Rethink Your Food Storage Practices

The diversity of Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE storage containers make them a perfect addition to any home. -


If you were a kid growing up in the 70’s, chances are you had a cereal bowl that originated as a margarine container and a glass that once stored jelly or jam. If you walk through an antique store or check out eBay, you’ll see an array of these re-purposed food containers bringing more than the cost of the original products that filled them. That leads me to believe that this was pretty much the norm for my generation.

Want to know the interesting part? To some extent, we still practice some of these habits today. But we didn’t have the same concerns back then. These containers (for us) were only used for daily tasks, not for storing or reheating foods. We ate cereal out of them or used them for breading chicken, but never did we try to put them into microwaves because *news flash* we didn’t have microwaves back then. With so much concern for BPA and other environmental issues, why is it that we still feel the need to save a hodge podge of containers that aren’t intended for such uses? I’m as guilty as the next. If you look in my cabinet, you’ll see I have an assortment of recyclable serving containers (mostly from Chinese take-out or deli lunch meat) that really just belong in the recycle bin.

On the flip side, I adore the vintage glass storage containers that my MIL inherited. I’ve told her as soon as she tires of them to let me know. I have always liked the look of them, the fact they stack nicely in the fridge and their various sizes are perfect for such a range of things. A little part of this goody two-shoes seriously has considered taking the set whenever we visit. Well, I used to. Not any more. While I still love her set, I now have one of my own that is far better than what I’ve been using and is even more diverse than the vintage containers.

The Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE storage containers are modular for easy stacking and clear to see what is inside. -

Isn’t it pretty? Don’t you love how it’s crystal clear so you know what’s really inside? And how they stack so nicely on each other? If you’re wondering what they are, I’m going to tell you. It’s the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE storage container set and it’s got so much going on that I can’t explain it all in one breath.

The diversity of Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE storage containers make them a perfect addition to any home. -

Maybe you noticed them last week when we used the Ninja Duo to make homemade sorbet. The size is ideal for this type of treat and the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE containers are safe for the freezer. Win / win.

The diversity of Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE storage containers make them a perfect addition to any home. -

It’s also nice to be able to see what is inside without having to open the lid. There has been more than one instance where I pulled something out to thaw for dinner only to discover it wasn’t what I thought it was. The crystal clear Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE containers solve that terrible dilemma. I’m pretty sure my MIL doesn’t put her vintage containers in the freezer and I’m positive I wouldn’t consider it with our hand-me-down take-out containers. Ick.

The diversity of Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE storage containers make them a perfect addition to any home. -

Another nice feature is the way they seal. You press the top down and create a seal then snap the sides down. I’ve seen these types of handles on large bulk bins like you use for holiday decorations, but never something for the kitchen. This helps ensure the lid is totally shut and secure.

The Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE storage containers have a 100% leak-proof guarantee! -

And why would we need to do that? Maybe, just maybe, to make sure it doesn’t leak. You’ve never had any of your containers leak on you before, have you? Me either. Pfft. I wish. The Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE containers have a 100% leak-proof guarantee.

Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE containers don't make a mess of your microwave! -

As funny as it sounds, that’s not what I like most about these storage containers. My favorite feature is one that may sound trivial, but it solves one of my biggest kitchen pet peeves: Microwave splatter. I harp at the kids to cover the food with a paper towel to minimize the mess I need to clean up, but there’s always still a disaster. Especially if they heat up soup or spaghetti. At least that WAS the case. These Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE food storage containers take the splatter out of reheating! Those fancy handles I mentioned before have another function. They contain air vents! When you are ready to reheat, simply pop open those clasps to reveal the ventilation holes. They’re also made with heat resistant BPA free material so there’s no worries with leaching. I don’t have that same confidence with any of my other non-glass containers.

Do you put much thought into how you store your food? You should! - #StoredBrilliantly

Yes, I still hope to someday inherit my mother-in-law’s vintage set, but now my reasons are more sentimental than functional. I’m perfectly happy with the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE and have already found additional sizes and types beyond the 10-piece set I already own.

