Mega Giveaway Day 12 – Chopstick Dexterity Game

Chopstick Dexterity by Mayday Games is the prize for Day 12 of our 2016 Mega Giveaway. You may recall that we featured Chopstick Dexterity last year and enjoyed being able to beat the kids at a game of speed for a change. At least we used to until they developed a taste for sushi and managed to get proficient at using chopsticks.

You’ll find Chopstick Dexterity listed in our Family Games Gift Guide (Part 1) along with a variety of other fun games. With a variety of types and themes, we are sure you can find something for someone on your list.

In case you’re new to our 100+ Days of Giveaways, each giveaway has daily entry options so you can come back to this giveaway (and the others) for more entries. Be sure to like our sponsors’ social channels as a way of saying thank you for making this possible.

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 12 – Chopstick Dexterity Game

28 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 12 – Chopstick Dexterity Game

  1. I try, but I’m really not very good at using chopsticks! If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again 🙂

  2. Pretty good with chopsticks myself. We got some attached chopsticks for the kids to use and those seem like a great idea for little ones.

  3. I have zero proficiency with chop sticks — I’ve tried several times to use them, but always give up and use a fork.

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