Taking Advice and Boots from Scarecrows


Fashion inspiration can come in the most unlikely of places. For instance, a scarecrow. Care to hear a funny story about a cute pair of boots on an abandoned scarecrow?

I don’t know about you but we didn’t have much money in the college and post-college years. That’s when I developed some of my frugal strategies and desire to clip coupons. Since I grew up in the country, I hadn’t embraced the garage sale scene yet nor had I discovered all the treasures that could be found at thrift stores. Mostly, I just did my best to save by pinching pennies at the grocery store.

We lived in apartments with young neighbors in similar financial straits. Some were single, others young moms and some were simply young couples just like us. About a month after we moved in, the neighbors on the back side of the building decided to be festive and dress up a scarecrow to put out on their patio. Their patio faced the parking area so every day on the way to work, I walked past that scarecrow and every day when I parked, it was staring at me. I remember it so well; it was dressed in a lumberjack shirt, jeans and hiking boots. As the colder weather set in, it sat there in the dusting of snow.

Then the neighbors moved out. We didn’t know them so I’m unsure of the reason. Whether their lease had expired or they just needed to leave. I often wondered if their departure was a last minute decision because I don’t even recall them loading their belongings into any kind of truck. All I know is that they abandoned the fully-dressed scarecrow. Back then, there weren’t inexpensive options for jeans nor boots. I don’t remember how long it sat there after they moved out but I do remember thinking it was a total shame that the prior resident forgot those jeans and super cute boots. That’s when my boot obsession became very apparent. While I had no interest in undressing a scarecrow to claim the abandoned jeans, I set my pride aside to nab those boots before they hit the dumpster. Those scarecrow boots lasted for many more years before finally taking a more timely trip to the landfill.

Alas, my passion is unavoidable. I love boots. I purchase them at the store, at resale shops and even online. Whenever there is a boot sale on MyHabit, Scott asks me which ones I want. I’m still a reasonable person and limit my boot stock to what I will regularly wear. While I have a black pair of dress boots, a black pair of something more casual had eluded me. I often wore tennis shoes instead of boots when I knew I would be walking a lot or on my feet for an extended period of time. I’m not a fashionista but even I knew that was not the best fashion statement. Besides, I prefer cute boots. Of course it is winter so I have my comfy, cute and warm winter boots but I don’t always want to wear something so hefty.

Cute boots and a nice view. - SahmReviews.com

(Cue the runway music…)

I now have a better solution than tennis shoes or boots with heels. Boots that I can wear out into the cold but also when I’m going to be shopping or at the mall. Depending on what I wear them with, they look casual, classic or industrial. The other day, I wore them by the river with black jeans and a dress jacket. With traditional jeans and a casual jacket, they look more like a pair of hiking boots.

What is this mysterious pair of boots I speak of? Sophia by Lugz.

Sophia boots from Lugz are chic, stylish and comfortable. - SahmReviews.com

The description on the website is dead on. “The Women’s Sophia lace-up boot offers a chic twist to the classic workboot style.” They are available in a few different colors which may change up how they look with something dressier but I’m not sure. When I ordered them, I didn’t know how well the colors and material would work with a dressy jacket. I wasn’t sure if these would be simply for days when I wanted to bum around. It couldn’t be further from the truth. I actually have worn these every day with a variety of outfits since I received them.

Sophia boots by Lugz are comfortable, versatile and affordable. - SahmReviews.com

Now I have to say that I’m one of those people who gets a bit freaked out when my new shoes or boots get dirty. Joking or not, I don’t want my feet stepped on until they’ve already been broken in by normal wear. When I hop out of the van on windy days, I have a habit of hooking my feet on the door to keep it from flying. Every time I have worn them, I’ve looked down to see some kind of “scuff” like the one on the picture above. Fortunately, that isn’t dirt or damage. It’s actually just the way the suede (or whatever the treatment is) happens to be laying as a result of me crossing my feet, scraping the door or just bumping them. A simple rub across the top and they look as good as new. Well, for now anyhow. I suspect that I’ll be wearing these a lot and know they’ll get dirty eventually.

