A few years ago we shared an overview of Between Two Cities game where you and the person next to you are working together to create awesome cities. With our Day 128 Mega Giveaway prize, Seikatsu from IDW Games, everyone is building a shared garden instead of shared cities!. The difference is with Seikatsu, your goal is to have the best view of the garden!

With beautiful artwork and scoring based on groups of birds and rows of flowers, this is an excellent example of a family game. We’ll be featuring it on the site soon so stay tuned. While you wait for our Seikatsu overview to go live, enter to win a copy!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 128 – Seikatsu Game

51 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 128 – Seikatsu Game

  1. I am not a green thumb or anything even close. My wife enjoys a lot of that stuff but I couldn’t tell what she enjoys seeing. i know she gets upset when the deer eat her plants, though.

  2. Like half the other commenters, I’m going to have to go with the hummingbirds. If you walk into my backyard wearing red lipstick or some other splash of bring color, they think you’re a flower and they’ll hover right in front of your face. It’s fun to find their tiny little nests in the rose-of-sharon hedge.

  3. I love seeing the Hooded Orioles. They will be returning here, to San Diego, very soon, to nest…and drink the nectar from my feeders!

  4. There are some little yellow wrens (I think?) that have taken up residence in my garden the last few years. I’d love to see them come back again this year.

  5. I’d be excited to see any bird, but probably Great White/Blue Heron or Ibis. Flowers – roses or hibiscus, maybe?

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