Try This Amazing Banana Bread Truffles Recipe

Try This Amazing Banana Bread Truffles Recipe

Remember waaayyy back to yesterday when we told you about Banana Bandits, the 3D board game of monkeys climbing their way across the board, ultimately collecting bananas coins on the top of the tower? Maybe if you’ve been a SahmReviews reader for a while, you may recall our tips on throwing a monkey-themed party. Sometimes you just feel like going bananas!

Then sometimes you simply have extra bananas that are to that point where baking, freezing or garbage are the only options. I have good intentions when it comes to purchasing bananas at the store. Unfortunately, unless I only buy two, I end up freezing them to use in smoothies. Having alternatives on using up the ripe bananas is always good because there’s a point where it doesn’t make sense to add any more to the freezer. If you are one of those people who gravitates to banana bread as an option, split from the usual and try this banana bread truffles recipe!

Need uses for overripe bananas? Split from the traditional recipe and give this Banana Bread Truffles Recipe a try! -

Banana Bread Truffles

Yields: 18

85 Nilla wafers – crushed into 3 cups
1/2 cup walnuts – chopped and toasted
2 ripe bananas
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
8 oz cream cheese – softened
10 oz tub Wilton white candy melts
1/2 cup Wilton yellow candy melts
18 walnut halves, for garnish

Need uses for overripe bananas? Split from the traditional recipe and give this Banana Bread Truffles Recipe a try! -

Start by heating a skillet or frying pan on medium heat for 2-3 minutes. Add chopped walnuts to the heated pan and “toast” for 7-8 minutes, stirring occasionally. Set toasted walnuts aside to cool while you prepare the wafers and dough.

Next you’ll need to get all the Nilla wafers to the proper consistency. Place them in a food processor until they are finely crushed then set aside. We own a Ninja Duo as well as DeLongi immersion (stick) blender as options (because I love kitchen gadgets!) If you do not have a food processor, a food storage bag, rolling pin and elbow grease work fine.

Need uses for overripe bananas? Split from the traditional recipe and give this Banana Bread Truffles Recipe a try! -

Using 2 forks, mash both bananas in a large mixing bowl. Add the crushed wafers, both sugars, cinnamon, nutmeg and toasted walnuts and stir to combine. Add the softened cream cheese and mix until all of the ingredients are evenly distributed. Cover the bowl and chill for 30 minutes. This will allow for easier handling and quicker cooling during the dipping stage.

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. These will be going back into the fridge so we recommend using smaller cookie sheets. Roll the chilled truffle dough into 1 inch balls and place on the lined cookie sheet. Chill for 15 minutes.

Need uses for overripe bananas? Split from the traditional recipe and give this Banana Bread Truffles Recipe a try! -

While the dough balls are chilling, get the other items ready to use. Using a double boiler or Wilton candy melting pot, heat until the white candy melts are completely melted and smooth. Dip each chilled banana truffle into the melted chocolate until completely covered then place back on the lined cookie sheet. The chocolate will harden very quickly because the dough was chilled ahead of time.

Need uses for overripe bananas? Split from the traditional recipe and give this Banana Bread Truffles Recipe a try! -

Using a microwave safe bowl, heat the yellow candy melts in 20 second increments until completely melted and smooth. Dip each truffle half way to coat the bottom half. Return to parchment paper to cool.

Need uses for overripe bananas? Split from the traditional recipe and give this Banana Bread Truffles Recipe a try! -

Finish off the look by drizzling the melted yellow chocolate on top of each truffle. Immediately place a walnut half on top before the yellow chocolate hardens. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to seven days or freeze for up to 30 days.

These Banana Bread Truffles are a great alternative to banana bread and are excellent as gifts or for your next potluck!

What do you usually do with leftover bananas?

Need uses for overripe bananas? Split from the traditional recipe and give this Banana Bread Truffles Recipe a try! -

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  1. Jeanette says:

    This looks amazing! For Thanksgiving I am trying to find a few fun recipes and I think this would qualify. I know everybody would like them.

  2. Those look so good! This might be the best iteration of banana bread I’ve ever seen! I mean, come one, they’re coated in candy!

  3. Danielle says:

    So what you’re telling me is that you have made banana bread in bite size form, AND you have covered it in candy? You just won the internet for the next decade!

  4. Connie says:

    These look like something I must try. Who doesn’t love banana bread?

  5. Meagan Ivie says:

    I’ve never even tried making my own truffles. I bed the banana bread combo tastes amazing~

  6. Jen Temcio says:

    No Joke… when I read the title I said to myself “I really wish I could have tried these”, but I knew that they were going to be too time consuming. Once I read the ingredients and instructions, I am SO SO SO excited that they are actually going to be pretty easy to make. Yummy!

  7. Pam says:

    Banana bread truffles? Two of my favorite things combined into one! Yum!

  8. Amy Desrosiers says:

    This is definitely a unique recipe! I do love banana bread so I am sure I would really love this!

  9. reesa says:

    These must be so delicious! Something different to use my ripe bananas with!!!

  10. Liz Mays says:

    Oh that is such a neat truffle idea. I’m definitely into the banana flavors. The sweet nilla flavor with the nuts sounds amazing too.

  11. Claudia Krusch says:

    These Banana Bread Truffles looks so delicious and easy to make. I will have to get the ingredients I need to make some on the weekend. I am sure they will be a big hit.

  12. Sinisa says:

    This is too much. I absolutely love it. Now if I could just get someone to make it for me lol

  13. I love banana bread – it’s like the sole reason I buy bananas, lol. However, I think I’m going to love these even more!

  14. Sarah says:

    I’ve never had something like this but I so want to make it! I love anything banana and this sounds amazing.

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    Mmmmm, you had me at banana bread! These truffle look incredible! I honestly wouldn’t have thought to make truffle desserts out of banana bread. Genius!

  17. Hali says:

    My goodness, they came out looking so cute and the flavors sound great!!

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    You had me at bananas and candy! I love banana bread and you mentioned these truffles can be an alternative to banana bread, tells me that these taste great! This recipe was pin worthy! Thank you for sharing!

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    This takes banana bread to a whole new level. Defiantly going to give this one a try

  23. Brandon Sparks says:

    I am going to try and make this as good as you did. I really think that my family would enjoy it. Thanks.

  24. HANH NGUYEN says:

    It look yummy!!

  25. Debbie P says:

    These truffles look and sounds really good. They are clever yet simple to make. Thanks for the recipe.

  26. Chris Sausler says:

    Man these look really good! I would just switch out the melts for real white chocolate though.

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    I’m bookmarking this!!! I love banana bread and I’m going to make this soon! Thank you for the recipe!!!

  28. Lauraleigh says:

    What a yummy idea! I usually just use my over ripe bananas for milkshakes & smoothies. I just pinned these banana bread truffles to my Easter board because they will go so perfectly with the Easter celebration I’m planning! 🙂

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    I usually freeze it and use it later in smoothies

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    These look great! A definite must make.

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