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Dancing has always made me happy. Any kind of dancing from any genre of music. Even if I don’t listen to the words, just moving to the beat has always been enough to make me smile.

Nicole circa 1973. When she first learned to dance! - SahmReviews.com

I was just a wee one when I started taking dance lessons. Like 3 years old give or take. I took lessons in several dance styles, but my favorites were tap and jazz. You could usually find me front and center during performances and I loved it.

Scheduling became an issue and I stopped taking lessons in about 5th grade. Even after a long break without lessons, I was able to participate on the school dance teams in both high school and college. Good enough to be on the team. Definitely not a standout dancer though. By that point, I had started losing my edge.

As of this past Tuesday, I KNOW I’ve lost my edge. Yet that didn’t keep me from smiling the entire time I was getting instruction from Teen Beach stars, Jordan Fisher and Chrissie Fit. Not just any lessons, either. Lessons on one of the dances performed in Teen Beach 2!

Chrissy Fit and Jordan Fisher will be on hand to answer questions during our #TeenBeach2Event. - SahmReviews.com

Following a screening of the movie and a Q&A session, the room was cleared of chairs and tripping hazards – except for our own two feet! I’ll have a different post detailing the movie and the Q&A session, but today you get to hear all about my modern-day dance skills.

Or lack thereof. At least I have a pretty smile that is never missing during lessons.

Just like the original, Teen Beach 2 is filled with catchy songs and fun dancing. Except this time they seem to have stepped it up several notches. There’s bonus footage that talks about how much training the dance scenes required… I’ll fill you in on the specifics in the next post but lets just say it was a LOT.

Gotta Be Me is the dance we were learning starting with the part where they say “March to the Beat.” Jordan took the point in teaching it, focusing simply on two 8-count beats. We all lined up in rows, then Jordan regularly rotated the rows to ensure everyone had a chance in the front. That didn’t go over so well with the people who had intentionally placed themselves at the back of the room.

Teen Beach 2 dance lessons from Jordan Fisher and Chrissie Fit! Gotta Be Me. - SahmReviews.com #TeenBeach2Event

That’s me on the left in the black and orange. I started at the front. I always do, even at the gym. I figure if I make a mistake, people behind me will too. Not only am I not making mistakes alone, nobody can tell where the problem started. Next time you need to decide where to stand, keep that in mind. In the beginning of the lessons I did really well. As you can see, the positioning of my feet and arms are pretty close to those of Jordan’s! Awesome!

Then my row moved to the back and things didn’t go so well. That was the end of me having the moves right. Anything I learned after that wasn’t so pretty. We continued to rotate lines and by the time we were on our last run through, my line had returned to the front. Funny story – One of the reps was videotaping it so we could watch ourselves later. It was for our own entertainment only. Sorry, folks, you won’t be seeing that one. When Jordan asked us to rotate, we all started laughing, cheering and/or groaning about our relocation. I can see him in the video smiling and heard him say we’re like a box of baby chicks. That totally made me giggle because, yeah, we were. Peep, peep, peep.

Teen Beach 2 dance lessons from Jordan Fisher and Chrissie Fit! Gotta Be Me. - SahmReviews.com #TeenBeach2Event

At the end of the second 8-count, we slide our right foot toward our left and strike a pose showing our own personalities and attitudes. As you can see from the photo, I wasn’t…even…close. I kept losing my balance or putting my weight on the wrong foot or something. Whatever the problem, I just couldn’t nail it. I have some serious practicing to do before Miss K insists on my dancing to it with her when Teen Beach 2 oremieres on June 26th at 8:00 p.m., ET/PT on Disney Channel.

Even completely off-kilter, I’m still laughing, still smiling and still having fun. I’m totally in tune with that song. “Gotta Be Me.”

What type of songs do you like to dance to?

17 thoughts on “March to the Beat of Teen Beach 2

    1. Yes, it was, Holly. I have a great deal of respect for Jordan and Chrissie after meeting them in person. They are truly a class act. Personable. Fun. GREAT role models for our kids!

    1. Glad I’m not the only crazy mom, Shannon! Whenever I hear oldies, like 50s-60s, I start to bop around. I love it but it drives my kids crazy. LOL.

  1. This looks like it would have been sooooooo much fun! I saw the pictures on Facebook that day and was just a little bit jealous. I love to dance!

  2. What a great way to get exercise and have fun at the same time. The video is a great idea. Entertainment as well as a teaching aid. I wish I could still dance. I’d love to join a class like yours.

  3. That looks like it must have been one of the most fun parts of your trip! My daughter is absolutely beside herself to see Teen Beach 2. She loved the first one.

  4. I know I would have definitely enjoyed that. Plus, I am sure it would have been fun to be a witness seeing everyone learn the parts. My son is looking forward to seeing this movie.

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