Mega Giveaway Day 4 – Animals on Board Game

We know the struggles that come with finding the right gift for the right person. Games are one of those gifts that can be selected based on the recipient’s personality as well as their interests. Our first holiday gift guide focused on family games, but they aren’t just for families!

Day 4 of our Mega Giveaway features one of those games: Animals on Board by Stronghold Games. The theme, getting animals on an ark, is something that pretty much everyone is familiar with. The game is complex enough to challenge a strategist but easy enough in concept for younger players to enjoy.

One lucky reader will win their own copy so come back and enter the giveaway daily! Stronghold Games has a diverse lineup of games so be sure to say thanks to them on Facebook or Twitter so they’ll want to participate again next year!

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 4 – Animals on Board Game

43 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 4 – Animals on Board Game

  1. i would want a mule as the 1st animal on my ark! if need timber/logs moved afterwards that is taken care of!

  2. I’ve always liked tigers, so I’d have to ensure they were on the boat.
    Next would be monkeys because my little ones are a pack of howler monkeys.

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