Guess now I should go recycle all those others… While I do that, check out the variety of Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE pieces on their website then connect with them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see what else they have. And if you’re as impressed as I am with this set, you can pick one up a Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE 10-piece set at Walmart, pick up the set at Target or enter to win one of your own!

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What is your biggest concern when it comes to food storage containers?

95 thoughts on “Rethink Your Food Storage Practices

    1. That’s a great idea! There are a couple different sizes so you should be able to find the perfect fit without having to worry about them leaking!

  1. This would be really handy for storing fresh pasta sauce, since they are ready for the freezer.
    I was wondering how clean up is with these? I’m wondering if things tend to get stuck in and around the ventilation holes.

    1. They are actually dishwasher safe, Andrew. I didn’t focus on that and probably should have. They also aren’t supposed to stain, but I haven’t done a long term pasta-sauce test to be able to confirm that. As for getting stuck around the ventilation holes, I haven’t had a problem. I make sure the flaps are open when I put it in the dishwasher.

    1. I make homemade tomato sauce all the time, but haven’t tried pesto. What a great idea! Does pesto freeze nicely or is it like guacamole where you have to eat it right away?

  2. I make taco soup, chili, and beef stew & we always have left overs, so this would be perfect for that. Also, cut up strawberries and watermelon for easy snacks this summer!

  3. These would be great for my husband who takes lunch everyday! We would especially use it for pastas, soups, desserts, and leftovers!

  4. I think these would hold leftovers. I love the idea of seeing what is in them at a glance.

  5. These are nice they be perfect to store taco prep in- one with tomatoes-one with cheese, one with salsa and so on.

  6. Mostly I will use these containers to store my leftovers. I also will use them to transport any food I am taking to a party, picnic, etc.

  7. I would use them for cut up veggies and fruit, leftovers of all kinds, salad, and for freezing homemade ice cream. They’re lovely!

  8. I like to make extra of whatever I am cooking so I have quick meals in the freezer. The Brilliance storage containers are brilliant for this purpose.

  9. I cook quite a few casseroles and I freeze them. This is what I will store in the Brilliance collection if I win.

  10. I’d store all my salald fixings in here, especially the berries for my fruit salad, and my romaine!

  11. Because they aren’t supposed to stain and are freezable, I would definitely store homemade pasta sauce in them. I could then make a double-batch or even triple-batch, and save myself a load of time.

  12. Mainly leftovers, I suspect, although they would also be suitable for storing small sewing supplies, etc.

  13. I would store leftovers but more importantly I would use them for food prep.. When I am having a dinner party I prep the day before and need sealed containers to keep chopped veggies fresh until I cook them the next day.

  14. I would probably use those mainly for leftovers but I love the look of these and that they can go in the freezer too.

  15. I do a lot of food preparation in advance, sometimes for the entire week, and the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE containers would work great! We also have a garden with lots of fruits and vegetables that would be stored in them.

  16. In the summer, my hubby loves to make smoothies! So I’d put his various smoothie ingredients (berries, pineapple, mango, spinach, etc) into these!

  17. I think I would store prep foods in these, the ability to see what’s in them would make it handy to know exactly what to grab!

  18. We buy our produce on Sat-Sun, then wash-prep-store for use in the coming week…so, we would mostly store vegetables and also fresh fruit !

  19. I’d store fixings for salad, as I eat them all week long. Scallions, tomatoes, avocados…homemade pesto! Gotta love it!

  20. I’m from the old school too when it comes to a vintage idea or products! We used Tupperware faithfully! My mom liked their products that you can take out of the freezer, put in the oven, then to the dinner table. Then if there was anything left, back to the freezer! I too have the microwave splatter phobia! If they would only wipe it down or tell me, we can remove the splatter earlier! But NO! We have the famous I don’t know what happened or who did it!! I use Rubbermaid now too. A microwave is a wonderful luxury l wished we would have had years ago! Oh and my Tupperware still “burps.”

  21. Good post on rethink your food storage, years ago the stores sold jam in a glass jar which when empty you could use as a drinking glass with loony toons on them !! I like the rubbermaid storage containers that one put leftovers in & they go to freezer to microwave and are stackable.

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