Music Made Us Have This Great Giveaway!

Music Made Us Have This Great Giveaway!

Throughout 2014 we’ve been showcasing some of the great products by SOL REPUBLIC. They’ve impressed us with their Tracks Air headphones, as well as their wireless pair. For the college football fan they debuted their NCAA line, and developed an outdoor Bluetooth speaker that lets you and your friends take turns being the DJ. Each time SOL REPUBLIC has been generous to the readers of SahmReviews and given a pair away in conjunction with our hands-on review. (Thank you!)

Just recently, SOL REPUBLIC launched a new campaign, Music Made Me Do It, which is their first global promotion about all the crazy fun stuff that music makes us all do. And they want to hear all about the crazy things that music has made you do!

What has music made you do? What song reminds you of a special moment in time? Music Made Me Do It is about how music is more than just words with a beat; music is emotion and provides us with inspiration. A good song can help us be happier, run faster, think clearer and love better. From the outrageous and irreverent to sexy and courageous, MMMDI showcases and celebrates the stories we all have of music inspiring us to do anything and everything.

My story is nothing outrageous, even though they want to hear about those also! Music gets me motivated to get up and moving. We took up running (well, jogging) last year, and without music to help us keep the pace, it would quickly turn into walking. Music helps us lose ourselves in the song, forgetting about the pain in our legs or the shortness of breath. The right beat helps us set the pace, and by the end of the season we had completed our first 7+ mile run. As a comparison, when we began the journey, 1/4 mile wasn’t even possible without stopping.

SOL REPUBLIC wants to hear about your music inspiration or tale and is going to reward one lucky reader of SahmReviews with an amazing prize package. Not just set of headphones or a speaker system, but basically one of every item in their product line. A total retail value of over $700! Look at what you’ll win:

• 1 DECK Wireless Speaker
• 1 PUNK (Brand new product from SOL REPUBLIC!)
• 1 Tracks HD Headphone
• 1 Tracks Headphone
• 1 Master Tracks XC Headphone
• 1 Relays Headphone
• 1 Jax Headphone


Now this isn’t your normal giveaway, with a prize like this you have to do a little bit of work. Post an original photo, story or video to your Facebook or Twitter timeline of a moment that “Music Made You Do It” with the hashtag #MMMDI. You can share on a blog or other social channel instead as long as it is original and contains the required hashtag. Make sure it is set to public because all entries will be verified! Enter the URL of your share in the first entry field in the form below, and then feel free to rack up extra entries with the additional options. Come back tomorrow for additional entries to increase your chances of winning!

SOL REPUBLIC MMMDI Ultimate Giveaway

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44 comments on «Music Made Us Have This Great Giveaway!»

  1. I love great music on the go. My headphones are so old, I think I need to buy a new one. This one looks awesome

  2. We are all about music in my house. My daughters and I all sing and my daughters play instruments. The right headphones are very important to us.

  3. Crystal says:

    We wanted music to be an integral part of our children’s lives so we made them all a special CD of our favorite songs to listen to on their first day of life. It’s such a fun way to remember their first days.

  4. What a neat giveaway! Music is an important part of our lives. Old songs bring back memories, others inspire us to do new things or make us think. Some is just for fun to listen to.

  5. What an awesome prize package.We all love music at our house so this would be something I would love to win.

  6. Michele says:

    That is some prize that is being given away! Music, when I listen to it, takes me back to my younger days usually and I find myself either drumming the steering wheel and sing along–or dancing to the beat with my cat looking at me like I have lost my mind!

  7. Daisy says:

    I’m so glad that I came across this because my hubby wants new headphones for Christmas. Sol Republic sounds like they are an awesome brand.

  8. I love music! And music has made me do lots of things. What a great giveaway!

  9. Music has made me appreciate life more. I worked for a year as a music teacher and I loved that year of teaching.

  10. Anne says:

    What a nice prize package, I love that it has speakers and headphones. I could use this for gifts for multiple people on my list.

  11. Carlee C says:

    This is such a fun giveaway! I know a few adults and teens that would love to have these.

  12. Kelli A says:

    This a nice prize pack! Music lovers everywhere will want in on this!

  13. Music is constantly on in our house. It’s preferred over tv! What a great prize pack for any music lover who never wants to be without.

  14. Debi says:

    We are a huge music family. Someone always has music playing somewhere.

  15. Lenze says:

    Great giveaway. We love music in our household. It’s great to motivate you to clean up the house lol

  16. Julie c says:

    What an incredible giveaway–we love Sol Republic products!

  17. What an AWESOME giveaway! That’s some major swag!

  18. Jeannette says:

    I’m all about music – pretty much all the special moments make me look back and remember a song. This is a fabulous prize pack!

  19. Ronni says:

    Music absolutely is more than just sounds! Always has an emotional connection! I love this giveaway!

  20. LauraOinAK says:

    Music is a BIG part of my family’s life. We love to listen and to play music on our instruments.

  21. Melanie S. says:

    Wow. That is one heck of a prize package. I’ll have to see if I can find a good picture for this!

  22. This is such an amazing giveaway. I own a pair of Sol headphones and they sound great.

  23. I have a daughter who is blind – she will sing anything from any era listening to it once – she amazes me and she is only 6

  24. Maggie C says:

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway! Music has made me do some crazy things too LOL

  25. I love Soul Republic, and my daughter has been begging for their earphones. She is obsessed with music, it’s definitely a huge part of her life (and personality)

  26. Mommy2jam says:

    WOW I would totally be the hit with the holidays with this swag gift. My son would love this more then you know.

  27. Tony Matta says:

    Music Made Us Have This Great Giveaway!

  28. Tony Matta says:

    Music Made Us Have this amazing Giveaway.

  29. I need a new set of headphones and to stop using the free ones that come with the phones!

  30. “I can hear music….” – LOVE the idea of all those headphones!

  31. amy tolley says:

    music an everyday part of my families lifes we listen to it on a daily basis its just part of us

  32. This looks like a very cool giveaway. I love all types of music.

  33. Angelica says:

    Music has made me calm down AND once it make me get in a car accident.

  34. Melanie says:

    what a great giveaway we love sol Republic, their products are awesome and perfect for my teen’s.. guess what they get for Christmas this year :-)… thanks for hosting

  35. Sharon says:

    You’re up to 7 miles? ! Congratulations! I’m still trying to work up to my first mile run, but I’m trying! Maybe I need to crank up the music a little more!

    1. Scott says:

      7 miles was last year, I’ve slacked off considerably this year. Keep it up, a mile should be easily within reach!

  36. Music definitely does inspire me. When I’m having a down day, I just turn on a few of my favorites.

  37. Great giveaway; thank you!! I love SOL Republic. ♥ This was a fun project to think about, and now I’m off to write a post about music that’s inspired me!

  38. Debi says:

    Music plays a big part in our family. All of my kids love it

  39. Anita DUVALL says:

    #MMMDI Music makes me get up and move. I actually feel like exercising when I little to some really upbeat, loud, fast tempo’d music!

  40. Tina M says:

    If I want anyone in my house to do anything I have to have the music blasting. Including me 🙂 #MMMDI #SahmReviews

  41. dal legault says:

    Music helps me exercise.

  42. Samson Agegnehu says:

    This is awesome!

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