My wife says I’m a hard person to buy for. I don’t see it. I think she’s just not being attentive or creative enough – there’s plenty of things I would love to have that I either won’t or haven’t bought for myself. Dropping hints flies over her head, so much so that last year I even not-so-subtly laid out exactly what I wanted for Christmas. Didn’t work, she didn’t purchase a single item from the list…

It’s no secret that I spend a good portion of my day in front of a computer. Whether writing for SahmReviews, doing maintenance on my other websites or even playing a quick game of Hearthstone, my eyes are usually glued to a screen. Sometimes I’ll fire up Netflix or Spotify in a second monitor to keep myself entertained, but Nicole doesn’t always want to hear it while she’s trying to get work done also. Fortunately we’ve had the opportunity to review some very good headphones in the past, but I just received a pair that are now my go-to set for working at home.

Lightweight and very long battery life.  The Kinivo BTH240 should probably be your next set of wireless headphones. - SahmReviews.com

The Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth headphones are an almost perfect solution for my needs. The behind-the-head design keeps the weight off the top of my head and the wireless Bluetooth connection means I won’t be fumbling with a wire while trying to type.

Lightweight and very long battery life.  The Kinivo BTH240 should probably be your next set of wireless headphones. - SahmReviews.com

While you won’t get any real noise-reduction capabilities from this style of earphone, the quality of playback is more than enough to make up for it. The range seemed very good, although I would have preferred a little more bass. Controls are conveniently placed on the right ear allowing you to adjust the volume, skip tracks and even answer your phone. A nice touch we haven’t noticed in other Bluetooth speakers, the volume does NOT directly control the volume on your device, but is an independent volume level, which allows you two forms of volume control.

Kinivo claims 10 hours of talk and/or music time, and while I didn’t run it until empty, have to assume it is accurate. I did use it one day for nearly 8 hours straight streaming from my iPhone without having to charge it. On that day I did discover one thing that was a little uncomfortable – these headphone ‘grip’ the top of your ears to stay in place. After so many hours of wearing them non-stop I did have some discomfort from my ears being ‘pinched’ for that long. I don’t think this is unique to this model, just the nature of the beast for this type of design.

Lightweight and very long battery life.  The Kinivo BTH240 should probably be your next set of wireless headphones. - SahmReviews.com

From reading some of the Amazon reviews, it seems people have had good luck using them while on the move or doing yard chores. While I didn’t try to mow the lawn with them on, I have to believe that too much of the mower noise would leak through. Of course those people who recommend them while riding a bike or jogging just aren’t being safe – you should never completely block out the noise from your surroundings when participating in those activities.

For under $25, the BTH240 should be a good solution for a lightweight, wireless set of headphones for at home or travel. They collapse nicely into a smaller form for easy stowing, come with a drawstring bag to store them in and are available at Amazon for immediate shipment for yourself or as a gift this holiday season. Don’t forget to check out the other audio products offered by Kinivo, many of which we’ve presented here on SahmReviews.

What’s your preference in audio gear? Earbuds or headphones? Wired or wireless? Over or behind-the-head?

19 thoughts on “Light on Your Head (and Wallet)

  1. Thanks for this review. It can definitely be an issue with headphones that have wires. Constantly feeling tethered to my laptop or getting tangled. This looks like a good and affordable solution.

  2. Hum, these would be good for when I go out to eat with my Mom and the noise level gets so high that she turns down the level of her hearing aides. I would love to block even some of that noise out!

  3. I am about to move from an office back to cubicles and am in need of a pair. I love not having a cord! Do you think this could block out a lot of office noise?

    1. They’re not noise-cancelling, but I have to say I did finally wear them while mowing and although I had to turn them up a bit, they were able to overcome the noise from the mower. In an office setting they’d probably work well, as they are super-easy to take off quickly to attend to something.

  4. LOL at leaving the list! My husband is easy to buy for…it’s his mom and dad that stump me every year. I like the headphones. I am glad you mentioned not running or biking (or especially driving!) with all noises blocked out. That seems like a very big risk to me too.

  5. I personally love headphone and these one look amazing, all the features sure out do all the headphones I have currently, love how convenient these are, even better for travel. Great price too, but I might have the problem with the grip on these over the ear for long term wearing.

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