There is no doubt that we are a bit of a geeky family. While we are frugal, when we make sizable purchases, we try to make decisions that are well thought-out and weigh the costs versus the benefits, including technology advancements and longevity. As an example when we purchase a vehicle, we get the latest options to ensure we can get the most miles out of it before the features become obsolete. The same holds true for appliances. We don’t skimp on quality even if it costs a little extra. We buy the most we can within our budget with the thought that it will be a while before we need to purchase another. While our current appliances work fine, we are starting to see some age-related issues requiring maintenance, so I’m constantly checking out the latest and greatest advances.

This past weekend at BlogHer, I’m excited to say that I saw some very new and very unique features on display at the Samsung booth. I’m excited to be able to share some of the latest innovations with you.

Samsung Chef Collection

There are several refrigerators in the line but only two were on display on the BlogHer expo floor: the 4-Door French Door and the Food ShowCase Refrigerator. Both are first-class appliances melding technology, design and function. The stainless steel French door design provides a classic look to fit most modern kitchens. Integrated into the in-door water dispenser of the 4-Door model is the ability to dispense sparkling water in addition to traditional crushed and cubed ice. The inside features a large space with produce drawers as well as a large party-platter drawer.  One of the chilling sections allows the user to decide whether to utilize it as a freezer or a refrigerator section. Perfect for those times when you’ll be entertaining vs stocking up on frozen goods. One last thing: the door boasts a digital display of the interior temperatures of each compartment. No more opening the door to see what the temperature is!

No food cuddling in this Chef Collection fridge from Samsung! Serious spaciousness with a whole list of other cool features. - SahmReviews.com #MasterYourHome

The Food ShowCase model offers French Doors on the top with drawers underneath. The appliance’s most unique feature is a condiment section on the door for easy access to those regularly used products. Open the outer door to access just the items in the door shelves or open the entire thing to access the main compartment and shelves. The separate snack drawer, shallow but the width of the entire appliance, is perfect for items like yogurt, fruit, juice boxes and bottled water. With freezer drawers the full width of the appliance, users can easily include larger and wider items like frozen pizza.

The perfect size drawer for all your snacking needs. This drawer in Samsung's new fridge solves the problem of the ever-open "what do I want to eat" door. - SahmReviews.com #MasterYourHome

Aside from the introduction of induction ovens, I seldom hear about breakthrough innovations. Of course, Samsung had a pretty cool new feature in the Chef Collection Slide-In range. The inside, dubbed Flex Duo, allows the user to cook different items at the same time AT TWO DIFFERENT temperatures. It also sports split racks to allow for taller items. The Chef Bake technology is used to ensure a consistent cooking temperature as you multi-task your range unlike you’ve ever done before with the dual temperature settings and 5 burners on the cook top.

Samsung's Chef Collection Range is like having a double oven in half the space! With a divider that allows cooking at two temperatures, this range has multi-tasking written all over it. - SahmReviews.com #MasterYourHome

The microwave looks like any other except it has an upgraded front display panel. In addition to a ceramic inside for easy cleaning, it also has a removable filter that can be washed in the dishwasher. That’s right… no scrubbing the filter!

The Chef Collection dishwasher uses a new technology called WaterWall. Instead of the traditional fan-style spinner to dispense and distribute water, the WaterWall is like a a car wash for your dishes. One steady, solid stream that moves back and forth across the basin to ensure all dishes get their share of water. No more worrying about which dishes are facing what direction and where they are placed. Not with this innovative model.

It's like a car wash for your dishes! Samsung's WaterWall Technology provides even coverage. - SahmReviews.com #MasterYourHome

Have you ever had a washer and dryer pretty enough to put in your kitchen? Not that you would but the design is lovely enough that you could! Available in both front-load and top-load versions, these big boys boast the ability to wash not just one but TWO down comforters. The Steam Washer helps remove stains with limited pre-treatment while the Steam Dryer reduces the amount of time of ironing! The SuperSpeed feature means a full load of laundry in 30 minutes!

