Mega Giveaway Day 137 – Viral Game

Mega Giveaway Day 137 – Viral Game

The girls are part of a wellness program where a nurse calls every 4-6 weeks to see if they are doing okay. She sends information on proper exercise, eating habits as well teen-related concerns such as bullying, eating disorders and depression. The other day she called to check in and let us know that it’s a peak time for viruses and to eat well, take vitamins and get plenty of sleep and exercise. It’s always helpful, but as soon as she said “virus” my mind drifted to our Day 137 Mega Giveaway prize: Viral from Arcane Wonders. This was one in our list of games for teens and adults, but had I thought of it, I would have put it on a list of gifts to get your friend who is a doctor or nurse! Either way, it’s up for grabs as our latest prize so take a few minutes to enter to win a copy!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 137 – Viral Game


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39 comments on «Mega Giveaway Day 137 – Viral Game»

  1. Paul B says:


  2. DeeJay Fox says:


  3. Donald Wayman says:


  4. Caroline Lennek says:

    Calamity Caroline!


    The Critter

  6. Mark Marine says:

    Game Over

  7. Michael S. says:

    M. Felixpater

  8. Darlene Owen says:

    I would be called Vera

  9. KT says:

    Probably something in Latin.

  10. Sue E says:

    Susie’s Doozies
    A Virus Named Sue

  11. Jeremy S says:

    Monkey Pox – that is my go-to made up disease.

  12. Carly H. says:

    Paradox Flu

  13. Vaughn Mena says:

    iBola, a computer virus turned biological.

  14. Ryan Malone says:

    Gingervitis because I’m a red-head

  15. Dan Cheston says:


  16. Jerry Parsons says:


  17. JR says:

    XSOZ. Don’t ask me why!

  18. Shana Boss-Hill says:

    Lion’s Daisy Virus

  19. Josh Christian says:


  20. rajee pandi says:

    rest time

  21. Ryan McLean says:

    Salad Spoons

  22. Scotty B says:


  23. Scott Anthony says:


  24. Germaine Harrison says:

    The love bug virus

  25. clynsg says:

    pianissimo virus

  26. Nickole Heim says:

    virus x

  27. Dewayne Agin says:


  28. Trey LaCaze says:


  29. Zak says:


  30. Liz M says:

    Attention Dissolving Virus of Doom

  31. Daniel Scott says:

    Destructo Dan Virus.

  32. Jennifer H. says:


  33. Jennnifer Pickett says:

    If I were a virus I’d be call “Forgetful”.

  34. rosemary says:


  35. Karen Propes says:


  36. Tammy iler says:

    Tamiflu, my name is Tammy lol

  37. Eileen Boyce says:

    Breate Not since my breathing is bad.

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