Introduce kids to female role models on Netflix. -


I’ve rewritten the beginning of this post a couple of times trying to figure out the best way to start the conversation without annoying people or scaring them away. The subject is girl power, but not in a negative hate-mongering, man-bashing way. There’s nothing good that can come of that. As the mom of two daughters, I’m constantly stressing that girls can do whatever they set their minds to. Sometimes they just need some encouragement.

Girls need female role models – both real and fictional.

Aside from that, boys should be told they are capable of anything also but also grow up realizing that girls are strong, intelligent and powerful individuals. They aren’t the damsels in distress often depicted in TVs and movies.

Boys need female role models – both real and fictional.

And what better way to introduce kids (and adults) to role models than by integrating them into the normal course of their digital worlds – through Netflix. We’ve uncovered a handful of shows and movies that depict female characters making a positive difference or thriving by overcoming difficulties.

Introduce kids to female role models on Netflix with characters such as Zootopia's Officer Judy Hopps. -


Aside from the movie being fantastic in and of itself, you have to admit that Officer Judy Hopps is pretty awesome. Her character isn’t in your face and the movie is great for, well, everyone.

Mia Wasikowska and Anne Hathaway star in Alice Through the Looking Glass. -

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Do I really need to go into detail about how Alice overcomes diversity? She had an evil queen chasing her and foods that made her grow and shrink. We won’t even go into the details about the fact she wasn’t even in her own world!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Let’s talk about Kimmy for a minute. The poor girl was kidnapped, held in a bunker for years then moved to New York of all places when she finally made it out of the bunker. She found work, friends and meaning for her life. Above all else, she manages to stay positive, even when things are at their worst. Everyone needs role models who always see the glass half-full.

Introduce kids to female role models on Netflix with shows like Julie's Greenroom. -

Julie’s Greenroom

I mentioned that role models need to be both real and fictional and here’s one that fits both those categories: Julie Andrews. If you don’t know the name then you’ve been under a rock. Not knowing about Julie’s Greenroom is excusable though because it’s brand new!

Netflix Original Project Mc2 offers girls some smart role models. - #SmartGirls #StreamTeam

Project Mc²

Smart girls as role models? That’s fantastic for young girls. As a bonus, the show focuses on STEM topics! Giving our youth ideas about STEM is key since our future will be filled with jobs requiring this type of critical thinking.

Watch LEGO on Netflix including Netflix Original LEGO Friends. - #StreamTeam

Lego Friends

Bring the blocks to life in these digital stories about the adventures of five female friends.

Here are some  others to consider:

Annie – That’s a total classic!
McKenna – American Girl stories are so inspirational!
Nancy Drew – Read the books then watch the movie!
Miraculous – Female superheroes save the day!

No matter what you decide to watch, don’t push it as a she-power agenda because that’s not what we want kids growing up to believe. Instead, focus on teaching everyone – both girls and boys – to strive to be their best, be good to everyone and value others for what they are able to contribute to the world around them.

What shows or movies do you think have great female leadership?

8 thoughts on “Netflix Gives Us Role Models

  1. Never liked Alice (as a character/role model) but the rest are all right. I loved the Nancy Drew movie with all its anachronisms. I thought it was great without being cheesy like the Brady Bunch Movie

  2. Netflix has given us a lot of things that regular tv has not promoted due to ratings. Some of the best stuff is now on Netflix, including the ones you have listed above Julie’s Greenroom is like a next gen Sesame Street or Captain Kangaroo. I truly think it is changing the way the public can view tv, you don’t have to watch what the big box networks promote of say that you should watch, we have choices.

  3. I have watched all of these and love them too… Netflix is the only thing i watch on my tv besides youtueb.

  4. Like watching old series that the networks dont want to run anymore. Like He-Man and She-Ra, transformers, marvel and dc comics cartoons.

  5. I’ve only seen the first two and am not sure I agree with Alice being a role model. However Julie Andresw has been in several movies and she makes a great role model both on and off the screen.

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