Tips for a Fun Teen Beach 2 Viewing Party

Tips for hosting a Teen Beach 2 Viewing Party. - #TeenBeach2Event #InsideOutEvent


Summer is finally here! The kids are our of school and finally getting some sunshine and fitness. Right?


Mother Nature hasn't been very outdoor-friendly this summer. Good thing we have tips for a Teen Beach 2 Viewing Party for inside! - #TeenBeach2Event #InsideOutEvent

Only in my dreams, at least. Mother Nature has been hitting us with monsoon-like weather leaving our ground soaking wet. We’ve gotten out in the sunshine a little but mostly we’ve watched our hopes of being outside float down the steady stream of water.

Thankfully, we have ideas on how to keep them entertained while engulfing them in a positive message. Make some beach-inspired snacks, create themed decorations, grab a few friends and watch Teen Beach 2! Not necessarily in that order, of course.

Festive food and decorations are great, but even more fun when incorporated into the party! So rather than spend a lot of time preparing the party, make the preparation PART of the party. Start with themed foods that everyone will appreciate.

Create fun recipes for a Teen Beach 2 Viewing Party - Crab Cupcakes - #TeenBeach2Event #InsideOutEvent
Crab Cupcakes
Create fun recipes for a Teen Beach 2 Viewing Party - Beach Cupcakes - #TeenBeach2Event #InsideOutEvent
Beach Inspired Cupcakes
Create fun recipes for a Teen Beach 2 Viewing Party - S'more Trail Mix - #TeenBeach2Event #InsideOutEvent
S’More Trail Mix
Mason jar milkshakes: Everyone can make their own flavors and cleanup is a snap! - #TeenBeach2Event #InsideOutEvent
Mason Jar Milkshakes or Smoothies

Check out these recipe ideas as well:
Beachy Vacation Pudding, Crispy Treat Flip Flops and Cheesecake Buckets.

All these activities and ideas can be done while watching the movie. Well, when guests aren’t dancing, that is!

  • Origami bracelets: When I was a kid I remember my cousins making these really cool bracelets and necklaces out of gum wrappers. They showed me a few times how to do it but I was never able to master it. Save gum wrappers to give these Teen Beach 2 origami bracelets more character. As a bonus, recycling garbage fits right in line with the theme of the movie!
  • Origami lei necklaces: Beachify your outfit with a lei!
  • Photo booth props: What tween, teen (and yes, even mom) doesn’t love a good photo booth. Create beach-inspired props to help capture the memories of the day.
  • Picture frame: Create a frame specifically for the photo booth memories!
  • Dance lessons: Watch a few of the videos to learn the dance moves then join in during the movie!
  • Lounge “chairs”: Have guests bring their favorite beach towel. They can lay out on the floor like they’re on the beach.

If Mother Nature decides to be a beach, make a party out of it! Teen Beach 2 premieres June 26th at 8pm on Disney Channel.

What recipe or craft would you put top on your list?

10 thoughts on “Tips for a Fun Teen Beach 2 Viewing Party

  1. These are all such great party ideas! I love the mason jar smoothies, and I am sure my party goers would love them too!

    1. Know what I like most about the Mason Jar milkshake, Nicole? They are quick since everyone has their own container for blending. This is great when there are individuals with allergies present. As a bonus, cleanup is a breeze since all the jars just go right into the dishwasher!

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