From the main screen, it displays the time along with another option such as the weather or activity progress. The customizable display feature alone make it better than our current devices. With the other activity-tracking devices that we own, we wear them and eventually sync them to our computer or phone. The phone doesn’t need to be nearby because while the units pair together, they don’t really correlate to each other. The phone, app and software are more of a mode by which to read your progress. So I figured when I bought the Samsung Gear Fit, I would be able to wear it and sync it to my daughter’s Samsung Galaxy S5 in the evenings.

Wearable technology keeps getting better and better! SahmReviews.com shares scoop on the latest gadget, the Samsung Gear Fit. #CollectiveBias

My logic demonstrated a total lack of “research before purchase”. Will my plan to wear the Gear Fit be what really happens? Nosiree. That baby is WAY more than just a glorified pedometer with a clock. It’s full-on wearable technology with a long list of other capabilities. I decided to see just how integrated it is by sending a text message to my daughter’s phone. Sure enough, it popped up on the screen on hubby’s wrist. (Since he laid claim to the maiden voyage, this was just one of the many hurdles I would face.) It was extremely cool to see my “Hello Gear” message pop up. Even more amazing… the options from there! “Delete” “Show on Device” and “Quick Reply”. Tap the “Quick Reply” to discover a short list of programmed responses such as “I’ll call you later” “Yes” “OK” and “No”.  All direct from your wrist. There are about a half dozen or so pre-programmed but you can use your paired device to change them to fit your personality or situation.

I took it a step further and decided to call my daughter’s phone. While it doesn’t give the option to actually answer the call and talk on it, it does offer two quick options. Swipe one direction across the screen and it rejects the call. Swipe the other direction and it sends to voicemail AND a quick reply that says “I’ll call you later” that launches a text message to the caller. There is only one template available but it, too, can be modified from your paired device.

Wearable technology keeps getting better and better! SahmReviews.com shares scoop on the latest gadget, the Samsung Gear Fit. #CollectiveBias

The new Samsung Gear Fit doesn’t stop there… It offers a media controller to easily play, pause or move through music stored on the paired device. It also provides notifications of missed calls, mail and calendar events. Are you starting to see my problem? I’m jealous because for me to put this device to full use, I would need to upgrade my current phone to a Samsung Galaxy (or take my daughter’s!) So I decided to let her use it for a night while at track practice.

Taking fitness tracking to the new level with the Samsung Gear Fit. Details at SahmReviews.com! #CollectiveBias

Did I mention that it’s also an activity tracker on steroids? Like other devices, it has a pedometer but also has a stopwatch, heart rate monitor and exercise tracker. She said one of her teammates spent the entire practice asking her what time it was. Miss M was excited to see how much she had accomplished at one track practice and was intrigued by the inclusion of the heart rate monitor. Of course, I can’t forget to mention that it includes a sleep monitor, too.

Wearable technology keeps getting better and better! SahmReviews.com shares scoop on the latest gadget, the Samsung Gear Fit. #CollectiveBias

There’s so much it can do! The Samsung Gear Fit is available at Walmart for $199. Our store didn’t have them on display but did have signage (pictured above). If you have a supporting device, you’ll want to check this out. If you have tech envy like I do, you might just find yourself upgrading your other gadgets so you CAN wear this one.

93 thoughts on “The Perfect Fit for Any Lifestyle

  1. This looks neat! I love my samsung phone but I don’t think I talk on the phone enough to buy the watch!

  2. I am sooo glad you did a review of this. I have been dreaming about it for a while now. I am 100% completely sold that I NEED this product. So excited!!! I didn’t think I could want it anymore but you made it so!

  3. I was looking at these the other day at Best Buy. Something I would probably consider getting once I get my galaxy s5. Might motivate me to get active more.

  4. Hahahaha, someone in your comments said they’re going to put up poster sized pictures of this for hints, hahahaha Saw that scrolling down and it made me laugh.

    This is a nifty looking / acting device. I bet my oldest two boys (both grown) would love it!

  5. Maybe your hubby who has taken this over obviously will get you one for Mother’s Day!! This does sound amazing and I am having trouble getting my mind around it all.

  6. My husband just started a fitness routine and could really benefit from this! I am going to give it some serious consideration for a Father’s Day gift for him this year!

  7. Looks like a great device! I will have to look more at it. Right now I just use my phone for stuff like that,plus I will have to check it it fits chubby people. My wrists are fast and most watches don’t fit me.

  8. Wow, technology is so advanced these days it is a little scary. This device can do so much and is reasonably priced for the gadget itself. Thanks for sharing. I had never heard of it or seen it before!

  9. Wow. That is a nice little toy! If I was still a runner I would be tempted to get one of those. Technology is amazing, is it not? It does everything except wash your dishes for you. Thanks for your review! Cheers!

  10. Oh my goodness! I only recently invested in some fitness tech… but even more recently just got the Samsung S5.. so .. um looks like I need to get this! How awesome, I am totally wowed right now! So attractive too, total bonus!

  11. I NEED this!! I was just telling my husband I had seen something similar to this and needed it!!

  12. It is incredible how technology makes it possible to keep such good track of so many things. It is really incredible! It is also great how small the devices that do all the work are now, it is like science fiction.

  13. Wow This is so cool!… I’m not a very techy person but this one caught my eyes! That would me a xuper cool toyu for me and my hubby!


  14. Looks so kool and it is going to help me keep a track on my fitness. No matter how much I try to goof up with my fitness, this cute gadget is not going to let me succeed

  15. Technology is just blowing me away with all the new and cool things that are available. This is just too awesome! I am sure that we will be able to talk through our wristbands soon.

  16. I would love to own one of these. They look so useful! It’s amazing how much they can be personalized to suit the needs of the wearer.

  17. Wow! I’ve never seen one of these before – I love that it shows you who is calling you! I might get one for my husband, because like Kate said, that really puts ordinary fit wearables to shame!

  18. I feel like I stepped into a futuristic movie!! This is beyond cool! I want one! Already have the Samsung phone! This would be so perfect for while I’m working, I don’t always have pockets that fit the large Samsung phones and purses are not an option for my job all the time.

  19. So, I still don’t get it when it comes to these watches but the Gear looks a lot better than the Gear 2 to me.

  20. Wow I love the design of this!!! If only it was compatible with other Android devices besides the one made by Samsung.

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