I’m so excited about these boot that I want you to have a pair too! Sure, I can encourage you to click through an purchase a pair of Sophia boots but you know how I am. I like winning stuff and I like giving away stuff too. So enter to win a pair of your own! Stomp your way over to their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels to see what else is kicking.

Lugz Sophia Boots (ARV $70)

What is your favorite type of boot?

67 thoughts on “Taking Advice and Boots from Scarecrows

  1. Thanks for that story. You are super frugal. I’ve never de-feeted a scarecrow but I have rescued a TV set from the dumpster.

    1. Be sure to enter to win them, Athena. I’ve been using them during this cold spell and my feet have been nice and comfortable. Can’t say that about my dress boots.

  2. Very cute boots! I have to say that in your first picture where you say You’re blocking the view reminded me of when my Mom used to tell us we made a better door than we did a window.

  3. If I lived in a climate that was warm all year round I would either be wearing sandals (which I am known for) or barefoot. Since I live in NY and it does snow here I do have to have boots. I did find a pair that actually look semi stylish and fit me-not an easy task. These do look like boots that would last a long time-which is a big plus for me since I hate shoe shopping!! I will go to the site and see if they sell them in stores–I really do have trouble getting shoes that fit comfortably.

  4. I think those are extremely stylish looking for winter. I don’t have much use for those in Arizona other than fashion! lol They are definitely cute! Makes me want to trek up to the snow just to wear a cute outfit and these boots.

  5. I am stuck buying a LOT of boys shoes, it is extremely hard to find WW width, and I simply refuse to ruin my feet by smashing them into too narrow a shoe. It is SO hard to find any boots to fit, I currently have boys’ Sorels.

  6. My favorite boots keep my feet warm, dry, and have a good tread on the bottom. They also have to make me look smokin’ HOT! Those are the LUGZ Sophias all the way!

  7. I have a favorite depending on the weather…I really like these boots for winter and outdoors stuff, I like leather riding boots when it isn’t going to rain or snow.

  8. I, like you, have a boot obsession. Boots can be tall or short, I like all of them! I really like these boots, I remember having a similar pair many years ago. Hummm…wonder what happened to them.

  9. I can so go back to my early adult life and see myself desiring those boots! I just bought a pair of LL Bean snow sneakers – most money I have ever paid for a pair of shoes in my life but I LOVE THEM! I hope they last me a long, long time.

  10. Not sure what my fave boots would be since I haven’t bought any in so long. I have been thinking about getting some since the winters are harsher here now. Thank you for the chance to win.

  11. Bet I’ve bought this type of boot yearly from differing manufacturers, but not Lugz. I would love to find a boot that outlasts the season and these look like they may fit the bill.

  12. You need a whole boot wardrobe! I like low easy-on boots for every day (now using Easy Spirit), Sorel for heavy snow, rain boots for torrential downpours.

  13. I love these boots, not only the looks but living in WA state they look like they would be perfect for winter!

  14. Yep – now I am going to get these boots for myself – winter and hopefully great hiking boots – usually my boots don’t look too feminine – you’re right about that – I’ve already taken a look at the site for these boots and the price is right on target for what usually spend – thank you!! YAY

  15. I love a work boot like these! My current ones had to be retired and I’m in need of a pair. With 3 very active little boys, a garden and country life…boots are an essential!

  16. My favorite type of boot has really changed – I now like something that is sturdy and has a flat (or very low) heel, good for walking, working outside, etc. Before, I would have said something with a fairly high heel, and very fashionable. These are cute boots and look sturdy, too.

  17. My favorite type of boots this year were over the knee Santana black boots. I actually bought the brown too. They do not have a heel & super comfortable. I broke them in from October to this month and with as cold of winter as we have had, having the over the knee boot kept me really warm.

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