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I have a confession. No, it isn’t about a murder, but it is about Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. It’s a social deduction game that we’ve played with our local game group several times and recently introduced to our new-to-gaming neighbors – all with great success. But this past weekend, we celebrated our family Christmas and decided to bring along some games to play in the down time before and after opening gifts or eating. I proudly packed up some of our favorite card games because my niece and sister-in-laws all enjoy playing cards. We sat down to play, but it only took one game before they were done because it wasn’t the type of card game they were used to. I’m kicking myself for not bringing something completely different like Deception: Murder in Hong Kong.

Do you have these same types of problems with misjudging the interests of your guests? If you had Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, would you take it along to your next get-together? We’re going to make that possible for one of our readers, but you have to enter if you want to win this awesome package that includes Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, a game we featured in our list of party games and Deception: Undercover Allies expansion which we included in our guide to games for teens and adults. Don’t let the case go cold! Come back daily for more chances to increase your odds of solving the crime.

Mega Giveaway 2018 – Deception Game Package

37 thoughts on “Deception Social Game Package Giveaway

  1. I would invite all the Victoria’s Secrets supermodels but I’m not sure they would come. So would play with my sons and cousins lol.

  2. “Where would you invite to play this with you”?

    not sure if you meant to write “who”, in which case : Friends
    if you meant “where would I play this”: game night!

  3. Confused by the question. “Where do you invite to play…”?
    Where? I’d like to play this at home.
    Who? I’d like to play this with someone dark and mysterious.

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