Holiday Giveaways 2023 – Scram! by Bezier Games

It’s the time of year when I’m perfectly happy curling up under a blanket. I’m not interested in camping unless it involves cards and a game table. Teams hit the camp ground to deal with meddlesome critters in Scram! from Bezier Games. Unlike Bezier’s typical titles like Castles of Mad King Ludwig and Ultimate Werewolf, Scram! is a quick card game that’s a perfect filler in-between heavier games or when you don’t have a lot of time. As we near the end of our giveaways, I’ll just say, “You know what to do to enter.”

Holiday Giveaway 2023 – Scram! Game

14 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2023 – Scram! by Bezier Games

  1. First camping trip with my wife – way back in the days before the internet was really a thing. We planned to go to a nice state park one state over – a couple hours from home. We got there, picked up some food on the way in, set up the tent, pads, sleeping arrangements, and such, got to sleep – and the sky opened up overnight. I woke up about 2am to the thunder, rolled over, and put my hand in a puddle … inside the tent. I was so tired I just fell back asleep to deal with it in the morning. Water-resistant is _not_ waterproof. 🙂

    That tent served us reasonably well for other (non-wet) campouts over the years before giving up the ghost in a similar storm years later. We kept camping and do so with some of the troops our family is involved in now.

  2. Planned a backpacking trip with the scouts (as one myself, earning a badge of some sort). Did not consider camping spots on the map, just figured we’d find a suitable spot “in here somewhere.” The loop that was supposed to take us two days, we got almost entirely around before we found a place we could set up…..

  3. I was camping with my parents when I was a kid . We went for a hike and I found $40. I was so excited that I ran to my parents to show them but I forgot there was a barb wire fence between us. They screamed at me to stop and when I tried to stop I fell backwards and slid right under the fence. It was a very lucky day for me.

  4. Whenever you setup a tent, even if the incline seems very slight, ALWAYS have the door facing the downhill side of the incline. I remember camping once with a bunch of friends. Apparently, I was the only one that knew that rule. Sure, the forecast had a little rain, but none of us worried too much about it until the next morning. I rained A LOT more than expected. Everyone’s tents were flooded with the exception of mine. What was funny, was many people had inflatable mattresses and one was literally floating in their tent in the morning as if they were on a raft in their pool. I will never forget the image of their sleeping bag on the mattress floating around in their tent.

  5. My first time camping and assembling a tent. The first night it came a torrential downpour…need I say more?!?

  6. I went camping with my dad one time and when we woke up and got out of the tent, there were deer surrounding our camp. It was quite spooky!

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