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Kids today don’t know how good they have it. I’m not referring to the selection of *things* they could have or the opportunities for travel, education, sports and arts. I’m talking about something much more important to a child: The holiday wish list.

When I was a kid, we had to beg our parents to swing by the local Sears when the holiday catalog was published. We would flip through the pages and circle the things that looked interesting, more often than not having never seen the item in person until it was opened on Christmas morning. If we were lucky, we might spot something during Saturday morning cartoons that perhaps would sway our interest one way or the other. That was the norm for our generation. With the internet and technology, consumers today are more informed about what is available as well as what might be the year’s hot commodity.

Last week I was in New York for Blogger Bash where the main event is Sweet Suite, a showcase of toys, games, gadgets and stocking stuffers that we can expect to see on countless “I Want” lists this holiday season. I spent every minute of the four-hour expo talking to large and small brands about everything from the latest games to toys of all sizes and types. While there are a multitude of things available, here are a few trends that you’ll want to keep your eye open for even before your child submits their wish list. Because, honestly, by the time you get said list, those items may already be sold out.

Five Holiday Trends to Watch

Know the 2017 holiday trends and shop for these toys and games before they sell out. -

Surprise Inside

I’m not sure what the allure is, but my kids are drawn into the idea of unboxing, unwrapping and opening blind bags of all sorts. From the cupcake that turns into the doll to the egg/sphere that hatches or peels into any number of other types of toys, this is a huge trend. What used to be filler for stockings is now becoming a gift unto itself. Here are some to watch for:

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles from Spin Master (Original, Glitter and blind bags)

LOL Surprise! by MGA Entertainment (Original and Lil Sisters)

FlipaZoo from Jay@Play (Large and small stuffed animals and blind bags)

Cupcake Surprise Dolls from Haschel Toys (Come in 2 sizes and are scented!)

Pikmi Pops Surprise! from Moose Toys

Mini Mojis from Kidz Toyz Inc.

Know the 2017 holiday trends and shop for these toys and games before they sell out. -

Squishable Things

Had I known a half-deflated balloon would become a thing, I would be a millionaire. These squishy plastic toys come in different themes, shapes and styles. Some kids play with them, some kids collect them and others use them like stress balls. Whatever their reason, kids are loving them. Some to keep an eye out for:

Kawaii Squeezies by New Dimensions Toys (Select from food or animals in these blind boxes)

Marvel, Cars 3, Care Bears, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig and more Mash’ems from Tech 4 Kids

Squish-Dee-Lish from Jakks Toys

Know the 2017 holiday trends and shop for these toys and games before they sell out. -


Technology and toys continue to merge and result in so many cool gadgets! VR headsets, building systems, kits and more. There are a many different ways to encourage STEM / STEAM through play and this holiday season will have several to choose from. If the kids don’t know they are learning, are they more likely to want to use it? Products that make learning fun are worth every penny.

Structural and Mechanical Engineering Experiment Kits from Thames & Kosmos

Boost by LEGO

Merge Cube from Merge.VR

Star Wars Science Death Star Electronics Lab from Uncle Milton

Chemistry, Cooking and Explosive Science Kits from Science4You

Know the 2017 holiday trends and shop for these toys and games before they sell out. -


I think we’ve proven over the past few years that games are really a thing. Kids of all ages are gravitating toward a variety of games. You know how we feel about board games, but here are a few that were showcased at Sweet Suite that are sure to be a hit! Shout-out to Destiny from Suburban Wife City Life for sharing her photo. I was too busy playing and laughing that I forgot to take one!

Yogi by Gigamic (Think Twister without the invasion of your personal space.)

Happy Salmon by North Star Games (New design – color-blind friendly!)

Exit Escape Room series by Thames & Kosmos (1st series is already on back order!)


This category has one main product that you’ll need to watch for: Teddy Ruxpin from Wicked Cool Toys. Yes, it’s coming back this holiday season and I suspect it will be a very hot commodity as parents add it to their kids’ lists for them.

As with last year, closer to the holidays we will be crafting gift guides to help you come up with ideas for the gift recipients you’ll be shopping for. Unfortunately, sometimes supplies are limited and our readers aren’t able to get the hottest items. We figured a heads-up in July should be enough notice to keep an eye out for sales and promotions but also to simply be able to GET something that may sell out later. And if we’re lucky, we’ll be able to secure some of these items for our holiday mega giveaway!

Which of these trends do you think will be the hottest?

18 thoughts on “Five 2017 Holiday Trends to Watch

  1. I am all about STEAM toys for my kiddos. I am getting my daughter some craft kits for her Christmas gifts because she does not need any more toys but she loves doing crafts!

  2. Love the STEM and STEAM ideas. I love toys and entertainment that are both fun and educational. The structural engineering and mechanical engineering are great for fine motor skills and also teaches lessons that will be of great value throughout a lifetime. Awesome!

  3. I can definitely see things like “surprise inside” and squishy toys becoming more and more popular. It’s a good time to pick out a few things for the holidays anyway!

  4. So many great items for the holiday of all ages. Can’t wait to play all of those games you listed!

  5. Thankfully most holiday trends don’t make it here in time plus our kids are still young so they don’t get them quite yet. But these are lot of great items for the kids! I will definitely check some of them out.

  6. We are looking forward to a fun first year of homeschooling. The STEM items are perfect for welcoming learning into our playtime.

  7. My boys are all about blind bags. If they had their wish that’s all they would have received for their birthday- just a box of little-wrapped trinkets lol. (They also love watching the videos on YouTube of people opening blind bags)

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