From Toy to Movie, It is All Gross(ery)

From Toy to Movie, It is All Gross(ery)


I often catch myself telling Madison and Kennedy that things were very different in the 1970s when Scott and I grew up. We played outside a LOT because frankly, there wasn’t much on the limited three channels (four if you count PBS). Soap operas were the only shows airing during summer days so it was either sit inside and play with toys and games or go outside. We usually opted to go outside. It was a treat to see a movie and that was often a Drive-in because a carload of family members was cheaper than individual tickets at the theater. We bought candy almost exclusively at the ball diamond and the rest was part of what we received while trick or treating, in Easter baskets or in Christmas stockings. One of my favorite splurges (besides those tasty candy cigarettes) was to buy Wacky Packs. They were ridiculously stupid and totally gross. Besides the desire to collect complete sets, I’m not sure what drove my interest in them. After all, they were gross. Even to this day I remember Gadzooka Gum and Crust Toothpaste.

As much as I hate to admit it, while the landscape has generally changed, some things are still consistent. The kids ride their bikes or go to the park. They play with toys and games. Oh… and they like gross stuff. For reasons I can no longer grasp, they have an interest in The Grossery Gang, what I see as the modern-day version of Wacky Packs.

The Grossery Gang by Moose Toys has expanded from toys into a TV series and now The Grossery Gang movie on YouTube. Plan a Putrid Power movie viewing party! -

If you’ve never heard of them before but have kids, you probably don’t realize it’s something on their wish list. I had NO idea until I was chatting with the girls about my recent trip to Sweet Suite. I mentioned the various toys I spotted at different booths and they inquired specifically about what new blind bags and holiday toys trends Moose Toys had on display. I named a few, like the new Pikmi Pops and a new Shopkins line, but with their love for blind bags, they seemed to know all the other stuff, like how awful (in an awesome kind of way) The Grossery Gang is.

They were thrilled to be able to include various items from The Grossery Gang in their Blind Bag Babble series! The toys come in multiple series of action figures and mini figures in blind bags, blister packs, multi-packs and play sets. With names like Slop Bucket, Stink Sink and Crud Cake, what’s not to love?

The Grossery Gang by Moose Toys has expanded from toys into a TV series and now The Grossery Gang movie on YouTube. Plan a Putrid Power movie viewing party! -

Blister packs allow kids (and parents) to find particular characters from The Grossery Gang. Whether it’s Rocky the Dodgy Donut or Meathead the Grub Sub, kids eat it up! But it’s not all about food. The Grossery Gang doesn’t limit itself.

The Grossery Gang by Moose Toys has expanded from toys into a TV series and now The Grossery Gang movie on YouTube. Plan a Putrid Power movie viewing party! -

There is a variety of themes both food related and not. Series 3 includes Fish Market, Trash Alley, World Food, Stinky Snacks, Cruddy Sport, Vile Vermin and Junk Yard to name a handful. Series 2 included topics like Scummy Soda, Gooey Breakfast, Sour Dairy, Cruddy Lost ‘n’ Found and some really cool Glowing Gadgets. You can download the checklist posters on The Grossery Gang website.

But as smart as they think they are, they DID NOT know about something that I did: The Grossery Game movie (yes, you read that right) on YouTube! For that matter, they didn’t even realize there was a YouTube Cartoon series for the characters. The 35-minute movie released on July 29th so if you’re quick, you may be the first in your neighborhood to watch it! As a mom, you know what I like? It’s free and an example of clean, healthy viewing options on YouTube. At least as clean and healthy as moldy groceries at a Yucky Mart can get.

The Grossery Gang by Moose Toys has expanded from toys into a TV series and now The Grossery Gang movie on YouTube. Plan a Putrid Power movie viewing party! -

If your household has fans of The Grossery Gang, make time for the Putrid Power Movie. Of course, if you want to get in the spirit of the movie, head to website and download The Grossery Gang movie party planning pack that includes thematic invitations, welcome sign, slopcorn (popcorn) cones and a checklist. The length of the movie makes it a perfect timeframe for kids’ get-togethers. Plan a Putrid Power birthday party (say that three times real fast, ha!). Project the movie on a wall, serve iconic “gross” foods (like ones people post during Halloween), plan gross activities like making slime, and hand out cool goodie bags filled with The Grossery Gang for guests!  Be sure to check out The Grossery Gang iPad and iPhone apps, too.

You can purchase The Grossery Gang toys on Amazon or pick them up at most toy retailers. The Grossery Gang Putrid Power movie is free to watch on YouTube. What are you waiting for? Go out and get Gross!

Do your kids (or you) play with “gross” toys?


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15 comments on «From Toy to Movie, It is All Gross(ery)»

  1. Haha! I remember Garbage Pail Kids, too! We did like gross stuff. It’s definitely a kid thing. I tell my kids all the time that we only had 3 channels (4 with PBS) and that’s probably why we don’t even subscribe to cable now. I haven’t heard of the Grossery Gang – but I have two grown sons that would probably love it. One just had a birthday and we are thinking about a party. I may have to do that party pack just for him.

  2. Dawn Inglett says:

    Kids always love gross things, but I haven’t ever seen this show. I have some kids in our family that may get these toys in their Christmas stockings in a few months.

  3. This is the first time I’m hearing about the Grossery Gang! Too funny! I’ll keep this in mind for Christmas gifts for younger family members. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Eloise says:

    Ha! my kids were into these a little bit ago… there are some pretty gross looking ones in the pack! Makes for a great gift because the kids love to share that kind of thing!

  5. I’ve never heard of these. My 7 year old would go nuts. When I was younger I had collected garbage pail kids(the “gross” version of cabbage patch dolls. Lol)

  6. How fun. I don’t thnk I have ever seen these toys before but they look fun to have and to play with. Bet my son would like them.

  7. Dawn Nieves says:

    I know a few kids who would LOVE these toys. They look like so much fun.

  8. reesa says:

    My son loves these gross little things LOL!

  9. Cassie says:

    Oh wow I’ve never seen these toys before and had no idea it was a movie but I know a few kids (my niece and nephew) who would have a blast playing with these!

  10. Bree says:

    How interesting! This is the first time I’ve heard of this. My daughter would probably love these toys though! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Michelle says:

    Great post. It’s funny how we forget how seemingly meaningless things like a type of candy or a toy, can actually make a good, lasting memory for someone to think back on years and years later. I can still remember the little toys and candies my mother used to get me and I’ll cherish those memories forever.

  12. I never heard of these but they’re so creative! Love the name and I bet kids would have a blast with them!

  13. Louise says:

    My youngest has just got into Shopkins and The Grossery Gang. I’ll have to find the cartoons for him to watch on YouTube 🙂

    Louise x

  14. This is really neat. I love games that come with figures!

  15. Sue E says:

    My childhood was similar to yours. There wasn’t much on the “boob tube”. And electronics – what were they?? We were the channel changers/remote and rabbit ears setters! I loved those candy cigarettes! I guess we were imitating the adults. All of them smoked – everywhere!!
    We made up our own games. I don’t know what is the attraction, but my grandkids collect those little toys. So I will checkout these Grossery Gang. Thanks for sharing!

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