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ChiTAGFair is always a fun experience for our entire family but last year we took a different spin and let our young correspondents interview inventors and company representatives. Because they enjoyed it so much (and everyone else thought it was cool), we decided to do the same again this year!

We had the pleasure of catching up with Denise Tayloe, Co-Founder and CEO of PRIVO, an FTC-approved, neutral third-party Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Safe Harbor and identity & consent service provider. PRIVO enables websites, apps, games and other online services to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) when they interact with and market to children online under the age of 13.

PRIVO’s core business is to deliver easy to use, safe management of parental consent for children. This core service enables companies with the knowledge, resources and tools necessary to initiate and manage responsible and effective youth and parent relationships online. PRIVO is a women-owned small business located in Northern Virginia.

See what they’re up to by checking them out on Facebook and Twitter. If you have children under 13, PRIVO’s services should be of great interest to you!

20 thoughts on “Highlights: ChiTAG 2014 (PRIVO)

  1. I love the idea of encouraging your daughters to do these interviews. I bet they loved it too. This particular small business seems like one that is very needed.

  2. It is really great that they allow your children to do the interviewing! This service should be used by all who have children 13 and under. I am glad to hear there is actually an independent control group watching out for the children!

  3. I’m a teacher and a mom. Online safety and awareness is such an important topic these days! Thanks for bringing this service to our attention.

  4. Going to a toy & game fair could be fun. Glad to hear your kids are interested in what you do and can be involved.

  5. This must be a blast for those of us that like to play games. Seeing what’s out there and also teaching your kids some life lessons along the way.

  6. I know this article was from 2014, but the parents and guardians haven’t changed their views about their children’s safety online or off! In my opinion, PRIVO is a necessary program or a program similar! There are predators just waiting to grab our kids! What’s really scary is you don’t know where they are or where they live! It is an open market out there! A woman’s company invented this which is so awesome!! They know kids! The interview with the little girl was excellent! She was very confident and held her own while speaking! She’ll be the next CEO of her company!!

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