What do you think so far? You’re in for a treat with day after day of awesome giveaways featuring prizes by fantastic sponsors. For Day 5 of the Mega Giveaway, we present to you Munchkin by Steve Jackson Games. You’ve probably seen it on the shelves at your favorite retailer and here’s your chance to add a copy to your collection!

As with the other giveaways, there are daily entry options so if this is on your wish list, stop back tomorrow to enter the giveaway again! Not familiar with it? Read more about Munchkin in our Family Games holiday gift guide!

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 5 – Munchkin Game

39 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 5 – Munchkin Game

  1. While we love the original, we have played many of the others like the western one, blender, and legends. And we love Munchkin Quest!

  2. Ive Played many o’ Munchkin!!
    Standard – Zombies – Apocolypse – Kung Fu – Star!
    I love the Munchkin games, but its hard to find a good group to play with…

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