Holiday Giveaways 2021 – Prize Package by Amigo Games

Holiday Giveaways 2021 – Prize Package by Amigo Games

What’s better than a giveaway for a game? One that includes THREE games! AMIGO has generously offered a prize package for one of our readers and it includes Magic Mountain, 2Can and CLACK! Thwack. You hopefully spotted Magic Mountain in our recent guide with gift ideas for younger kids. 2Can got double the exposure with a game overview as well as a spot on our list of card and dice games. AMIGO prides itself in creating games that are less than 5 rules and can be taught quickly. Check out their selection available on Amazon so you can grab a few for under the tree. Don’t forget to stop back daily to increase your chances of winning this great prize package!

Holiday Giveaway 2021 – AMIGO Games Prize Package


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28 comments on «Holiday Giveaways 2021 – Prize Package by Amigo Games»

  1. Mia Rose says:

    I like the Magic Mountain Game because it is a cooperative game.

  2. Heather Swanson says:

    most excited about Mountain Magic.

    1. Veronica Murillo says:

      Magic Mountain looks fun!

  3. Sue E says:

    I don’t like “following” the crowd, but Mountain Magic is the first for me!

  4. Tony Platz says:

    I want to try Clack .

  5. Michael Shea says:

    Magic Mountain

  6. Penny Branson LeBaron says:

    Magic Mountain

  7. Jonathan Ferguson says:

    Where can we buy magic mountain? My son and I played at gencon and we loved it!

  8. Jessica Peeling says:

    I am most excited about the 2Can game!

  9. Darlene Carbajal says:

    Magic Mountain looks fun!

  10. Donna L says:

    I would like the game Magic Mountain.

  11. Pavlos says:

    Magic mountain!

  12. Kristy Reid says:

    I am most excited about Magic Mountain. It looks like a lot of fun.

  13. Thanay Binford says:


  14. Jordan Binkerd says:

    Magic Mountain looks interesting

  15. Jeanette Jackson says:

    I’m most excited about Magic Mountain

  16. Darren Green says:


  17. Piroska says:

    I’m most excited about Magic mountain.

  18. Lisa P. says:

    I’m most excited about the Clack! game. I think it sounds like it would be fast moving and so no one would get bored with it. The Magic Mountain game sounds fun also, since it’s a cooperative game.

  19. StrPap says:

    Most excited for Magic Mountain

  20. Elena says:

    I’m most excited about Magic mountain!

  21. Lauryn R says:

    I am the most excited about Clack! They all look like great games that my kids would really enjoy.

  22. Polly Hall says:

    2Can would be my favorite in the pack, I love games like that.

  23. Ed says:

    Magic Mountain.

  24. Dana Matthews says:

    I’m most excited about Magic Mountain! Looks like lots of fun!

    1. Dana Matthews says:, sorry, auto-fill was faster than me!

  25. Rosemary says:

    Magic Mountain-WOW

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