Late last year we told you about a company that was known for their earbuds and had broken into the headphone market with a bang. Their Tracks Air Bluetooth wireless headphones were among the best we had ever used and still sound as great today as they did on day one. But believe it or not, there are times when wireless just isn’t as convenient. Heresy you say? Read on.

Wireless technology (especially Bluetooth) has made our lives easier and tangle-free. The simple setup by pairing with a device is something even our 9-yr old can handle. But…they run on batteries. And batteries run out. And batteries are pricey. And…well, you get the picture.

There are also times when we are in range of more than one Bluetooth compatible device, and there is nothing like kids arguing over who gets to use the headphone and then using their devices to ‘take control’ of a headset from their sibling. Instant arguments. Wired headsets solve all of these issues and fortunately SOL REPUBLIC has us covered with their Master Tracks line. On a recent trip to Chicago to visit C2E2 they came in very handy.

Sol Republic is also known for their high-end line of wired headphones. Great value and even greater sound! - SahmReviews.com

Peace and quiet for mom & dad in the front seat. No longer did we have to hear an Angry Bird or candy being crushed. We were able to pick a channel on the radio that WE wanted to listen to. The fit and comfort of the headphones allowed our daughter to play the ride away with very little sound leakage in (to her) and none at all out to us.

In the hotel room I was able to drown out Spongebob Squarepants on the room’s TV and focus on some music from one of my favorite groups, Gaelic Storm. It’s a sad day when bagpipes and fiddles are more soothing than a children’s cartoon!

Sol Republic is also known for their high-end line of wired headphones. Great value and even greater sound! - SahmReviews.com

You’ll notice the padded top of the band. A very important feature if you wear headphones for an extended period of time (I tend to fall asleep and nap with them on). There is also generous padding on the adjustable ear pieces, allowing for better comfort and more noise isolation. Did I mention that the headband is interchangeable? There are a large number of color options and even some limited edition versions that you can swap out your standard one with.

Sol Republic is also known for their high-end line of wired headphones. Great value and even greater sound! - SahmReviews.com

If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift for that someone special, this is it. Get him the base set and a homemade ‘gift card’ for the headband of his choice.

Or…you can win one from SahmReviews and SOL REPUBLIC right now!

SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks Headphones (ARV $200)

Check out SOL REPUBLIC on Facebook and be sure to follow SOL REPUBLIC on Twitter! They’re also sharing fun photos on Instagram and have some rockin’ boards on Pinterest.

93 thoughts on “We All Get a Little Wired Up Sometimes

  1. Interesting! I know of many headsets that will sync with iPads, for instance Logitech. I don’t know about giving my husband’s 8 year old a $200 headset, but I sure don’t have a problem buying a Logitech wireless (a kid can’t tangle or damage the cables since it has none) for $27.99. Then again, she does have an expensive iPad LOL. Still, I’m not just sold on the idea that somehow these are better. Unless the child is a musical prodigy even if they are sound superior, I don’t know he or she could tell the difference (or that a kid would care).

  2. I would use them myself to tune out the noise the kids make and I would also use them for the kids to let them listen to their music as their taste is much different then my and then my 7 year old could listen to Frozen let it go for the mliionth time in a row with out me having to listen to it.

  3. I like that these are like noise cancellation headphones. We certainly do have a lot of headphones around here already, but would consider these if we needed a new pair.

  4. I entered. Not sure I did it right. I did the first entry and then tried the bonus one and it said I had already entered.

    At any rate, these headphones look cool. 🙂

  5. I would use them with my smartphone and IPod. I think I would also plug them into my desktop too!

  6. I don’t know the answer to your question–because, if I win, I’ll be giving these to my 30yo daughter. She is a disabled Vet and has been wanting headphones for a long time. She can’t afford to buy them and she’s not able to wear ear-buds. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. I would use these with my iTouch and with my computer. Thanks for the chance. Winning these would be amazing!

  8. I’d totally use these with my phone and my home computer. Heck even at work. I’m not seeing a place where I couldn’t use them!

  9. As the question: What device would your master tracks be used with?” is a great question…. Imagine, if you might a person that has the use of on ly one arm / hand! Now you can imagine that person owning such an amazing headset – well that person is me! Interesting? Well I know of many headsets that I’ve wanted to purchase, but with limited funds I have this wont be possible unless I win a set. I also know that I will share these with my family when they use this old, used computer, and I sure don’t have a problem telling others about the greatness that came from using the headset. Then again, that’s only if I am fortunate to be selected – LOL. It’s primary purpose would be to help me study (retain) the knowledge of computers. Still, I’m just a person that prior to my accident’s injury (effecting my my right arm / hand) was helping to repair computers and a supervisor for a great company. Until the driver of a vehicle injured me as I walking and had no insurance! Still I help regardless if it be a child / adult with computer problems / web design even if I don’t receive any form of payment.

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