Mega Giveaway Day 138 – Fluxx Espanol Game

Mega Giveaway Day 138 – Fluxx Espanol Game

When games are designed for entertainment, inclusiveness and education, they can go a long way into making the world a better place. We featured our Mega Giveaway Day 138 prize in our guide to family games because it’s one that fill multiple needs. Fluxx Espanol is the same classic game created by Looney Labs! Not only does it work in a family setting, but it can be used by teachers or to break the ice at a gathering such as a workplace or church. You can introduce your young children to Spanish or help an older student reinforce what they know. Even better, you can play just for fun and learn along the way!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 138 – Fluxx Espanol Game


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13 comments on «Mega Giveaway Day 138 – Fluxx Espanol Game»

  1. Darlene Owen says:

    Yes I think they would learn Spanish easier.

  2. Sue E says:

    The other day, I had to press 1 for English. Everywhere I go, especially in the city, the signs are in English & Spanish. I don’t know, but sometime in the future, we might all have to learn both languages or maybe Spanish will be America’s new language. I believe this game could help some of us.


    Yes, I do believe it to be beneficial to children.

  4. Jerry Parsons says:


  5. Jaque Richards says:

    Absolutely, I use games in the classroom on a regular basis. 🙂 Thank you.

  6. Katrina Weiss says:

    Yes, games are great ways for kids to learn!

  7. Annmarie W. says:

    Any game that allows kids to learn something new is great in the classroom!

  8. Germaine Harrison says:

    Yes, I think that it would be wonderful for the children in school.

  9. clynsg says:

    Yes, it does. Learning anything is easier if it is fun and/or interesting.

  10. Jennifer H. says:

    Yes, I do think that they can benefit.

  11. Karen Propes says:

    Yes it would be a great tool.

  12. Christiana B. says:

    Yes, I think it’s great to use games like this in the classroom. I work at a school, and if you make something a game the kids are more excited to learn and often don’t even realize they’re learning. 🙂

  13. gala says:

    I think bilingual kids would benefit from this game

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