#MasterYourHome with Samsung Home Appliances! The washer boasts the ability to fit TWO down comforters! - SahmReviews.com

Finally, one of the most unique appliances on display was the stainless steel Baby Care appliance. It’s basically a miniature top-load washing machine designed to handle daintier things like baby clothes. The settings include baby care vs. course with a range from super sanitize hitting 190°F for those messier items to quick wash for small things like spit-ups. It also offers varying water levels, soak durations (20min, 40min, 60min) and even extra rinses. When the baby’s laundry is ready to commingle with the rest of the family, the BabyCare can be dual purposed into a washer for your other gentle cycle items. With a separate hose, it can connect to any sink such as in the bathroom near the nursery.

Whether there's a baby in your house, are tight on space or you just have a lot of gentle-care items, Samsung's Baby Care Washer is worth a look! - SahmReviews.com #MasterYourHome

For more information on these innovative appliances, visit Samsung or the Home Appliance page on Facebook.

Samsung has set the bar high for the appliance market. I really, really need to put the refrigerator on my wish list! Which do you like most?

17 thoughts on “Appliance Envy: Samsung Chef Collection

  1. I am in need of a washer. My GE upright broke about a year after I got it. I really didn’t want an upright to begin with.. so now, I am back to the washer I have in the basement. I like it though! But, I do need to replace the one upstairs that is broken.

  2. Samsung is a good brand. I almost settle on a Samsung S 3 Smart phone but got an HTC instead. The last SAMSUNG item we owned was a VCD Dad gifted me as a surprise. I still have it but now it’s vintage, I guess:)

  3. Nicole, I really enjoyed learning about these appliances! I have a French door in my kitchen of the cheaper variety and another leading from my laundry room to the garage. The dog LOVES the one in the kitchen as he can see so much more and settles in front of it, watching for any one of my neighbors to come or go, which sets of rapturous barking!
    I’ve always wanted a fridge with ice water and cubes or crushed ice! But I had to settle for a simple one since I don’t have much space for a sleek design like the one you reviewed!
    Thanks again!

  4. I actually have seen a house that had the washer and dryer in the kitchen (behind a closed slat door duo). I thought that was a cool/convenient place to have it too. 🙂 That was when we were house hunting. I’ve never seen one before or since. 😉

    You’re right though, these are all sleek and very good looking, and the advanced technology in them sounds amazing.

  5. I want them all! Of course in my small kitchen (walk through)-none of them would fit. And as for the washer, dryer-we are not allowed to have them in our apartments-dish washers are even frowned upon. No I do not have one.

  6. Nicole,

    These are some great reviews. I truly fell in love with the washer. I love being frugal as I think it is a lifestyle but with that being said, a part of being frugal is thinking ahead to what will be the most cost-effective solution. Sometimes we may have to pay a bit more now for a certain product or service so that we get the best benefit in the long run. Thank you for sharing.

  7. What a wonderful collection. I never would have known that Samsung made all these appliances. Unfortunately, I am sure they are all out of our price range. A shame really, we desperately need a dishwasher.

  8. Samsung definitely does make a whole lot more than just TVs and phones. Their home appliances are actually quite excellent, in my experience. The fridges are awesome. I’m the same way with purchases in that I try not to buy things I don’t really need, but if it is something I need, I’d be willing to pay more and have it work well and last. Refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers would fall under this category, I think.

  9. Amazing chef collections!! Samsung is more vibrant is launching the best products and applications these days that seems to reach a huge consumer range. Their technologies are astounding and noteworthy!!

  10. Great review of this product line Nicole!

    I bought a new fridge recently and really wanted the french door Samsung but it was too wide for my space 🙁

    Love all of your reviews 🙂

  11. I visited the Samsung suite at BlogHer14 and I really loved that washer/dryer set- I was amazed at the quick load option that processes in 30 minutes! And you just can’t beat the capacity for the floor space. I only wish they would bring back the cherry red finish!

  12. The double oven in one could be a huge help around the holidays when cooking family dinner. These all look so beautiful, I could use that fridge too!

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