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If you’re a parent then you can completely relate to how quickly time passes. One minute, our kids are just infants and the next… well, they’re not.

Our kids grow up before our eyes. - SahmReviews.com

We recently celebrated Miss K’s 10th birthday and with that, we spent some time looking at pictures of her throughout the years. Life is about living but sometimes being busy (and the chaos that is “now”) means we forget they are continuing to grow right before our very eyes.

Hypnotist Justin Tranz helps a couple travel through time inside the walls of IKEA. - SahmReviews.com #IKEATimeTravel

What if you went from proposing to having a 15 year old in a matter of hours? That’s what happened to Jeff and Beth while visiting IKEA. Before I explain that, please take a minute to backtrack to part one of the IKEA Time Travel Experiment. Just like in the first video, hypnotists Justin Tranz helps a couple of IKEA patrons experience time travel right in the bedrooms and bathrooms of the store.

Hypnotist Justin Tranz helps patrons travel through time inside the walls of IKEA. - SahmReviews.com #IKEATimeTravel

This video is a lot funnier than the first one, in my opinion, because the couple is so endearing (with realistic responses.) Beth’s response when Jeff proposes is classic. Jeff’s reaction when his son asks for more details on the birds and the bees is hilarious. As with the original video, IKEA is trying to show that real-life experiences happen in the most common places, in our bedrooms and bathrooms.

Check it out and you be the judge.

Would you want to be hypnotized in the middle of IKEA?

12 thoughts on “IKEA Time Travel Experiment – Part 2

  1. Now I want to make my first trip to IKEA more than ever! This is so wonderful…thank you so much for the chuckle! I really needed it and I agree, I like the one make in IKEA better.

  2. I have got to make my first trip to IKEA! Not only does it look awesome…I hear they have some great food! I think the ppl in IKEA were def better.

  3. When we first moved in about 15 years ago, I bought nearly everything I needed from Ikea. We’ve been back over the years and bought living room furniture. It’s fabulous, long-lasting and beautiful. I still have the lace curtains hanging at the windows, made from material they used to sell. Live goes on and things change–like your fantastic pictures of your daughter on the chair. But the chair intself remains a classic.

  4. The idea of time travel is so fascinating. More and more lately, I doubt my perceptions. I see something and am so sure I see it, and next minute it is gone, it’s different than what I thought I saw. This blog post resonated with that a lot.

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