Whether for you or your child, Moffett Watches add a "scents" of personality to your wrist. - SahmReviews.com


Waaaayy back in the 80s when I was young, Swatch watches were all the rage. Girls and boys alike sported ones that told a story about their personality. For those who could afford more than one, wearing multiples was the thing to do. I had one Swatch and one Coca-Cola branded watch designed in the Swatch style and to this day, I still have them.

Since that time, I’ve developed a fascination for watches and have a collection with a variety of styles and types, from designer Movado watches to pocket watches. The crazy thing is that I don’t wear a watch every day!

When my kids were little, I bought a few different kinds for them in hopes they would not only develop a love for this functional piece of jewelry but also so they would learn to tell time. Unfortunately, their wrists were always too small for watches designed for their age group. By the time they could fit into a Dora the Explorer watch, they were many years beyond interest in Dora.

Now that they are at ages where their time is more sensitive to a schedule AND their senses more attune to fashion, they are developing an interest. We discovered the cutest scented watches and were on pins and needles awaiting their arrival from Moffett.

With scents to convey their personality and interchangeable pieces, they are reminiscent of my youth. In my eyes, these are the intersection of Swatch and Scratch n Sniff Stickers.

We ordered two different starter packs so each of the girls had their own. Each starter pack comes with two scented interchangeable bezels and interchangeable watch straps and case.  We also ordered one mix and match pack because, well, I like having options so when possible I try to give my kids that same privilege. People used to mix and match their Swatches and I thought that was the bee’s knees and since these have that same potential for creative expression, I couldn’t pass it up.

Moffett Watches are available in a variety of colors and scents to match your mood or your outfit. --SahmReviews.comOne starter set is black (black currant) and red (candy apple) while the other is white (coconut) and orange (orange citrus). There are plenty of others to choose from individually.  Each color has a corresponding scent:

blue – blueberry
purple – grape
white – coconut
orange – orange citrus
pink – strawberry,
yellow – pineapple

The kids absolutely love the variety of scents available and have had lengthy discussion on who gets which ones. Of course, I tell them if it something I order, it is all fair game for sharing. Translation: mom gets to wear them too.

Let your kids express their personality via colorful scented watch from Moffett Watches. --SahmReviews.

What do we think of these?
Fit: They fit my 11 year old just fine but my small-stature 9-year-old has a bit of room to grow into it. They currently offer size medium so I’m guessing a small would probably have worked for her. For reference, the medium fit me just fine also.

Fashion: They look great and with the variety of colors, can be changed up to coordinate with outfits.

Fragrance: Both the girls think the orange citrus is the best smelling and had to negotiate to see who got to claim it first. Only the bezel is scented so it isn’t like mixing the colors causes a mixed fruit scent on your wrist. The scents have lasted a few weeks already and are still going strong. The fragrance is strong enough to be noticeable but not overwhelming. I would say it is equivalent to wearing a fruity perfume or body mist.  (Edit: Received an email from Mark, Chief Innovation Officer for Moffett Watches regarding the longevity of the fragrance. He said “Our scented bezels will omit scent for years (2 – ?) depending on the scent, some could last a decade.”)

Accessorize your outfits with colorful and scented Moffett Watches. - SahmReviews.com

Moffett watches are cute and fashionable and offer a variety of colors/scents that can be purchased separately for changing things up.

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For more information on this latest trend in fashion, visit the Moffett website, follow them on Twitterlike them on Facebook or catch up with them on Google+Pinterest, or Instagram.

What scent would you love on your wrist?  (I would want vanilla but it isn’t an option!)

61 thoughts on “Where Swatch Meets Scratch n Sniff

    1. They are about the size of a Swatch. They just look huge on my daughters because they are so small in stature. My youngest (4th grade) was 38 lbs last time we weighed her while my 5th grader is around 70.

  1. These are so neat! My niece will be turning 12 very soon, I think one of these watched would make a perfect gift! I love the scent feature!

  2. I also used to collect Swatch watches when I was younger, and still have them! Those Moffett watches look really cool, though. Definitely something my kids would wear!

  3. I can remember the Swatch watches, still have one of mine from way back then. These watches are so cute for the little ones, adding a scent is definitely different. My youngest will hit the stage of watches in a couple years so we do not need these quite yet.

  4. I had one that was supposed to smell like raspberries, but it really didn’t. I wore it with my other Swatch, I think that one was blue. These look cooler!

  5. I loved Swatch watches when I was younger and had a few pairs. These moffet ones are pretty cool as well and the kids would love the interchangeable faces. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. I remember the Swatch phase!! Now you’ve got me wanting to look one up on Pinterest to pin to a nostalgia board, lol. This is a fun giveaway!

  7. I remember Swatch watches being a huge deal when I was in college in India. Since it was not available over there only the very kids who had relatives abroad had them and they would flaunt it. I think my girls would love these Swatch scratch and sniff watches. I am entering the giveaway for them.

    1. Moffett representatives told me to expect the scent to last a few years. “Our scented bezels will omit scent for years (2 – ?) depending on the scent, some could last a decade.” (I’m updating the post to add this since it is a great question!)

  8. Those look so cute and must have kept the girls entertained for a while… Why the sniff part? Hey it’s fun.

  9. at school I just to see other girls who wear those watch, my parents would rather save the money for us, as we are many instead of buying us those fancy watch. It was fancy before and I remember it.. they look really nice.

  10. This is the kind of wrist watches that I like and wow it has different scents? This is something new and I am sure kids will like it.

  11. Oh my gos! That is amazing and what a great idea to go with watches. They are adorable! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this one. Will definitely check them out. I think I do remember Swatch being such a big hit back then, even when I was little.

  12. I remember Swatches. My mom couldn’t afford them, but I remember friends having them. My children like watches. More as a fashion accessory rather than a functional piece of equipment. Unfortunately, cell phones have replaced watches. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Those are cute! I have two Swatch watches, one of them from the ’80’s. What was really odd was reading a book that described my watch.

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