Time Travel with IKEA

Time Travel with IKEA


When we moved to Los Angeles in 1995, we discovered all kinds of cool new things. Cultural street festivals, exotic foods, languages we had never heard before and stores that were years from making it to the Midwest. One of my absolute favorite stores was IKEA. We would make a day of heading to the store, having a lunch of Swedish meatballs and exploring the halls one department at a time.

Our first apartment was furnished with quite a bit of IKEA shelving and trinkets that moved along with us when we purchased our first home. The varieties were fun as well as affordable. When we returned to Iowa, we were thrilled to know that IKEA had opened a store in Schaumburg, Illinois. The 450,000 sq ft store boasted the status as the largest IKEA store in the US. We’ve been there, oh, a few times, since relocating back to the Midwest. I think every room in our home has something from IKEA in it. From a large bookshelf in the play room to salad tongs in the kitchen. On our most recent visit, we purchased several shelves to house our collection of thrift treasures and other games.

When we needed shelves for all our board games, we headed to IKEA! - SahmReviews.com

In addition to having lunch, we horse around and dream of ways to incorporate the different fun items into our home. No trip through the store is ever just about the path but it’s also about the journey. We stop to play with gadgets, look at knick-knacks and occasionally find a hamper lid that makes a great hat.

Our fashionista makes everything look good. Even hamper lids at IKEA! - SahmReviews.com

I guess that’s why IKEA’s Time Travel Experiment video made me giggle. I could totally see something like this happening when we visit the store. It resonated even more with me because we literally lose track of time whenever we enter an IKEA!

“What’s the Time Travel Video?” you ask. IKEA collaborated with Justin Tranz to hypnotize a young couple and help them experience a few future days in the everyday life of their family. It showcases how the normal events have just as much impact on changes as the big events. Check it out:

There’s always something to find at IKEA if you take the time to look around. Sometimes you don’t realize you need it until you see it in one of their demo rooms. Johan Wickmark, Global Catalogue Manager says “In the new IKEA catalogue you can find solutions for every episode in life.” If you can relate to any of the scenes in the video or like the video, let IKEA know on either Twitter or Facebook.

Have you ever visited an IKEA? What’s your favorite part of the store?


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30 comments on «Time Travel with IKEA»

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    We actually steer clear of Ikea. Unless it’s 9 am on a Tuesday – otherwise it’s too crowded to get near the place.

  2. IKEA is one store that I wish we had near us. This story is on the must visit list for my middle daughter.

  3. Bethany says:

    I have never visited an Ikea, but I have heard a lot of good things about their stuff! I might just have to take a look next time. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for sharing your review on Ikea 🙂 May just have to check out!

  5. Terry says:

    I have never been to an IKEA. I don’t even know if there is one anywhere at all near us. I am going to look right now.

  6. I love everything from Ikea and I am super happy you gt stylish shelves for your games instead of a rusty bomb shelter

  7. My girlfriend loves Ikea. She could seriously spend the whole day in there.

  8. Michele says:

    I have yet to go to IKEA. It is over the George Washington bridge in New Jersey-maybe 45 minutes with construction and traffic! One of these days I have to make it over there to see what it is all about.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Ikea is awesome! They have so much great stuff in there, you can’t get to it all in one day.

  10. Debi says:

    I love Ikea. I think I could live at that store.

  11. I have never actually been to an IKEA. There is one that just opened in Miami last month but I haven’t been there yet. It’s funny to see how people are so thrilled about it coming here!

  12. Sofia says:

    We have to go to Seattle to go to IKEA. While I love it, my husband avoids it unless he really, really, reeeaaaaalllllyyyyy needs to go there. I could spend hours at IKEA 🙂

  13. Jenna Wood says:

    Is it silly that visiting an IKEA store is on my bucket list? I always shop online, but have yet to make the hour and half drive to the nearest store. Rumor is one is opening up closer soon!

  14. I’m addicted to Ikea and it’s best if I stay away haha. There are so many thing I want to get right now.

  15. Janel says:

    I love IKEA! I’ll be right over to play a game!! What an awesome collection!

  16. LOVE Ikea! We bought storage cabinets from them in our upstairs stairwell. Love that store!

  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE IKEA ,, and love to create ikea hacks with all the things I find there.. 1/2 my house has ikea stuff.. I grew up with Ikea in Germany and love having a little bit of familiarity here in Florida… thanks for sharing

  18. Amanda says:

    Can you believe I have never been to IKEA? I have heard SO much about it (all good things!) but there is not one close by. Closest one is 3 hours away. I might need to take a road trip!

  19. Brett says:

    I’ve never been to Ikea before. I would love to check it out.

  20. I am obsessed with IKEA!!!

  21. Amy D says:

    We love Ikea, or maybe I should say I love Ikea!! My husband dreads going there!!

  22. Angela S says:

    I bet the festivals and cultural events near you are fantastic! I had an IKEA store near me when I lived in Florida. I so miss it now!

  23. I love Ikea! I could spend days in there! They have so many great things that you just can’t get anywhere else.

  24. I’ve never been in an Ikea. The closest one to us is about an hour away.

  25. Jenn Park says:

    We don’t have IKEA where I live. I wish we did because I have always wanted to shop at one.

  26. I LOVE Ikea. I could spend all my money on their shelves and picture frames!

  27. I got lost the first time I went into our IKEA. Luckily I found my way out. So much fun stuff to see!

  28. We have to drive about an hour and a half away to get to our nearest IKEA Store and it’s pretty fun going there… The lines ARE insane and I always enjoy trying out all the fun furniture and looking at their kitchen stuff..

  29. Nuno Santos says:

    For me ikea is great meatballs!

  30. Nuno Santos says:

    Today just learned how ikea and pepsi got the name. Good story!

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