Winning Over Snack Duty With This Easy Option

Stuck on snack duty? Grab a treat that's sweet, comes in its own packaging and a hit with both kids and adults: Wonderful Halos. -


There are two words that make every mom cringe. No, it doesn’t involve the dreaded L-word. That’s a completely different issue. I’m talking about the one you can’t avoid. Well, you can, but it’s kind of frowned upon. If you’ve ever been in the predicament, you probably already know what I’m going to say. Better yet, if you read the title of the article, you should see it coming. Those words?

Snack Duty. Did I just hear a collective groan? I thought so.

When the girls were really little, it was kind of fun. Picking out various treats for their preschool classes. It was empowering for the girls to have foods they loved and were excited to share with friends during snack time. Parents were assigned to bring the food while the school provided the beverages. It was the first time I realized that all those snacks my mom prepared for various sporting events probably wasn’t because she loved to bake or cut up fruit. It was because she had an obligation simply by osmosis from our participation in whatever sport it was.

It has always been normal to send snacks to school for birthdays, but parents quickly learn it doesn’t stop there. As the girls got more involved in activities, we realized there’s always a request – or should I say ‘plea’ – for people to bring food to an event, school party, rehearsal, practice or celebration. Not just sports, either. EVERY activity. While I used to enjoy baking some type of sweet treat, the rules began to change because of allergies and homemade foods are no longer allowed. In one class, I was told I couldn’t even cut up fruit at home because I may not have cleaned the counter, cutlery or cutting board well enough after having peanut butter sandwiches. I understand and appreciate that a child’s health is more important, but the only thing I felt comfortable providing was a case of water.

Stuck on snack duty? Grab a treat that's sweet, comes in its own packaging and a hit with both kids and adults: Wonderful Halos. -

But sometimes there are opportunities and I jump at the chance. This past weekend was Kennedy’s production of Mary Poppins Jr. and the cast wrap-up party was this past Monday. With a new idea in hand, I emailed to volunteer that I would provide a sweet snack that comes in its own package: Wonderful Halos.

Stuck on snack duty? Grab a treat that's sweet, comes in its own packaging and a hit with both kids and adults: Wonderful Halos. -

The director only took a few minutes to reply to my email, “Thank you! The kids love those!” I was delighted to hear that. Upon arrival, we noticed there were plenty of options: pizza, chips, candy, cookies and so many other goodies. Kennedy was one of the first in line to fill up a plate. Halos, which are California mandarins, are one of her favorite snacks and she wanted to make sure she got one.

Stuck on snack duty? Grab a treat that's sweet, comes in its own packaging and a hit with both kids and adults: Wonderful Halos. -

I watched as her friends grabbed some and joined her on the blanket where they would watch a replay of their performance. It warmed my heart to see these kids opting for healthy snacks – even when there were cookies and candy as options. I was sure the 5-lb case I brought would be enough to go around, but I was wrong. They disappeared in no time. Why? Because kids can make good decisions if it’s something they know tastes good!

Stuck on snack duty? Grab a treat that's sweet, comes in its own packaging and a hit with both kids and adults: Wonderful Halos. -

It shouldn’t have surprised me though. Not only has Kennedy been ordering salads since she was about 3, but others in her group make thoughtful snack decisions also. I watched these same kids during cross country season as they encouraged each other to grab a piece of fruit to refuel after a meet. “Fruit is good for you” was something I heard one of Kennedy’s friends announcing.

Snacks are needed for all kinds of activities so try to think inside the box… the fruit crate to be exact. Pick up a box of Halos and watch them disappear. If you’ll be on snack duty in the coming weeks, enter to win a Wonderful Halos Snack Duty Kit using the form below!

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92 thoughts on “Winning Over Snack Duty With This Easy Option

  1. I always had fruit juices, rice krispie treats, raisins and orange segments — you don’t want sit down snack mini meals…I don’t know how that got started. You want a treat to keep their energy going that’s also pretty much on the healthy side without turning the kids off….always think – easy grab, no clean up.

  2. As a matter of fact, my favorite healthy snack is Halos! I just bought a bag yesterday, and I have a couple of them right here, peeled & ready to eat!!

  3. Yogurt tubes. If you freeze them the night before they are kind of like a Popsicle which is very cool (pun intended) for hot days.

  4. “What types of foods do you usually provide on snack duty?” A mix of nutritious foods and foods with no nutritional value!

  5. I usually have fruits and veggies on hand for snacking and often make hummus or bean dip. Cheese is another favorite.

  6. I’ve never actually been on snack duty yet – my oldest is only 5 and we haven’t participated in anything yet that’s required it. I would probably lean towards fruit, veggies, or homemade muffins though.

  7. A meat and cheese tray, separate fruit and veggie trays, chips and dip, and sometimes I’ll even make some of my famous jalapeno poppers! (Of course, this is when I throw parties.)

  8. Living in Florida my snacks is always some fresh fruit. Lately it has been strawberries or blackberries.

  9. I don’t have kiddos, so the only time I have snack duty anymore is for choir rehearsal. It actually is my night on March 20, and I plan to bring some kind of snack mix, as well as some fruit!

  10. I always give them candy and snack cakes. I have a bad habit of giving my kids the things that I loved as a kid, which probably isn’t the best way to parent, but they don’t seem to mind!! My wife takes the opposite approach, with fruits and vegetables, so I think in the end it all balances out.

  11. I send homemade blueberry mini muffins or oatmeal raisin cookies if I have the time to make them, or some string cheese or yogurt tubes and apple slices if I don’t have much time.

  12. With six kids it’s hard to keep enough snacks in the home! I try to stay healthy with fruits and granola bars!

  13. We have alot of fresh fruit & fresh veggies & cheese . We like apples, oranges, berries, watermelons , carrots, grapes.

  14. I like to switch up snacks, and favorites are, apples with caramel dips, halo, other fruits, veggies with ranch dip, yogurt, meat and cheese sticks!

  15. My kids love our homemade lara bars! They also love for me to core out an apple and stuff with almond butter!

  16. snack duty we usually do fruit, granola bars, cheese sticks, sometimes yogurt, pretzels. Occasionally we sneak some oreos in there too:)

  17. Granola and carrot sticks 😀 but my kids are too young for me to have to worry about supplying a cast of hungry children!

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