Accessories Can Make the Mood

Accessories Can Make the Mood


A few years ago, I read on my friend’s blog, Classy Chaos, that just because you are a stay at home mom doesn’t mean you can’t dress with some sense of elegance. She said even with a simple black shirt, pants and boots, she could add just a different cover or sweater and change the total look. She also pointed out that an awesome necklace can really transform an outfit.

Her words of wisdom have stuck with me all this time. Even though I still wear jeans 90% of the time, I have given a lot more thought to my wardrobe and try not to sit around in T-Shirts even when I know I’m not leaving the house. As I continue to see yoga pants and boots to be the typical style-of-choice everywhere I go, I cringe and wish people would go back to wearing nice jeans… or something. I’m just not a fan of the yoga pants style.

Just recently when we started a quest for contributing authors for SAHM Reviews, a fashion blogger expressed interest and told me a little about herself. She had the same attitude about dressing up even just to go to the grocery store. It’s a great idea and I realize I need to find more jewelry that can go with simple outfits to make them totally spectacular. I had never heard of Majestical Jewelry until I saw their name on a blogger outreach board. When I checked out their jewelry, I realized it was exactly what I was looking for.

They sent me the Blue Honey Comb earrings and necklace. The set looked really pretty and I was shocked when I looked at the price! Classy yet economical!

Majestical Jewelry - Earrings -

What surprised me most about the necklace was that – despite being classified as “fashion jewelry” – it was actually very weighted. Sometimes, jewelry feels flimsy but not this one.

Majestical Jewelry has a variety of products ranging in styles and prices. I spotted some really cute silver cuff bracelets as well as tons of adorable fashion necklaces! Aside from already affordable prices, Majestical Jewelry is currently running a promotion for $15 off orders of $55 or more. Simply enter the code 15DOLLARSOFF at checkout.

Feeling Stylish in Majestical Jewelry -

For more information, visit the Majestical Jewelry website or connect with them on social media. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

My friend OHMommy would be proud that I’m not lounging around in sweatpants! Are you a sweatpant-wearing mom or a dress-up mom? Or somewhere in-between?

Nicole Brady

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22 comments on «Accessories Can Make the Mood»

  1. Kungphoo says:

    What a great combination you have going on.. My wife is like you, wears jeans 90% of the time, but like to accessorize

  2. I really like the blue in the necklace. I was a yoga pants kind of mom (and still enjoy them on occasion as they are super comfortable), before losing weight. 🙂 Now I love wearing cute clothes and in my younger days, was really into accessorizing with jewelry. Not so much anymore.

  3. Jenn says:

    I agree with you! Your emotions are drawn from your behavoir. If you are a stay at home mom and lounge in your pjs all day you aren’t going to feel very motivated! Getting up, adding a cool piece of jewelery and you are going to feel a lot better!

  4. Cyndi says:

    I love Majestical Jewelry! Now that I’m transitioning back into being a working mom I’m trying to take more pride in my appearance by wearing jewelry. It’s a fun transition with the right jewelry!

  5. Sara says:

    Nice job- I like the blue as a statement piece. I love jewelry and accessories to dress up a simple outfit- which is really nice while i’m out traveling.

  6. Nicole
    Cool Blue (or Bleau). How elegant. It stands out really nice against the red, good choice in colors. Thanks for the post.

  7. Eliz Frank says:

    The jewelry is very pretty. I love the earrings because I wear them with almost any of my blue family clothes.

  8. Roechelle says:

    That blue is a showstopper for sure 🙂 accessories rock big time, I always pair lovely pieces of jewelry with my outfits to complete the look

  9. A couple of key pieces of jewelry can totally change the look of an outfit for sure!

  10. Thank you for the savings code! This jewelry looks so cute, and affordable!

  11. I LOVE that necklace on you! It looks like it cost hundreds and you look like a million!

  12. Tonia says:

    You’re right. Staying home doesn’t mean we can’t be elegant. My kids are pretty young so necklaces don’t work for me, but adding a pop of color and earrings or bracelets make me feel great.

  13. The pieces look great on you. And that blue is great, so bright!

  14. Jessica says:

    That is beautiful. Wish I could wear it, but I have a nickel allergy and most jewelry causes problems unless it is pure.

  15. Ren says:

    I like what you shared about putting a bit of effort into looking nice!

  16. Ashley says:

    I love those earrings! They look great against your blonde locks!

  17. Nova S says:

    the hardest job so far is being at home mom… we don’t have our paycheck and we are raising people to ensure they are always in the right path…plus the arguments and disciplining is the hardest part of being a mother. so i always salute those mothers who choose to sacrifice their career in exchange of ensuring their kids future…also with the hardwork fathers who never fails to be super support to the family and YES we should dress up once in awhile to look wonderful not only for our husband’s eyes, but for ourselves as well.

  18. Jhady says:

    Blues is my favorite color and wow this jewelry looks classy. Nice also when wearing dress or just nice top and jeans.

  19. I do agree. Accessories can go a long way and it can really add impact to the entire outfit. I don’t particularly wear jewelries, but I love scarves during the cold season or add a punch of color with the bag or shoes or just one item. Love that necklace. What a statement!

  20. Wow, that blue really popped in red! Really nice set of accessory!

  21. Joyce A says:

    I like the pretty earrings! The necklace is a bit too large for me but I’m sure I could make it work! You know how we all seem to have a knack at making the most random things just ‘click’ with an outfit? Like Tim Gunn always says ‘ Make it work…’At the very least it caught my eye enough to get me to check out some of the cool other stuff on their website!

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